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The Attraction Secret – 2 Girls Teach Sex Download. The attraction secret – video 2.mp4 intro – Cody Renee.mp4 WARNING: This letter contains startling info…

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The attraction secret – video 2.mp4 intro – Cody Renee.mp4 WARNING: This letter contains startling information of a sexual nature. Must be 18 years of age or older to continue.

The Attraction Secret – 2 Girls Teach Sex course with special price just for you$97  $26

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 What will you get: the attraction secret bonus 1 – 100% rock solid confidence – part 1.mp4 1 – 100% rock solid confidence – part 2.mp4 2 – 15 Ways to get her chasing you – part 1.mp4 2 – 15 Ways to get her chasing you – part 2.mp4 3 – The attraction secret – video 1 – part 1.mp4 3 – The attraction secret – video 1 – part 2.mp4 4 – The attraction secret – video 2.mp4 intro – Cody Renee.mp4 WARNING: This letter contains startling information of a sexual nature. Must be 18 years of age or older to continue. Hey there… my name is Shawna… welcome to 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0! You’re about to discover secrets most men will never know about how to give a woman intense, body-shaking orgasms… I’m talking about the kind of orgasms that make her scream your name and squirt all over your bedsheets as she swears you’re the BEST she’s ever had! It’s been 4 years since I released the original 2 Girls Teach Sex video training program… and since then it’s changed the sex lives of HUNDREDS of men! But not exactly in the way you would think… Sure… many of the men who got the program used the techniques to give girls incredible experiences in bed… But… much to my surprise… something else began to happen… Something so shocking… so unpredictable… that I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years! It all started with a strange email I received from one of my customers… But It Was Just The Start! The emails kept coming in… Stephen, a 22 year old virgin from Melbourne, Australia who had never even been on a real date… wrote in to tell me 3 weeks after he bought the program, he got laid for the first time! Jim from Los Angeles, who was having trouble getting back in the game after his divorce, wrote to tell me he was going on 2-3 dates a week! Eddie, a truck driver from Las Vegas who used to hang out at the strip clubs because he didn’t have a girlfriend… had a dancer seduce him back to her place one night… and he didn’t spend a dime! Hal, a 51 year old electrician, started dating a girl in her twenties! Billy from Westchester had had a crush on a girl at his work for 2 years. She treated him like a friend before he got the videos… but he wrote to tell me he had not only escaped “the friend zone”… but now they are engaged!! I kept getting more and more emails from guys who all shared a similar story. They all had 2 things in common: They all had gotten the 2 Girls Teach Sex video program when they were single… and often in a drought After going through the videos and learning the techniques… they all started getting more attention from women… going on more dates… And Having A LOT More Sex! What Was Going On?? Well like I said… this was quite a shocker… When I created the first 2 Girls Teach Sex video program… that wasn’t what I had in mind at all! I figured the guys who would buy it would be guys in relationships looking to spice things up… or a guy who was gonna get with a girl for the first time and wanted to blow her mind in the sack… But much to my surprise… What Started Off As A Program To Teach Sex… Had Become A “Magic Pill” That Made Guys GET SEX!! But how? Well, even though I didn’t plan it… I can explain it =) The reason guys who get the program end up sleeping with a bunch of girls comes down to 3 things: A guy who is great in bed is SUPER RARE When a girl finds a guy who is great in bed, we want to sleep with him! We girls can “sense” when a guy is gonna be great in bed… and when he’s gonna suck! Let’s talk about that last one for a second… Have you heard the saying that when a woman meets a man… she decides within the first minute if she’s gonna sleep with him? Well it’s TOTALLY TRUE. You see, when we meet a guy for the first time, we get a “gut feeling” about him… It’s almost as though we can “read” how good of a lover he is going to be. For example, have you ever gone to meet with someone… and when you got there… before they even said anything… you just knew something was wrong? That’s the same type of feeling we girls get when we meet a guy. When we meet a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing in bed, something feels “off”. Maybe it’s “women’s intuition”… maybe it’s subtle cues we pick up from the guy’s body language… or maybe it’s even something in the air… Whatever it is… it comes down to this… A Girl Always Knows If A Guy Is BAD In Bed… Before She Sleeps With Him! Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you it’s true. Sure, a girl will ignore the feeling once in a while… if she has a good connection with the guy… or if she thinks he’s really hot. (And yeah, some girls will ignore it if the guy has a lot of money) But when I’ve ignored it I’ve ALWAYS regretted it! I’d give the guy a chance… we’d go on a couple dates… finally get in the bedroom… and sure enough… he would suck! It was a HUGE waste of time! So after awhile, we learn to trust this gut feeling. Which is actually GREAT NEWS for you! You can use this gut feeling girls get to your advantage… Because just as a girl can “sense” if a guy is gonna suck in bed… A Girl Also Knows If Guy Is Gonna Be GREAT In Bed Before She Sleeps With Him! And if our gut instinct tells us he’s a great lover… we do whatever we can to get our hands on him! So now it’s easy to see why the guys who got the original 2 Girls Teach Sex program started getting laid like crazy =) It gave them a giant boost of SEXUAL CONFIDENCE… and nothing grabs a woman’s attention faster! When you have sexual confidence, you naturally trigger a woman’s INTERNAL attraction mechanisms… the stuff that is hard-wired into our brains to make us go for a guy. It’s FAR more powerful than a guy’s looks, size, money, or even the personality connection. When you hear a woman say she wants a guy who is confident… this is what she means. In the original 2 Girls Teach Sex program I didn’t really teach this… and I guess I didn’t have to! It started happening for guys AUTOMATICALLY when they watched it and got the skills… Most amazingly… it started happening before they even put them to work! So when we created 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0… we designed it to be even more powerful… We added in specific confidence-boosting exercises… as well as little tricks to use when you are talking to a girl that “signal” you are a great lover and make her want you… After going through it just once… you’ll have a new feeling of rock-solid SEXUAL CONFIDENCE…women will sense it and literally come to you! Not to mention you’re getting all of the best pleasure techniques from the original… and literally DOZENS more.. If you think a woman is turned on by a guy who knows a few things in bed… just imagine how horny she’ll be for you when you know her body better than she does… Because soon, you will =) And Here’s Another Sexual Secret You NEED To Know About Girls… Shortly after releasing the original 2GTS program, I got another email that made my day… Here’s how it went… Now we’re talking! See, there is another HUGE sexual difference between women and men that most guys don’t understand… We Girls ONLY Want Good Sex! When it comes to sex, you guys have it EASY! It’s kinda like pizza… even if it’s bad, it’s still kinda good for you! Meaning you can still cum But for us girls… we can ONLY cum when a guy knows what he’s doing! Imagine this for a second… What it would be like if a girl gave you head till you were about to explode… then got up and left?? Can you say “blue balls”?? Well unfortunately, this is how sex almost ALWAYS is for us girls! Sure, any guy can stick it in and get us worked up a bit… but most guys have NO IDEA as to how to take us over the edge… and actually make a girl actually cum! It’s really frustrating… And then, most girls go and make the situation WORSE… How? By FAKING ORGASMS! We don’t want to hurt the guy’s ego, so we’ll “fake” like we are cumming… when really we’re not. And since girls are usually GOOD at faking it… The Guy Starts To “Think” He’s Good In Bed! He thinks we are enjoying it, and he’s doing everything right, when really he’s not. When this happens in a relationship, a woman will usually slow down on how often she wants to have sex… then just stop having sex altogether! Sure, she’ll give you some on your birthday… or when you buy her something or take her out on a big date. But other than that, she’s not interested. But really… YOU CAN’T BLAME HER! And the reason why is this: The ONLY reason a woman will ever stop wanting sex from you is if you’re not really giving her orgasms! That’s it! So if this has ever happened to you, I hate to break it to ya, but that’s probably the reason why. If you’re not giving your girl orgasms, she’ll still want to have sex with you at first… but eventually it just gets frustrating… and she’ll stick to masturbating when you’re not home. Or, she’ll look for sex from someone else. We women are monogamous by nature… MUCH more monogamous than men. But a woman WILL cheat on you if you’re not getting her off in bed. Sad but true. On the other hand… When You Are Giving Your Girl Orgasms… She Wants Sex With You ALL THE TIME! Yep, you read that right. When you know how to make your girl’s toes curl back and body pulsate with pleasure… she’ll want it with you whenever, wherever, and however YOU want! Don’t be surprised if she’s the one hounding you for sex! So the solution for reviving a stale relationship is the same solution for totally CHEAT-PROOFING a relationship: Get the simple but little-known tricks to giving her intense orgasms =) It’s much easier than you think! So Let’s Do A Quick Comparison Here… Guys Who Are Just “Average” In Bed (99% of guys): Give off bad vibes to girls without knowing it, making it harder to meet and date them Sometimes has to settle for a less-than-hot girl When they are in a relationship the girl grows tired of having sex with him Risks having his girl leave him or cheat on him Guys Who Are Great In Bed (1% of guys): Have Sexual Confidence that makes women want to sleep with him Has his choice of girls After they sleep with a girl once – or even just mess around with her – she wants him all the time Never gets cheated on or dumped because girls know how rare he is Now… which guy do YOU want to be? If you chose “great in bed”, congratulations… You’ve found the best place in the ENTIRE WORLD to get there… and it can happen for you a whole lot faster and easier than you think! My hot girlfriends and I have spent the last few months putting together the most ADVANCED program ever created in the field of sexual pleasure… 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 was designed with one purpose in mind: To give any guy the skills to give a woman the most MIND-BLOWING sexual experiences of her entire life… regardless of his size, stamina, or sexual experience! In 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0, you’ll see gorgeous bi-sexual women demonstrate powerful sexual tricks and techniques on each other! You’ll see exactly how each technique is performed… the exact spots to touch on a woman’s body, the speed, the order, and the rhythm… Nothing is left to the imagination – you’ll be able to do the tricks yourself after seeing them just once – and use them that same night to make your girl cum! 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 is the next evolution in sexual technology… containing all of the BEST tips and tricks from the original program and literally DOZENS more! You’ll discover everything from how to make your girl hot and horny for you to how to make the first move smoothly and without rejection… … Oral techniques that make her SCREAM with pleasure… “taboo” positions that guarantee she cums… even how to give multiple orgasms… 15-minute-long orgasms… even squirting orgasms! And since no one knows how to please a woman better than a woman… this program features some of the world’s most sexually knowledgeable ladies revealing ALL of their closely-guarded sex secrets for the very first time! Girls like… Monique – a former roommate of Jenna Jameson who gave me one of the most breathtaking orgasms I’ve ever experienced! She’s got plenty more tricks up her sleeve and she shows you all of them in 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 You’ll also learn from… Gracie has been an adult film star since the age of 18 and has a sex drive that won’t quit! She’s always thinking of new things to try in the bedroom and in 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 she shows youseveral ways to give your girl an orgasm so strong she’ll forget her own name! You’ll also learn from Lexi! Lexi is into all different kinds of sex – she’s says she’s a “tri-sexual” because she’ll try anything once! She’s developed some unique pleasure techniques you can’t find anywhere else on the planet… use one at a time to give your girl an unforgettable orgasm… or all in one session to show your girl you’re the best she’llever have! And then there’s Adriana… This gorgeous hottie is from the country of Brazil… and her exotic sex tricks will make your girl’s head spin! Everything from foreplay moves that get her dripping wet to new twists on standard positions that triple the intensity! And to give you a male perspective, you’ll also hear from guest host, Bobby Bradshaw… who is going to share with you some amazing techniques of his own for not just great sex… but how to get hot girls into your bed! 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 consists of 7 unique programs in one, each designed to give you mastery of a different part of the sexual experience. You get: A Bi-Girl’s Guide To The Female Body To start your path to mastery of female pleasure, you’re going to get a REAL anatomy lesson from those who know it best… HOT, bi-sexual women! There’s no science mumbo jumbo or “doctor talk” here… just a complete guide to the hidden pleasure spots on a woman’s body – spots that 99% of men don’t know exist. You’ll discover not only where they are… but the exact order in which to touch them to make a girl shiver with pleasure… she’ll want her hands on you all the time when you know these! Coach Monique shares a part of her body – a boney part, no less – that not 1 in 100 guys know kissing it would turn a woman on… but it DOES. Try it with the next girl you’re with… and watch her get turned on right before your very eyes Suck on this body part during sex and you will drive women absolutely CRAZY with kinky pleasure Coach Gracie shares an advanced (but easy to learn) breast massage technique that you would never have thought would work, but it drives her – and any girl you’re with – INSANE with desire for you How a girl loves to be kissed (PLUS: something you can do with your hands while you’re kissing her that’ll get her juices flowing big time…) Coach Adriana reveals a spot on the female body that all you have to do is lightly caress it… and a girl will be ready to do just about anything you want her to A special technique to “tease” a woman when you’re taking off her bra and panties that’ll get her thinking you’re a master in the bedroom Foreplay Techniques That Get You Sex In this tell-all video, Monique and the girls reveal the foreplay tricks and techniques that make your girl beg for more! You’ll get everything from the simple teases that spark her curiosity… to the full-blown “seduction sequence” that gets her DRIPPING WET and DYING to have you inside of her! How to tell if she’s in the mood – and 3 things you can do when she’s NOT in the mood to get her juices flowing and ready to pounce on you (Plus: one activity back at your place that seems “safe” and “romantic” to her… but almost always leads to sex, once you know what it is) What to do if you’re out with a new girl and you want to kiss for the first time – to make your move smooth, natural, and not awkward at all (Women want you to be the “aggressor” – make sure you know how to make your move without coming across creepy or wimpy) “The Linger Technique” – how to get a woman to kiss YOU (say bye bye to rejection!) If you’re been in a relationship for awhile and the foreplay is getting “old,” here’s a simple but subtle trick to spice things up and ignite her arousal like never before The #1 mistake guys make when taking off a girl’s clothes that makes her self-conscious in the middle of sex (and the #1 way to take a woman’s shirt and bra off in a smooth, sensual way) How to use food in your foreplay to guarantee you’re getting laid (PLUS: 2 fruits that make your cum taste so good she’ll want to go down on you again and again… a special way to feed a woman that’ll shoot her arousal through the roof… and you’ll see the girls do a demo of EXACTLY how to use fruit and whip cream to get your girl wet and ready for anything!) Sex Secrets Men Don’t Know In this shocking video you’re gonna learn first-hand the tricks we bi-girls use to make each other cum over and over and over again in our private lives! These tricks feel even better when done by a man… and you’ll be the only man your girl has ever been with that knows how to make her cum this hard… trust me on that A Secret About Doggie: Doggie is one of those positions that some girls think is demeaning. Here’s how to move into doggie in a way that not only boosts her self-esteem, but makes her actually love the idea of having sex this way (Plus – how to make this position more intimate and “romantic” for her so she’ll want to do it over and over…) A Secret About Anal: How to get your girl excited about anal sex – so instead of her thinking she’s “giving” it to you, she actually WANTS to do it because she thinks it’s going to feels so damn good for HER. (You’ll also get step by step instructions for doing anal the first time: how to use your finger, whether or not to use lube, and how fast to penetrate) A Secret About Dirty Talk: Most guys are hesitant to start talking dirty to a woman for the first time. Here’s are specific words and phrases to kick-off dirty talk so that she’s not only okay with dirty talk… but she’ll start talking even FILTHIER than you are… so the sex becomes super hot. A Secret about Oral: Do women like giving oral or not? Here’s the #1 mistake guys make when “asking” for head that totally turns a women off… and what you can say instead that gets her thinking giving you oral is HER idea (Most women love pleasing men with their mouths IF you do this one thing) 2 bullet-proof ways to sleep with a woman for the first time: one eliminates rejection, the other is more “balls to the wall.” You’ll learn both here (and you’ll discover what to do if she doesn’t want to have sex with you right away… the answer may surprise you…) 3 problems with buying women gifts – and why they make getting laid LESS likely, not more Plus: Lick by lick oral sex demonstration – watch as our coaches explain EXACTLY what they’re doing, as they’re doing it (if you ever wondered if you were going down on a girl the “right” way, you’ll never wonder again after you watch this explicit demonstration) Sex Positions For Guaranteed Orgasms In this video you’ll learn the special positions that make you feel HUGE inside your girl! Regardless of your size, these simple twists on “regular” sex positions will have you plowing to deeper levels than a girl has ever experienced… she’ll be screaming your name and clawing up your back as she cums all over your cock! You’re also gonna learn the exact speed and rhythm to use in each position to guarantee your girl cums! With these techniques to take a woman over the edge you’ll never have to worry about a girl “faking it” with you ever again. Best Position Of The Year: This one’s called “2 Inches Bigger Missionary,” and yes, it makes you feel a full 2 inches bigger to her. You won’t have to worry about size or if you’re going deep enough… you’ll fill her up no matter what in this position “The G Factor” – if you want to hit her g-spot and get her cumming quickly, this is the one for you. We even show you how to add a pillow so she feels you deeper and you hit her g-spot even better. This is one of those “sets you apart from every other guy” type of positions. “Sweet Remorse” – if you’re doing missionary, this is great to transition into afterwards. The different angle of your cock hits a very pleasurable angle in her pussy… PLUS it allows you to see exactly what’s going on and gives you total control of speed and deepness “The Juan Andreas” – one of our coaches’ favorites! Not only does it hit her g-spot, but it also gets her clit… and gives her a healthy dose of control, making it even easier for her to cum Guys on the smaller side will definitely love “The Deep Factor”. This one will give you maximum penetration, no matter what your size. (In fact, you’ll go so deep you’ll want to start off slow – some girls are more “shallow” than others. Go easy with this one unless you want to do damage!) Romantic But Naughty: Most girls love cuddling. This position combines cuddling with some serious penetration – she’ll feel emotionally close to you, and you’ll be getting exactly what you want “The Roaring Dragon” – this is a great twist on doggie that most women have never experienced. When you’re the first one to show her this new move, you’ll leave an unforgettable impression (and she’ll want to get with you again as soon as possible!) Multiple Orgasm Methods In this shocking video… the girls show you how to take your woman to levels of pleasure only the luckiest girls will get to experience! If you think giving a girl one orgasm is fun… just wait till you use these techniques to make your girl cum 3… 5… even 10 times in one night! NOTE: When you give a girl this kind of orgasm onslaught she becomes very attached to you very quickly… so be sure to only use these techniques with a girl you really like “Too Many To Count” – How to give any girl so many orgasms she can’t even COUNT them (I’m not talking about one orgasm now and then another one later… I’m talking about her cumming again and again “rapid-fire” style – it’s an out-of-body experience every girl secretly craves.. and you can be the one to give it to her!) A critical mistake most guys make when a woman has her first orgasm that literally BLOCKS her from having another orgasm with you (PLUS – a simple “jedi mind trick” technique to avoid this & give any girl multiple orgasms the very first time you’re with her) “Foreplay Orgasms” – what they are, how to give them to any girl, and how to take them to the next level so she feels it all the way to her toes! Exactly what to do after a girl has her first orgasm to literally GUARANTEE she has her second, third and more! (Hint: The trick isn’t just to go harder – it’s doing something else that’s so simple once you learn what it is) 2 special pillow techniques that angle her hips in just the right way so multiple orgasms are a piece of cake (once you know these 2 secrets, you’ll be able to change up ordinary positions & turn them into blackbelt sex-god moves that she’ll love you for!) Different women like different positions. Here’s how to quickly find the positions any girl loves – even positions she never even tried before – and what to do when you find a position that really get her juices flowing After a woman cums the first time she may get a little too sensitive “down there.” Here’s how to help any woman get past this “sensitive” stage so you can lead her to her next orgasm, and her next, and her next… Animalistic Orgasms Ok, now it’s time to get WILD… as we show you how to push the limits of human sexual pleasure! In Animalistic Orgasms you’ll get the secret orgasm techniques that turn even the most reserved girl into a sex-starved nympho who wants to fuck your brains out morning noon and night! This is the one where we teach you continuous orgasms, escalating orgasms… and even how to make your girl squirt This section alone is worth 10 times the price of the program! Her Best Lover Ever In Her Best Lover Ever, we’re gonna show you how to put everything together and leave any girl swearing you’re the absolute BEST she’s ever had! This is the video were we’ll show you how to get things started with your girl without rejection… how to get HER to make the first move on YOU… and how to plan a night of fantasy and seduction that puts butterflies in her stomach and leaves visions of YOU in her mind long after your night together is over! If you’ve ever wondered if you’re the best a girl has had, worry no further… for after you get the secrets in Her Best Lover Ever you definitely will be! Women want you to be passionate, but what exactly does that mean? Here are 3 specific techniques you can start using TONIGHT to be the most passionate lover she’s ever had The #1 thing that makes a woman think you’re a better lover than any other guy she’s been with (hint: orgasms are important, but there’s something even MORE important – here’s what it is) The Nice Guy Trap – here’s why a woman DOESN’T want you to ask her what she’d like to do on a date, where she’d like to eat, or what she’d like to do after. A woman wants you to “man up” and be a leader on a date – here’s how… so she’ll be dripping wet with excitement by the time you get her home How to combine being romantic… with being DIRTY… on the same date and in the same sex session (women want BOTH the gentlemen and the “bad boy” – here’s how you can play both roles and rock her world like no other guy has) Soup To Nuts – Here’s what an ideal night in the eyes of a woman would look like – what to say when you pick her up, where to go, and what to talk about (by the end of the night she’ll be ready for a wild sex session with you… and on her way to seeing you as her best lover ever) The deadliest (and most common) mistake guys make AFTER finishing that turns women off and almost guarantees she won’t want to sleep with you again for a looooong time (and what to do instead so she wants to rip off your clothes as soon as you’re ready for another round!) The Stamina Solution In this video one of my male friends reveals the trick he used to quickly cure his stamina problem! It’s so simple that any guy can do it… and doing just this one thing will have you lasting 20-30 minutes in bed the first time you try it! One common yet dangerous position you should definitely NEVER start sex with (almost no guys knows this, and that’s why millions of guys cum quicker than they – and the girl they’re with – would like). Avoid this position and you’ve won half the battle to doubling your stamina. A secret habit to do BEFORE sex that can make you last twice as long (How? It allows your mind and body to get accustomed to your level of arousal… so you don’t get “too excited” during penetration and shoot your load too early) The weird relationship between tension in your body and blowing your load too quickly (and a subtle change of position in missionary that helps your body relax… and keeps you pumpin’ it for a loooong time) 3 critical mistakes most guys make that cause men to cum too early (and a simple fix for each one that any guy can use to stop these mistakes the very first time you try it) The #1 way to take any psychological “pressure to perform” completely off of you during sex (this alone can help you last much longer) A special thrust technique that reduces you sensitivity and takes your arousal down on a notch, while still giving your girl intense sensations (This one “adjustment” can make you last at least 10-15 minutes the very next time you have sex). You Also Get 3 Crazy FREE BONUSES! To make 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 a MASSIVE value for you… and to guarantee you become a Sexual Master after going through this course… I’m also throwing in 3 FREE Bonuses! Bonus # 1 – Secret Sexual Signals Remember how we talked about how a woman can tell how good you are in bed BEFORE she sleeps with you? In this report, I’m gonna show you the 7 ways to secretly “signal” to a woman that you are STUD in the bedroom! Do these 7 things when you meet a girl and you’ll send a secret psychological signal to her brain that tells her she has to have you! When you use the secrets in this report you find that women not only are more interested, attracted, and excited by you… but women actually approach you and hit on you first! The techniques in this report are extremely powerful and can’t be learned anywhere else. It’s yours free when you get 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0! Bonus # 2 – Casanova Kissing Secrets In this special report I’m gonna give you the 3 kissing techniques that send waves of pleasure through a woman’s body… and make her want to go all the way! Most guys don’t know that woman’s lips are one of her MOST SENSATIVE sexual nerve centers! These 3 techniques show you how to get a woman so turned on during kissing that often she’ll be the one making the move to get you naked… just watch! These techniques can’t be found in any book, magazine, or video series anywhere… but you get all 3 in this special bonus report when you get 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0!

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