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Get A Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page “Hi Andy, I have been studying your books for less than a week. I know the contents of the book will provide me with the missing pieces of the puzzle, File size: 1.7 GB…

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A Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw

A Bug Free Mind - Andy Shaw

And just to make a certain you are risking nothing…
 You of course have a 60 day guarantee.

If after reviewing the whole process you are dissatisfied for any reason at all. Or for no reason at all! Just let me know within 60 days from today and you’ll get a full and prompt refund – no questions asked* (less shipping and handling).

And you can keep the bonus you receive free with my compliments, so…


Basically, these will work for you. Even if nothing else has. I know because I designed them to…Which is why I can give you a 60 day Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind Guarantee. So you really do have no risk, as this Bug Free Mind Process ‘really is different!’

Are you on the fence?
The truth is that this Process works to help anyone in any field…
But I don’t expect you to believe that yet!

Below are just a few messages from students stating the different solutions the Process has given them:

Do you question if this will be worth it?

“Both of Andy’s fabulous books, deliver 100,000 times more value than they cost. His books explain personal development in a way that makes you understand why you previously had “failed” in the manifestation process before. As for his membership site, which I joined about a month ago, already delivered and exceeded every promise he made about it. Great content, great people , great harmony! I feel blessed to have found his books and I know anyone else would too!” – Alejandra Roca

Do you think they are just more of the same?

“Hey Andy, I would like to thank you for writing the most important self-help volumes of literature I have encountered in my short and adolescent life. I am only on the previews of your books and they have caused the changes of personal growth, contribution, and experience. Your books have provided the missing pieces needed in life for change. I cannot remember reading such books since childhood that have cancelled out the needing of negative influences and negative people in my life. Thank you.” – Ana Motoya

Do you think they will be hard work?

“I have been listening to your books and they are excellent, very absorbing and very interesting. I have learnt a great deal and I can feel myself changing for the better as I start to put the information into practice. Even in these early days I am finding my life starting to improve, things are getting better through your books. I cannot put them down. Regards Brian” – Brian Paice

Do you think they will be complicated?

“I just finish reading you book A Bug Free Mind. I appreciate the straight forward and candid way you explained the process. It helped me realize that it is a life long journey, not a take a pill you are all better type of solution. I started my journey years ago but left my mind unattended when things got exceptionally better. Your book has been a great reminder to be present and aware of my thoughts. Thank you!” – Adriana Alvarez

Do you feel they will be a let down?

“Hi Andy, I have been studying your books for less than a week. I know the contents of the book will provide me with the missing pieces of the puzzle, how to become successful. I really get your commitment to help everybody who wants it and how this will eventually become the automatic way of thinking for every body. I see it as the “100th monkey” principle at work. Your gift of success and happiness to all is awesome and I feel privileged to have found you. I get butterflies of excitement frequently since starting on your books, and have not felt this continuously happy ever that I can remember. You are my saviour from all my unhappiness frustration fear and negativity and I am right behind you in your project to make it available to this world that so desperately needs it. So I will never be able to thankyou enough for giving me the possibility of life so rich and wonderful. Thanks Alan” – Alan Barber

Do you want to progress more than you think is possible?

“Dear Andy, When I came across your books back in February, I had been pleading to the universe for the tools necessary for me to provide for my family and really become the person I felt I needed to be. When I read what you had to say about the books, watched the videos, and watched interviews with you, I thought “If this is what I need, please give me the money to get it.” Within 1 week the money came and I bought the books. As soon as I started applying the lessons in the books a couple things happened that were remarkable. One of my teenage daughters said, “Dad, since you read those you’re actually nice to be around, and I really like you – you’re not stressed and grumpy all the time, and I know you’re actually listening to me.” When I started writing my life designs, almost immediately things started weirdly happening. Two of my designs are to publish books, one academic and one artsy – a company in Germany contacted me out of the blue and made a textbook out of my Master’s thesis, and that gave me the gumption to finish all the work to put together the first in a series of artsy books, both now on Amazon. Sadly, I didn’t write into my designs that they would be best sellers, so that’s in the works for my next book. Another design is to support my family with my art, and although that is still coalescing, in the 7 months since receiving the books I have sold more of my personal artwork than I have in the previous 10 years. I have read the books several times, make it a point to listen to them on audio often, I review my designs weekly and think about them constantly, and although my life right now is not fully what I desire it to be it’s obvious I’m going in the right direction. I have progressed more in the last 7 months – in my family life, personally, and professionally – than I would have thought possible. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing what happens as I move into the future. Sincerely, Andrew” – Andrew Kosorok

Is Post Traumatic Stress a problem for you? Have you spent a fortune on psychotherapists?

“I am on my third run through of “creating ” having read ” using ” and listened to the ” using ” tapes three times – the concept of the bug free mind is not entirely new, what is new is the way Andy Shaw describes how to get there and how to use my mind free of all the bugs – as I have this morning, waking up full of ” is it worth it? ” type of bugs – this is a new bug for me and I know it arises from my ongoing work with Maeve, a very intuitive psychologist from UCH who is facilitating me to rid myself of my mindset I have carried since I survived the blitz over London in WWII and the VII rocket that exploded on landing 150 yards from our home in 1944 – all this was awakened in me in [about] October 1981 when I was very close to an IRA bomb explosion in South Croxted Road, London SE21 and I flashed back to 1944 and just about stayed there till early 1992 when I was introduced to Frank Gerbode whose team in USA working with the Vietnam Vets in California have devised a way of de-activating the triggers in a person’s psyche when experiencing a severe trauma – well my early life was filled with nightly severe trauma for my first few years – I have worked since 1984 with a number of the very top psychotherapists and psychologists in addressing the impact of my early experiences and I discovered only in December 2012 – just 19 months ago – the first of what I now know to be a number of bugs that I was not till then aware of to the slightest extent, and with the help of Maeve I have unburied three more – I have spent a small fortune on psychotherapy since 1983 in my determination to find the ” me ” that I have always known was just out of my reach – Since I got your books in December 2012 I have known a ” me ” that I did not know before and I am delighted and excited with this ” me ” I now know myself to be – and I have more work to do with Maeve and – very importantly – I now know how to clear whatever rubbish / painful memories / etc etc from my mind I might wake up with and to spend the day doing what I want to do, and as I want to do it within the resources I have available, free of all sorts of everything that has hampered me for over 7 decades – I have worked on myself with some very competent and powerful psychotherapists, some of the most highly respected of their profession, and I have benefited significantly from their input into my work on myself, and the limitation of their approach to what they offered me is that it was layered on top of the destructive and limiting remnants of my early life experiences as a very young person living at first hand through the mechanics of industrialised warfare – now, with my ability to have my mind bug free at the start of each new day I can get on with, and enjoy, being the me I always knew I could be ” if only ” – well, I’ve found the ” if only ” – that I found with Frank Gerbode’s team, and now I have access to, and I do enjoy every day, my bug free mind, and there is not a happier man on this planet” – Andrew Wray

Are you on medication?

“You are amazing Andy. You really are. After 10 years of meditacion while I was reading your free chapter I HAVE my first SATORI. I just stop for a moment and aplying your tecnique of NO MIND it just happend. I am crying. Now I know for the first time that I can do, be and think whatever I want. A big hug Codrut.” – Codrut Dediu

Do you keep buying everything looking for the answer?

“Hi Andy I am the person who continued to buy every thing that seemed to be “the answer”. Thanks for stopping that. Now I can enjoy exactly what I have and there’s no rush because there is plenty of time (or no time). I am wake now and it has made my daily stress a thing of the past-it was all made up anyway. I have so much to learn but I am looking forward to that. I’m staying awake now. I keep having it hit me that I am creating all this and it makes me relax everytime. I look forward to getting into the community. Thanks. I see my job as a doctor to educate my clients, thanks for educating me!!!! There’s so much more really- Connie.” – Connie Danner

Do you have an addiction you’d like to control?

“Hello Andy, I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for the work and effort you put into your system. I’ve read through quite a bit so far and still continuing to enjoy. For me, I use it as a tool for drug addiction. When I am caught up in addictive thoughts I can simply head over to your work and begin reading and the thoughts as you say ‘dissolve’ away. So thank you very much, I’ve battled this my whole life and now have something that works for me. I look forward to putting more of your thought processes to practical use.” – Donald Collier

If you read those then you’ll have realised that the Process does a lot more than help a person succeed financially. It removes all sorts of life’s problems too.

You really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain in giving this a go, but all I can do is point you in the direction. The choice will always be yours.

Here’s What You’ll Get in A Bug Free Mind

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