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Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets – Anastasia Blogger Download. If you started your online business in 2000s, you are now in a privileged place compared to any…

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If you started your online business in 2000s, you are now in a privileged place compared to any beginner. Your website is over 10 years old, which gives you a huge authority advantage on Google.

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets – Anastasia Blogger course with special price just for you$647  $58

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The Best Pinterest Course

Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Last Update: July 2020 for the NEW Pinterest Best Practices

Learn How I Get Over 300,000 pageviews/mo of FREE Pinterest Traffic to my Website!

Advanced Pinterest Course

One of the main problems every website owner is facing on a daily basis is getting free traffic. Most of us, start without any budget for ads, so the main income source for most of us is free organic traffic.

Why Driving Traffic Became So Difficult?

If you started your online business in 2000s, you are now in a privileged place compared to any beginner. Your website is over 10 years old, which gives you a huge authority advantage on Google.

Also, 10 years ago or earlier, the competition was lower in the online world than it is now, when everyone is trying to be location independent and working from home.

I’m not saying that you have to give up on your dreams!
All I’m saying is you can’t rely on the same strategies that worked well for people 10 years ago.

Let’s look at the main traffic generating platforms that used to be great but are so difficult and competitive nowadays:


You can still try to rank for long-tail keywords with low competition. But definitely NOT as a beginner with a 3-month old website. Plus, to get just one high-quality post for Google published, you need at least 2000 words and lots of research on the topic.

This work takes 1-3 days. Just for one post! And then you have to wait several months just to see IF your post was able to get anywhere close to top-5 of Google SERP.


What happened on Facebook in 2017 with public pages should be written in the history for all online entrepreneurs and bloggers to remember that any platform just minds their own business and can shut all your traffic in one day with no hesitation.

Facebook changed the algorithm and it killed the engagement on most of the public pages which were used to drive traffic to websites.
Similar things happened with FB ads.


Instagram makes everything possible to prevent a click-through to your website and keep users inside the app. If you have less than 10,000 followers the only place you can have a link to your site on Instagram, is in bio. With over 10,000 followers, you can have links on stories.

This is it! Still want some traffic from Instagram? Paying for ads is the only solution.

So, what can we do? If you don’t sell products priced above $200, advertising on any of these platforms can be too expensive for you. If you monetize your traffic with ads, forget about buying ads. You will never make more than you spend on ads.


Pinterest Free traffic generating machine is waiting for you. You have to be on Pinterest before it becomes too crowded and competitive.

Each pin image on Pinterest is essentially a direct link to your website! Pinterest doesn’t have any algorithm in place (yet) to reduce the organic results and show more ads.

Like any other platform, Pinterest has its own rules of the game called algorithm.

But if you want to win on Pinterest, you need to understand how it works!

Let me guess… this is exactly what you think every day!

  • I’ve invested so much time into my content, when do I start getting traffic!?
  • Will I ever start making money with my website?
  • Google hates me, I can’t find my pages in the search results!
  • I’m on Facebook and Instagram every day. But I don’t see any traffic from them in my Google Analytics!

It was me asking these questions, before I figured out Pinterest!

  • I spent at least six months after starting my blog trying to get some traffic from Google. It was the worst place to look for traffic for a new blog because Google puts new sites into the so-called “sandbox”.
  • Then I switched my focus to Pinterest and it just clicked! By the end of the 10th month blogging Pinterest traffic helped me to quit my 9-5 job to spend more time working on my blog!
  • I’m getting over 300 000/mo pageviews to my first website from Pinterest a month.
  • With my second site, I received over 70,000/mo pageviews from Pinterest on the third month since I started it!
  • Some of my pins went viral wildly, so I could see these exciting real-time numbers in my Google Analytics.

Your Website Can Pay Off a Lot Faster with Pinterest!

  • You can get thousands of visitors to your site for free!
  • Skyrocket your online income within months!
  • Grow your email list with Pinterest targeted traffic!
  • Get customers and sell your services or products!

What is Your Biggest Problem?

One very typical mistake many beginners make is lack of focus. We see that successful online entrepreneurs have raving fans on Instagram, huge following on Facebook page or group, YouTube or maybe even Twitter, etc.

But what a beginner doesn’t realize is that to get to that point, the successful guy or girl didn’t work on all these social media platforms at once.
I can guarantee you that every successful online business you know was primarily successful on ONE platform and only when this one platform started paying their bills, they invested time in expanding to other platforms over time.
If you try to target multiple goals at once, you will miss them all.

As a newbie in online biz, you have to focus on ONE thing at a time.

If you choose Pinterest as your first and main platform, you can get a lot more traffic even as a beginner.

You don’t need to wait months or years to establish your account. You can get lots of traffic even when you following is below 500.

It didn’t take me long to experience the power of Pinterest.

All I had to do – start using SEO strategies and pin more strategically. My traffic doubled from one month to another! My list of email subscribers tripled in two months.

Too good to be true?

Are you thinking now, if Pinterest is so amazing, why everybody talks about Google SEO and not that much about Pinterest SEO?

Let me tell you this: opportunity is where competition is lower!

  • Pinterest was launched in 2010, while Google was founded in 1998!
  • In 2018, Pinterest invited content creators to their headquarters for a conference, for the first time in the history of this platform, to have an open discussion about how things work or could be improved.
  • People are still learning to market on Pinterest. You still have plenty of space to become the king or queen of Pinterest!
  • In the early days of Google getting traffic from it was a lot easier than it is now.
  • Pinterest is still learning to be a smart search engine.

Fact: Pinterest is a combination of a search engine and a social media platform.

My Pinterest course will you teach you to treat Pinterest as a search engine. If you want to drive traffic consistently, your strategy should be based on Pinterest SEO.

You will know the results of my experiments on Pinterest – I share all my hacks and secrets. But you’ll also get the foundations of Pinterest SEO which allows you to start testing and “hacking” Pinterest’s algorithm on your own.

Class Curriculum

Module 1. Setting Up Pinterest Account

 1. Setup Business Account & Verify Your Site (8:28)
UPDATED! February 2020
 2. Enable Rich Pins (8:23)
UPDATED! February 2020

Module 2. Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 3. Pinterest SEO Introduction (4:04)
 4. Four Main Pinterest SEO Traffic Factors (12:59)
UPDATED! February 2020
 5. Pinterest Keyword Research (8:31)
UPDATED! February 2020
 6. SEO – Profile and Boards (15:48)
 7. SEO – Pins (6:33)
 8. SEO – Posts, Images and Hashtags (6:01)
UPDATED! April 2020

Module 3. Pinterest Boards

 9. Organize Your Boards + Board Covers (5:57)
 10. How To Get Access to the Best Group Boards (21:29)
 11. Should You Leave Group Boards? How to evaluate Group Boards? (6:57)

Module 4. The Best Ways to Check your Pinterest Analytics

 12. Pinterest’s Native Analytics (what is worth checking on their platform) (9:15)
UPDATED! April 2020
 13. Analytics in Jetpack plugin and Google Analytics (5:56)

Module 5. Smart Pinning Technique

 14. Manual Pinning Methods (15:19)
UPDATED! July 2020
 15. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 1 (8:56)
 16. Avoid These Terrible Mistakes on Pinterest – Part 2 (9:11)
 17. What is a Safe Number of Pins per day? What about Pin Duplication? (8:17)

Module 6. The Art of Making your Pins Viral

 18. How to Make your pins Viral – My Initial Boost Technique for New Pins (13:24)
UPDATED! May 2020
 19. How to Revive Viral Pins to Get Consistent Traffic (15:03)

Module 7. How you Can Design Pins that Stand Out

 20. How to Create Efficient Clickworthy Pins (9:39)
 21. How to Create Multiple Pin Versions with Adobe Spark (11:16)
NEW! March 2020
 22. How to Use Canva to Create Pins – Detailed Tutorial (14:16)
 23. Creating Pins in Photoshop Tutorial (14:01)

Module 8. Tailwind Tutorial – How to Schedule Efficiently

24. Setting Up Your Tailwind Account (5:25)
NEW! February 2020
 25. How to schedule your own pins with Board Lists (13:56)
UPDATED! February 2020
 26. Interval Pinning Schemes (8:44)
NEW! February 2020
 27. The Best Way to Schedule Other People’s Content Efficiently (6:27)
 28. Tailwind Analytics 1 (2:24)
 29. Tailwind Analytics 2 (5:47)
 30. Tailwind Analytics 3 (3:06)
 31. Tailwind Tribes (7:06)
 32. Tailwind SmartLoop (6:50)

Module 9. How To Create Video Pins

 33.Why Creating Video Pins? (8:09)
 34. How to Create Multiple Video Pins with Adobe Spark (04:07)
NEW! March 2020
 35. How To Create Video Pins in Canva (5:12)
UPDATED! April 2020
 36. How To Create Video Pins in Wave Video (12:57)

Module 10. Pinterest for eCommerce

 37. Pinterest Audience for e-Commerce (7:15)
 38. Pinterest Tips Specific for e-Commerce (18:42)

Bonus! My Top Secrets and Pinterest Hacks

 39. Social Pug Plugin – Pinterest Sharing Settings (14:38)
 40. Secret #1. Having your own group boards – does it help you grow your account? (8:51)
 41. Secret #2. In which niches you can get tons of Pinterest traffic? (11:39)
 42. Secret #3. How to organize your posts to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic (6:22)

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