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Easy Hamstrings Program – Antranik Download. For those who have poor flexibility, tight hamstrings and want a simple program that will help them to get loo…

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For those who have poor flexibility, tight hamstrings and want a simple program that will help them to get looser in a gentle, non-painful manner. You’ll be stretching the hamstrings, calves and back to improve your forward-folding ability (also known as pike flexibility).

Easy Hamstrings Program – Antranik course with special price just for you$59.95  $14

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For those who have poor flexibility, tight hamstrings and want a simple program that will help them to get looser in a gentle, non-painful manner. You’ll be stretching the hamstrings, calves and back to improve your forward-folding ability (also known as pike flexibility).

Watch this short video to understand what it’s all about!

Who is this best suited for?

  • Anyone who cannot touch their toes with straight legs (seated or standing).
  • Anyone who can touch their toes but wants to go deeper.
  • Anyone who cannot sit straight with straight legs and a flat back.
  • Anyone who wants to improve overall forward fold (pike) flexibility.
  • Anyone who wants the guess work taken out of improving their flexibility.
  • Anyone who is struggling with hamstring flexibility and it’s not allowing their progress with deadlifts, the L-sit, hanging leg lifts and yoga.

Who is this NOT for?

If you can comfortably put your palms flat on the floor with straight legs or beyond, then this is not the ideal program for you. You will definitely get looser and have more range, and it will feel therapeutic but it’s likely you’ll outgrow the program fast.

What are the hamstring muscles?

The hamstrings are a group of muscles that are in the back of your thighs that helps to extend your hip (meaning, bring your thigh back) and to flex/bend your knee. They are tight for most people because they sit a lot (the knee is stuck in flexion) and don’t stretch. The calves below and the glutes above intertwine with them and also affect the flexibility of the hamstrings, so those need to be stretched as well.

“But I’ve been inflexible all my life, will this work?”

Those who demonstrate great flexibility either had to work hard at it OR had lots of flexibility to begin with due to hypermobility.

I did not have good flexibility. I had to work hard at it. And in doing so, I now know what are the best ways to go about it. I personally find that people who had to work hard at something are often better aware of how to help others going through the same struggle. Whereas those who had the flexibility to begin with, while they might look impressive, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best teachers.

  • Other qualifications:
    • I’m nearly a decade deep into training both flexibility and strength training consistently.
    • I train clients both online and in person to help them reach their flexibility goals.
    • I have a keen understanding of anatomy and kinesiology due to my past education with nursing school (hundreds of blog posts on this site cover the sciences).
    • I’m sometimes known as “Mr. Stretchy Man.”

Is the program easy to follow?

  • Yes! I’ve made it purposely simple and easy to have a high success rate.
  • In fact, here’s my first testimonial by Hana on Instagram:

What’s in it?

The main portion of this program is a follow along video that covers several parts of the body, including a nice warm-up that activates your muscles and core. If you like my YouTube videos, it’s similar in flow and pace.

Then, there are extra stretches that you could do on the other days that have very clear cut instructions on how long to do them.

This isn’t an ebook where you have to read a bunch of stuff or watch a patchwork of individual stretches and try to figure out the programming. It’s all figured out for you.

How much time do I need to do this?

I know we all have very busy lives so I’ve tried to make it as efficient as possible.

  • Only 30 minutes, 2-3x a week to follow the main video.
  • And ideally, on the other days, you do a couple stretches which only take 8 minutes total.

How long will this program last me?

This is a program you should follow for at least 1 month and you will likely see consistent progress up to 3 months. In just one month, you should be far more flexible than when you started. (Please take “before” photos for evidence!)

What are the benefits of increasing hamstring flexibility?

  • Feel looser in your body and more relaxed.
  • Helps to counteract all that sitting.
  • Be able to sit straighton the floor
  • Unlock bodyweight exercises like the L-sit, Pike Handstand Push-Ups, Pike Press Handstands, and more!
  • Yoga will feel easier and transitions will be more fluid.
  • You’ll be able to kick higher.
  • If you’re into weightlifting, you’ll have the proper hamstring flexibility to do deadlifts.

What equipment is required?

None! I’m a huge fan of working out with minimal equipment. This way, you have less excuses and can do it anywhere! The only thing you might need is a chair (or block or book) to elevate your hands on to modify a certain stretch.

Support is available

  • If you have a question or aren’t sure if your form is correct, I encourage you to leave a comment and post a “form-check” video of yourself on the program page. (Comments are enabled.)
  • If you use instagram, use #antranikdotorg and I’ll check out your form there.
  • If you’re a redditor, feel free to post questions at /r/antranik as well.

Money back guarantee

I practically guarantee that you will experience a significant increase in flexibility after a month of running the program. If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it for any reason, you could always contact me and ask for your money back. No questions asked and no risk to you.

Recap of Highlights

  • Clear Instructions
  • Easy to Follow Video
  • Supplemental Stretches
  • Self Massage suggestions
  • No Equipment Necessary
  • No Paralysis by Overanalysis
  • Gentle and Pain-Free
  • Wrist Friendly! (Not wrist-intense)
  • Support Available
  • Money Back Guarantee

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