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Sleep with younger women – Bill Grant – Ageless Download. Because when you offer her money or gifts, it sends a strong message to her subconscious… A messa…

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Because when you offer her money or gifts, it sends a strong message to her subconscious… A message that you are not enough for her , and that you have to give her material things in order to compensate for some inadequacy.

Sleep with younger women – Bill Grant – Ageless course with special price just for you$69  $14

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“How To Spot Young Women Who LOVE Older Men…


I’m Bill, and these are my x-ray glasses.

In just a minute, I’m going to show you how this innocent pair of x-ray specs can spot young women who love older men.

All I have to do is put them on, look around… Then, like the Terminator, I spot my target with pinpoint accuracy…

And when you can SEE young ladies who love older men…

You don’t have to wine and dine them…

You don’t have to pay them money.

You don’t even have to come onto them…

All you have to do is walk up and say…

Why is it so easy?

Because she already LOVES older men…

Now suddenly, all of the embarrassing flaws that come with age – become powerful attractors.

And just in case you need to keep things on the down low, my magic ‘glasses’ are stealthy and invisible.

So you never have to make a move, or risk rejection…

And You’ll Be Shocked At The Number Of Girls Who Have A Secret Old Guy Fetish…

More importantly, my strange specs will pull each and every one of them toward you like a giant magnet!

And my glasses work for almost ANY older man…

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not successful or wealthy…
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like George Clooney…
  • And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten it up in 10 years…

(because believe me, a sexy young lass will bring your libido back to life like Lazarus.)

Better Yet, It’s Incredibly EASY To Spot These Lustful Ladies…

..and yet, 98% of older men have NO IDEA how to do it.

They’re walking around with blinders on… Totally oblivious to the thousands of sexy young women who simply can’t say no to older men.

Why do they have such an exotic fetish?

It’s literally hard coded into her DNA – and breakthrough science reveals why such a strange phenomenon occurs in many young women.

So keep reading.

Because before this letter is done…

You Will Discover The 3 Deady Mistakes Older Men Make With Younger Women…

…Mistakes that you’re probably making right now, and trun off young women faster than a light switch.

More importantly, by the end of this controversial presentation, I will do much more than show you my x-ray glasses… I will give you my x-ray glasses.

So You Can Spot Girl Who LOVE Older Men, And Enjoy The Easiest Sex Of Your Life…

But before I expose my secret, let’s hear from some real live older men, who have actually used it…

I’ll show you exactly how they got those results, but before I do that, a quick warning…

You Need To Read Every Word Of This Letter RIGHT NOW Because Father Time Is A Bitch…

And the fact is, as older men, we really have no idea how much time we have left.

I’ve had close friends, not even that old, suddenly drop dead.



And whatever unfulfilled dreams they had were gone with them.

My point is, if you think hot sex with younger women might bring you some joy… don’t


Take action.

And read this letter right now, while you can – because in life, there are no guarantees.

And For Older Men Like You And Me – The Clock Is Ticking

Now before I reveal the secret, I want to kknow a bit more about you…

Are you an older man who LOVES younger women, but you’re not sure how to approach them?

Maybe you’re afraid to make a move because you don’t want to come across as the creepy old guy?

Or maybe the harsh reality of aging has hurt your confidence, and it’s hard to imagine how a younger woman could be genuinely interested in you…

Which is a damn shame too…

Because nothing gets you hotter than an attractive young woman.

And you shouldn’t be ashamed of that – it’s completely natural!

Yet As I Began To Get Older, I Noticed That It Was Getting A LOT Harder To Sleep With Younger Women…

And as I continued to age, I found myself getting rejected more and more frequently.

Not only that, but the rejections were more painful than I had remembered.

I felt more… judged than ever before.

And terrible thoughts spiraled through my mind…

“Maybe I really was over the hill…”

“Maybe my looks were too far faded…”

“Maybe it was all over…”

Talk about a blow to the ego!

It was downright depressing.

But instead of sitting back and accepting defeat, I began to search for any knowledge that might help me.

Until one day, almost by accident, I stumbled onto a simple idea that changed everything.

FACT #1:

Not ALL Young Women Are Attracted To Older Men…

In fact, a lot of them aren’t.

Sorry, but that’s just reality, and we have to accept it.

Fact #2:

There Are Millions Of Gorgeous Young Women Who Actually PREFER Older Men…

Not because they’re gold diggers, and not because they want a sugar daddy – but because it’s hard coded into her DNA.

Young women who are intensely attracted to mature men just like you and me.

And they are all around us.

The problem is, to the untrained eye, these special young ladies are practically invisible.

And Until Now, No One Has Figured Out How To Systematically Recognize Younger Women Who Love Older Men

But that’s exactly what my secret allows you to do.

It really is like putting on a pair of x-ray glasses… walking around… and seeing every single girl that wants you.

And when you can spot young women who prefer older men, everything changes.

Now, you never have to waste time hitting on the wrong girl, and you never have to put yourself at risk for rejection.

Suddenly you become an expert sniper, picking your targets with pinpoint accuracy. And it’s almost impossible to miss.

And in case you’re wondering why some young women are naturally drawn to older men…

Recent Scientific Discovery Explains This Sweet Phenomenon…

Flashback to the dawn of man.

The world was brutal and unforgiving, and the average life expectancy was 27.

Naturally, a man who lived into his 60’s stood out tremendously.

Not only because he could still sire children, but because he was a survivor.

He had resisted disease, avoided starvation, and out-smarted saber toothed tigers. In other words, his advanced age was living proof of superior genes.

And the young women in the tribe revered him.

He was a guru, a guide, a mentor.

And the most fertile females fought each other to mate with him – after all, if HE lived to old age, perhaps his offspring would too…

Fast forward to present day.

Survival instincts are hard-coded into our DNA…

And for many young women, that includes a fierce attraction to older men.

Yet Somehow, Most Older Guys Have Trouble Sleeping With Younger Women…

And that’s because, more often than not, they’re guilty of 3 cardinal sins…

Sins that send younger women running for the nearest exit.

DEADLY MISTAKE #1 Picking The Wrong Girl

As I mentioned ealier, not all young ladies are infatuated with older men. Many of them aren’t. And if you don’t know how to spot the ones who do like older men, then chances are, you’re going to hit on the wrong girl and get rejected.

And nothing kills your confidence, or your motivation faster than rejection.

Yet once you know my secret, you’ll never waste time hitting on the wrong girl and you’ll almost never have to deal with rejection.

With each success, your confidence will grow, and like a snowball that becomes an avalanch – you’ll gather unstoppable momentum.

Unless, of course, you make…

DEADLY MISTAKE #2 Showering Her with Money or Gifts

This is a major error for several reasons.

First and foremost, it drains your bank account!

However, even if you’re wealthy, it’s still a mistake.

Because when you offer her money or gifts, it sends a strong message to her subconscious… A message that you are not enough for her , and that you have to give her material things in order to compensate for some inadequacy.

That’s not attractive.

Bottom line? The only gift you should give her is the gift of your company

And when you know how to spot younger women who are naturally attracted to older men, trust me, your company will be enough.

DEADLY MISTAKE #3 Assuming Everyone Thinks Like You Do

This mistake is as subtle as it is sinful.

Let me explain…

I love younger women.

And the brutal truth is, I’m MUCH more attracted to them than I am to women my own age.

That’s just the way I see the world, and it feels 100% natural to me.

In fact, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone feeling otherwise.

The mistake is to assume that younger women are ALSO more attracted to youth.

You think, “There’s no way this girl would want anything to do with me… not when she can be with great looking guys her own age.”

Yet there’s a fundamental flaw in that thinking: You’re superimposing your own beliefs on her… when in fact, she might LOVE older men.

And that’s where my x-ray “glasses” really shine… because suddenly, you’re able to spot these perfect young candidates with pinpoint accuracy.

And That’s Why I Built An Ultra-Secure Private Website Where You’ll Discover “Ageless” For Yourself…

The main technique is easy to learn, even easier to use, and doesn’t require use of practice, or any special talent.

It’s just a simple, powerful method that helps you spot young women who are already interested, and then AMPLIFIES that interest… until she makes the first move.

But the power to spot these hidden young ladies isn’t all you’re going to learn inside of this revolutionary system…

I’ve Also Included Some Very Special Bonus ‘Tricks’ That Will Work For YOUR Individual Situation, And YOUR Unique Personality…

Tricks Like…

7 Innocent Conversation Starters – When you can spot young women who love older men, the battle is almost over. Now, all you need is an easy way to strike up a conversation with her. My innocent conversation starters will allow you to engage in ANY environment – without looking like an old creep, or making your intentions known.

Bed Buddy Bonanza – Last night was amazing. You used your x-ray specs to sleep with a little cutie, and oddly enough, you really enjoy her company. Just use this easy, secret to transform a one night stand, into a no strings attached, regularly scheduled hookup.

Old Ninja – If discretion is your thing, then ‘Old Ninja’ will help you stay totally under the radar. Just use this “power principal”, to turn her into the pursuer, and yourself into the coveted prize. The best part about this technique? It encourages HER to make the first move, and frames you as an innocent bystander.

Who’s Your Daddy Now? – Here’s a fun fact: many of the young women I’ve slept with lacked a strong male influence when they were young… In ‘who’s your daddy now?’, I’ll show you have to covertly find out if she has daddy issues, and if so, how to fill that void in her life… so you can become the role model, mentor (and lover) that he never had.

Gold Digger Destroyer – She’s cute, but you can tell that she wants your money. Just recite this short speech, and not only will you DESTROY her ability to ask for compensation, you’ll transform her greed into respect.

Emergency Gold Digger Destroyer – Some gold diggers are greedier than others, and require a more aggressive strategy… When you meet on of these girls, use this short speech to replace money and gifts with a far more intriguing carrot… A carrot that will never come… because you’ll get to “test drive the merchandise” before you ever fulfill.

Fast Action Hero – This sneaky trick will speed up how quickly she goes to bed with you, and get her comfortable enough to fulfill your naughtiest sexual fantasies. Here’s a quick HINT on how this one works: “Experimentation = Maturity”

Teach Me, Obi Wan – This simple secret gets a younger women to see you as a wise man and as a mentor. And the first thing you’ll teach her? How to rock your world in the bedroom…

Dating Site Rockstar – If dating sites and hookup apps are your thing, then this trick will turn your profile into a powerful chick magnet. Just copy and paste this simple structure, fill in the blanks, and watch your inbox explode with new messages. Plus, as a special bonus, I’ll teach you the very best sites to meet younger women who LOVE older men – this might be the best kept secret in the program!

Texts That Get You Sex – FACT: The texts you send to your brand new girl crush can make or break you. Just use these cut and paste, proven text messsages to pique her curiousity, get her aroused, and keep her coming back for more.

Thor’s Hammer – With Ageless, you’re going to be sleeping with sexy young women on a regular basis. And you better be able to keep up. Literally. Just apply this simple, safe, and incredibly pleasurable ‘trick’ to make your soldier stand at attention, and add rocket fuel to your libido

The Big ‘O’ Anchor – In this exciting, two pronged technique, you’ll use a barely legal sex trick to give her the best orgasm of her life – then you’ll use modern psychology to anchor that pleasure to you. This trick will literally force her to think about you every time she has an orgasm – even if you’re out of the picture.

And that’s just a taste of what else you’re gonna learn inside of the ‘Ageless’ system.

Now because you chose to listen carefully, you can probably sense that Ageless is different than anything you’ve ever seen.

And perhaps you’re starting to imagine how you’ll use it in your own life…

Maybe You’re Wondering How Can I Get Access To Ageless?

How much does it cost? And is it guaranteed to work for me?

I’ll reveal the answers in just a second, but before I do… I have a question for you…

What would you PAY to wake up to a beautiful young woman every morning?

A young woman who genuinely likes you for you… And appreciates the fact that you’re an older man.

What’s it worth to know that no matter how old, or out of shape you get, that you’ll always have a young woman by your side.

Just imagine it now…

The sweet softness of her skin, and her big beautiful smile.

The sound of her voice… still filled without youthful optimism…

The scent of her body awakens your desire… and the sweet taste of her mouth sends your sex drive into a time machine.

SHE will keep you happy. And SHE will keep you young.

And If You’re Wondering About The Cost Of Ageless, Then Let Me Ask You This – What’s The Cost Of NOT Getting Ageless?

And to get your hands on this system – you won’t pay thousands of dollars to wine and dine a greedy gold-digger… a gold-digger who might not even give it up!

You won’t pay the $1,400 it costs to learn the secret from one of my master instructors… especially because they are completely booked for the next 7 months…

And you won’t pay the $500.00 it costs to hire an escort for the evening… (An escort who doesn’t give a CRAP about you, and can only offer cold, passionless sex).

When you claim your spot in our private club, you’ll get instant access to the entire Ageless system…

That’s $1,400 worth of secrets – for just $69 bucks.

Over the next month, that breaks down to $2.22 a day… less than the price of a cup of coffee.

And If You Get Ageless Right Now, I’ll Give You 3 Complete Bonus Programs – Absolutely Free Of Charge…

Here’s what I mean…

I believe so strongly in the power of this system, that I personally guarantee Ageless will radically improve your sex life… And I guarantee you’ll start seeing those improvements in 14 days or less.

Now, if by some bizarre coincidence that doesn’t happen, then you can get every penny back.

Listen, I’m a proud man.

If your sex life doesn’t transform in an incredible way, then I don’t want your money.

And by the way, you’re getting instant access to the Ageless System – because the entire program is digital, and you’ll be connected right through this website…

So Hopefully, Right Now You’re Feeling Pretty Damn Good About Ageless

Because it’s time for you to make a decision.

A decision that might be more important than you think…

Here’s the bottom line. You can go on from here, alone, and keep doing whatever you’ve been doing.

But there’s a fundamental problem with that strategy… because if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, inevitably, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Now if you’re happy with those results, then you probably don’t need my system.

However, if deep down you know that you’re unsatisfied with your sex life, and deep down you know that nothing would make you happier than having hot sex with a beautiful young woman, then it’s time to make a change right now.

It’s time to get Ageless.

Now obviously, I can’t make that decision for you, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence you’ve read this far…

So Go Ahead And Give Ageless A Free Test Drive – You Literally Risk Nothing

I GUARANTEE you’ll start seeing success with younger women in 14 days or less.

If for some reason that doesn’t happen, you can call me up, or shoot me an email, and get your money back. No questions asked.

And hey, I’m not crazy, okay?

I wouldn’t make this promise if I wasn’t extremely confident that this is going to work for you.

So you can feel great when you push the button below and get access to all $1,579.85 worth of material – for just $69 bucks.

And You Can Feel Great, Because You Know You’re Making A Safe Investment That’s Fully Guaranteed…

Now, hopefully, you’ll look back at this moment and see it as a turning point in your life – the day you decided to stop settling and to go after what you really want.

Because hey, let’s face facts… we’re not spring chickens anymore, and if we don’t take life by the balls now – when will we?

So welcome to my elite club of older gentleman.

And if you sleep with the very first young lady that you spot – let me know.

My contact info’s smack dab in the middle of your private members area.

Okay… thanks for reading.

I really look forward to hearing how my system transforms your sex life too.

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