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The American Monk Healing Triangle – Burt Goldman Download. That includes your body. The chair you’re sitting on. The water you drink, and the food you eat…

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That includes your body. The chair you’re sitting on. The water you drink, and the food you eat. Your house, your clothes, your shoes, your lawn, your pets, your office…

The American Monk Healing Triangle – Burt Goldman course with special price just for you$97  $26

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For The First Time Ever, Burt Goldman Reveals His Incredible Secret To Unbreakable Health—Even At 83 Years Of Age…

“With The American Monk Healing Triangle, You Can Now Manipulate Energy on All 3 Planes of Existence – Physical, Mental & Spiritual – For A Lifetime of Holistic Health & Vitality”

Is Your Understanding of Health Based on Outdated Ideas? Read on To Find Out The Truth About Your Mind, Body & Spirit, & How With The Right Techniques You Too Can Enjoy A Long, Happy & Productive Life Into Your 80’s, 90’s & Beyond…

To The Seeker Of Holistic Health,

What I’m about to tell you could one day save your life. You see everything around you is made of energy.

That includes your body. The chair you’re sitting on. The water you drink, and the food you eat. Your house, your clothes, your shoes, your lawn, your pets, your office…


“So what’s the big deal?” you may ask.

You may already know that it’s possible to manipulate all this energy with the power of your mind.

But what if I told you that with the right techniques, you will be able to energize the world around you – and yes, even your own body – with lasting positive energy?

Energy that penetrates deep into your mind, body & soul, and keeps you healthy, invigorated, stress-free and happy—for your entire life.

But before I tell you more about this ability, let me first address a question that has hounded mankind for centuries…

“What Is The Real Cause Of Illness?”

It is a commonly held belief that most illnesses come from the mind.

Now while I agree with this statement, the real truth comes from taking a deeper look into the nature of your body, your mind and your spirit.

Let me explain…

In essence, your body is made up of vibrating energy.

According to the principles of energy healing, your body is at perfect health when this vibrating energy is allowed to flow freely through all states of your being.

Disease, on the other hand – whether it’s a physical, mental or spiritual ailment – stems from the continuous blocking or depletion of this energy.

And this is where the manipulation of energy for healing comes in…

By unblocking and replenishing the energy that makes up YOU, the act of energy healing allows you to effectively heal yourself – and even others – of virtually any ailment.

Experience Holistic Health On The Physical, Mental & Spiritual Planes

The art of energy manipulation for healing has been around for centuries.

In Japan, it’s commonly known as ‘Reiki’. In China, it goes by the term ‘Qi Gong’. In the West, we often refer to it as ‘Energy Healing’ or ‘Faith Healing’.

In my lifelong search for enlightenment, I have traveled across the world learning about these arts from many different cultures.

What I have found is that no matter what name you give it, and no matter what set of rules you attach to it, it always boils down to one profound principle:

The Harmonious Connection Between All 3 Planes of Your Existence…

The physical, the mental and the spiritual.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘holistic health’—and this, my friend, is what it truly means.

Because when you are able – through the manipulation of energy – to establish this three-pronged connection, you will experience the following benefits:

  • The ability to accurately find the source of any illness and disease, and heal yourself and others for a long, healthy & happy life
  • Enhanced energy and clarity that allows you stretch the boundaries of your own perceived limitations
  • A profound and lasting sense of peace of mind, which alleviates you from the stress and aggravations of daily life
  • A direct connection to your true self, allowing you to make decisions and live your life in accordance with your higher purpose

Award-Winning Journalist Jenny Hontz Discusses Energy Healing In The Los Angeles Times

In a 2004 article for the Los Angeles Times, award-winning journalist Jenny Hontz analyzed a multitude of studies on energy healing from a number of health & science authorities including:

  • UCLA
  • The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • University of Arizona
  • The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • St John’s Hospital, California

What she found was an overwhelming consensus from reputable scientists, doctors and researchers that energy healing is both extremely effective, and an essential complement to conventional medicine and treatment.

Discover My Three-Pronged Secret To Holistic Energy Healing

It would normally take years to master an energy healing art like Reiki or Qi Gong.

The issue here is, most of us don’t have years to spare. We need effective healing results fast, and we need them without disrupting our normal day-to-day activities.

This need for instant yet effective results is the driving force behind what I’m about to show you—a powerful healing system that allows you to instantly harness the energy within you and around you, and use it to energize and connect to the physical, mental and spiritual planes of your existence.

It is the culmination of my decades of work on energy healing, and is the exact same material and meditations I’ve taught and used all my life—perfected, condensed and optimized to allow ANYONE to experience stellar healing results in a matter of days. I call it…

The American Monk Healing Triangle

The Holistic Solution To Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Part 1—Physical Healing

Module 1—Discover The Healer Within

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • Could you live to be 147? The Octave Theory says YES!
  • Why exercise, a healthy diet and a low-stress lifestyle are NOT enough to guarantee a long life (and what is)
  • How you can use an ‘Energized Catalyst’ to instantly heal people’s headaches, shoulder pains and other minor ailments
  • The 3 most important things you must do to become an effective healer
  • PLUS: The case of the Orange Dot. What Uri Geller did in 1992 to miraculously heal hundreds of people he’d never even met

Module 2—Setting The Gears Of Healing In Motion

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • REVEALED: the common source of energy that all healers – from psychic surgeons to faith healers to spiritual healers – draw from
  • A detailed step-by-step guide to healing another person
  • The Confusion Method. Why it’s essential that you confuse your target before healing them
  • Beyond the Placebo effect—what really goes on when your mind is tricked into healing your body
  • PLUS: Is energy healing really possible? How I went from a skeptic to a firm believer

Module 3—The Field Of Healing Meditation

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • Block out emotions and place yourself in a potent healing state with this essential preparatory meditation

Part 2—Emotional Healing

Module 4—The Dual Function Of The Mind

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • What is the real cause of illness? The scientific community speaks up
  • How your mind protects your body from illness—a fascinating metaphorical explanation
  • A cry for help? Why not all illnesses are as they seem
  • How negative emotional experiences can lead to major illnesses—and what you must do to protect yourself

Module 5—How To Avoid Illness Through Emotion Control

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • The Clock Face—A powerful technique for strengthening your resistance against illness
  • Impossible? Not anymore! How to take full control of your emotions, and reprogram your innermost habits and desires
  • Warning: Problems on your spiritual plane could be manifesting in your body and mind. Discover what you must do to avoid this
  • The single, most often overlooked cause of stress (you’ll never guess the answer!)
  • The Focus Point. Practice this simple stress-busting technique, and watch as the stress of daily life melts away

Module 6—The Emotion Control Meditation

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • Use this life-changing meditation to positively reprogram your emotions and take control of your mind, body and soul

Part 3—Spiritual Healing

Module 7—A Journey Into Your Oversoul

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • What lies beyond your body and mind? The Principle of Correspondence holds the answer
  • Discover the nature of your Oversoul, and gain a deeper understanding of your true self

Module 8—Visiting The Spiritual Dimension

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • “I see an intense bright light!” How I helped a 62 year-old lady discover the spiritual dimension, and heal herself of multiple illnesses
  • A simple technique for entering the spiritual dimension through meditation
  • Are you prepared? An important precaution before traveling to the spiritual dimension

Module 9—The Spiritual Dimension Meditation

In this exclusively downloadable audio lesson, you will learn:

  • Use this powerful meditation to access the spiritual dimension whenever you want, wherever you want and bask in its healing radiance

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