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Meeting The One – Christian Carter Download. After years of dating, failed relationships and missed connections, you are starting to worry that you’ll neve…

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After years of dating, failed relationships and missed connections, you are starting to worry that you’ll never meet “the one,” that you’ll have to “settle,” or worse yet, that you aren’t cut out for relationships.

Meeting The One – Christian Carter course with special price just for you$199.85  $34

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Learn The Exact Steps To Identify Mr. Right And Transform Your First Dates Into Amazing Connections That Move Him From “Hello” To “I Love You” In No Time Flat

It’s time to end all the fear, frustration and hopelessness over when and how you’ll find Mr Right. I’ll help you stop making the dating mistakes that drive good men away so you can start creating the love life you deserve.

Why in the world would a great woman like you not have a great man who wants to be with you?

If you are like most single women that I talk to, this question is one of the most frustrating, painful questions in your life.

After years of dating, failed relationships and missed connections, you are starting to worry that you’ll never meet “the one,” that you’ll have to “settle,” or worse yet, that you aren’t cut out for relationships.

Maybe you always fall for the wrong man… the kind of guy who seems nice and attentive at first, but things quickly spiral into neglect, coldness and loneliness. You thought you found “the one,” but instead you just found another guy who’ll break your heart.

Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to find a great guy – a guy you see yourself settling down with – but HE doesn’t seem to realize how great YOU are. He came on hot and heavy, but eventually his attention waned, and he stopped calling and eventually just disappeared altogether.

You are starting to wonder if all the good men are taken. If the ones who are left are all pigs, or just looking for casual relationships.

You feel lonely and sad, and can’t help but wonder what is it about you that’s preventing love from coming into your life.

This is a horrible way to feel, and often leads to a spiral of hopelessness that is very hard to break.

But I’m here to help you break it, because I believe love is just around the corner. You just need to know how to invite it in.

A Great Man Is Out There Looking For You… But You Need to Know How To Find Him And Show Him What A Great Catch You Are

I’m going to tell you something that may surprise you.

The problem isn’t a lack of great, available men for you to love. In fact, great men are everywhere.

The problem lies in how you approach meeting them and dating them.

Ask any single, attractive, HIGH QUALITY man how he is feeling about dating and they’ll give you variations on one of two complaints:

  1. “I can’t find a great woman to date”
  2. “I meet women I am interested in, but then we start dating and she starts saying and doing things that completely freak me out, causing me to leave in a hurry”

What is that about!??!?!?

How is it possible that great women like you are single, and yet the good available men out there complain that there aren’t great women to date?!

And what does that mean, the she does things to freak him out? How could a woman wanting to give all her love and share herself with him freak him out?

These actions that cause men to freak out can all be traced to one root problem.

If You Eliminate This Problem, You Will Quickly Find That:

  1. The man you feel is a great partner will see you as the quality woman he’s been seeking
  2. The dating stage will become fun and exciting for both, and it will pave the way for a loving, lasting relationship… instead of blow ups, surprises, arguments, and frustration
  3. Your man will look forward to spending time with you, and thinks about you when you’re not around
  4. You’ll be able to capture the heart of a man who is not only “up to your standards,” but exactly what you want and who you deserve

I’m guessing this sounds like a lot more fun than what you might have experienced in the past with a man, right?

But on the other hand, if you keep on making this mistake of not identifying and addressing this one problem, you will find that:

  • You’ll keep choosing all the wrong men
  • You’ll have an impossible time identifying the right men, even when he’s right in front of you
  • A man will quickly lose interest, even after several dates or being intimate with you
  • A man will see you as “needy,” even if you’re not
  • Your efforts to talk and connect with a man will only turn him off and prevent him from ever wanting a real relationship with you
  • A man won’t see you as “relationship material” and not want anything more than to casually date you

I think you can see just how dangerous not finding and addressing this problem for yourself really is.

So now let’s talk about WHAT this problem actually is… and how to eliminate it…

The Single WORST Thing You Can Do When Meeting And Getting To Know A Man…

After several years now of helping women to better understand and communicate with men, I’ve discovered the single biggest cause of the frustration and disappointment many women experience in their dating lives.

I call this mistake the “Instant Relationship.”

The “Instant Relationship” is behavior triggered by attraction that has you thinking and acting as though you have a relationship with a man before you’ve developed one.

It happens when you meet a great guy and begin an unconscious commitment for mutual honesty and exclusivity between you.

Of course, this is completely different than CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING A MAN after getting to know him better… and it has 3 very serious consequences:

  1. The unconscious commitment to a serious relationship made too early can cause you to overlook flaws, causing you to end up with the WRONG man for you
  2. Because it is so built up in your mind, you will act and behave differently with this man, likely scaring him away by coming on too strong, looking too interested, or coming off as NEEDY or CLINGY
  3. Because an attractive man who is a great catch is so used to this happening with the women he dates, it causes him to see you as “just another girl” that he doesn’t mind losing

In fact, the Instant Relationship can be as unattractive and gross to a man as it is for a man you’ve just met to expect to have sex with you… try and convince you to do so, then act hurt or upset when you don’t want to.

But perhaps worst of all… the Instant Relationship takes away all the fun of getting to know someone and building a strong foundation for a successful relationship. It puts too much pressure on a man, causing him to withdraw from you.

Unfortunately many, many women make this mistake with men without ever realizing it or consciously knowing it.

When we meet someone we like, it’s easy for our “biology” to take over and make us do stupid things.

The good news is that it isn’t all that hard to STOP making this mistake once know you are doing it. I want to show you how.

Your Roadmap For Meeting And Attracting Mr. Right…

Guaranteeing that you end of up in a relationship with the man you want is about two things:

Stopping the things that don’t work (instant relationships)

And learning how to find a good man, show him what a great catch you are, and then building a strong foundation that will help your relationship together flourish.

But how do you do this? How do you approach and meet the right man, attract him, draw him close to you, and have him wanting more?

I’ll answer that, and much more, in my program, Meeting the One.

If you’re tired of being single and not spending your life with a man who deserves you, then this is the program for you.

This program goes into great detail highlighting the ways single women unconsciously sabotage relationships at the very start… and gives a step by step approach on how to use the dating phase to meet, attract and connect with a high quality man.

In addition to what YOU should do to connect with a man, this program will show you how men approach dating differently from women. Understanding his process will enable you to take control of your dating destiny, putting you in control of the end result.

I’ll also cover the fear and anxiety that can come up inside you that gets in your way… and how to deal with the challenges and uncertainty that a great guy throws at you just by being who he is.

Instead of reverting to your old bad habits dealing with men, I’ll teach you how to quickly show him the best of WHO YOU REALLY ARE, so he knows exactly how unique and special you are from the moment you meet.

You’ll also learn how to quickly and clearly identify the WRONG MEN… and keep you from wasting your time and energy on someone that isn’t the absolute best match for you.

Why Dating Is An Easy Way To Build A Foundation For A Lifetime Of Love & Happiness…

It’s not uncommon for most women to want to SKIP the dating phase with a man completely and jump right into a committed relationship – even if it hasn’t been verbally agreed upon.

I mean when you know, you know… right?

Well… not always.

The problem with skipping the dating phase is that you miss your chance to build a strong foundation for a loving relationship.

If you’ve ever experienced one of those whirlwind romances where the two of you began spending every waking hour together almost immediately after you met, then you probably know that relationships that begin in this manner often burn out just as fast as they start.

It’s kind of like building a house using popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue rather than wood, screws, and nails.

Sure, it works for a short time, but it’s bound to fall apart.

The good news is that starting things off the right way allows your new romance to grow and last, while still being as exciting, fulfilling, and fun as a whirlwind romance.

By the time you finish going through the material in this program you’ll know the exact steps to design your perfect relationship from the ground up… and have a BLAST doing it.

And actually… that’s just the start…

Here are a few more of the exciting things you’ll discover inside:

  • The nly 3 reasons why a man doesn’t call back (Here’s how to pin-point exactly why a man didn’t call… and what to do to practically guarantee he calls next time)
  • How many women keep themselves from meeting the man they want without even knowing it (These are things a woman’s best friends are often AFRAID to tell her)
  • How to get a guy to want to prove he’s the right guy for you (This secret shows you what he’s all about quickly … so you don’t waste your time on the wrong guy)
  • The 10 limiting beliefs that prevent women from meeting “the one” (It’s important that you learn what they are and eliminate them if you want true love)
  • How a man’s relationship timeline works – I’ll show you what’s going through his mind during all of the different stages… and how long each should last so you don’t make the mistake of rushing it or staying too casual
  • A creative and ultra-effective way to approach a man you want to meet, then turn things around and get him pursuing you! (This is the single best way to meet a new man I’ve ever seen because it allows you to approach him without looking desperate… and it works nearly every time)
  • A big mistake women make with their body language that makes a man think you are needy even when you aren’t!
  • How to know when to sleep with a man to ensure that he will keep wanting you so much that he can hardly stand it
  • How to recognize when a man wants a relationship from you or just wants sex (Here’s how know almost for sure, every time)

In Meeting The One, You’ll Learn:

Section 1: Why You’re Single

  • How your unconscious fears are keeping you from finding a great guy
  • How the things that bother you about men actually reveal something about you
  • A powerful technique that will help you achieve the outcome you want
  • The 10 common reasons great women are single
  • What an attractive single man is really looking for

Section 2: Attitudes That Attract Great Men

  • Why being a bit selfish with a man is a good thing
  • Building the life that will naturally attract Mr. Right
  • Where most women go wrong when they’re dating
  • The one thing men are hungry for (it’s not what you think)
  • The irresistible attitude that inspires a man to be open with you

Section 3: Attracting The Love You Deserve

  • How to know if you should approach a guy (and what to do with your fear)
  • The two most powerful flirting tools and how to use them
  • How to help a man see your value (without playing games)
  • A secret to drawing a non-committed man closer to you
  • The essential secrets for dating a man and getting him to want only you

Section 4: Advice From My Guest Experts

  • How to have a truly authentic relationship that’s a breath of fresh air to a man
  • Man-magnetizing techniques you can use immediately
  • How stop nervousness from sabotaging your early moments with a man
  • Why you should never give up on longing for a loving relationship
  • The most important question you need to ask yourself in order to attract love

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