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Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System – Dan Kennedy Download. This insider’s program delivers highlights from 41+ years of Dan’s intimate wo…

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This insider’s program delivers highlights from 41+ years of Dan’s intimate work with hundreds of companies – ranging from built-from-scratch multi-million to billion-dollar businesses.

Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System – Dan Kennedy course with special price just for you$1997  $108

Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.li/tTH2q

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Placing covert strategies into your hands for ultimate business breakthrough.


This insider’s program delivers highlights from 41+ years of Dan’s intimate work with hundreds of companies – ranging from built-from-scratch multi-million to billion-dollar businesses.

Available for $1,997 (normally $2,497…that’s a $500 discount!) THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

Discount Available Through Monday, January 23rd @ Midnight.

Quick preface: this letter violates a rule of selling: it contains a lot of teaching. Overt, declared, pointed to information and revealed methods as well as hidden between the lines, to be discerned lessons. For the astute, there is a real value exchange here. Your time and your consideration of this opportunity is not requested or taken without direct compensation; that compensation is here in outright revelatory information about the subject at hand, and in demonstrated methods of presentation and persuasion.


It is long. It is not crafted as an accelerating adrenalin rush, as emotionally driven sales pitches usually are – instead it is thoughtful, and asks that of you, its reader. Treating this as a provocative and potentially profitable document in and of itself will reward you.

Dear Friend,

  • What, exactly, is Advanced Business Development? (Do YOU need it?)
  • And what is the Advanced Business Development SECRETS Academy System?

Let me first quickly say what it is NOT:

It is NOT more of the same on marketing, nor is it confined to ‘marketing’ at all.

It is NOT simply about making more money.

It is NOT elementary or easy to understand or apply.

It is NOT common knowledge.

“Development” is NOT just growth – which is the way ordinary business owners think about their businesses, narrowly, more new customers, more sales, bigger.

Development incorporates growth and expansion and diversification and synergy and maturation and maximum profits now and maximum equity value in the future.

Keep in mind, you are pressured day to day to think just about Growth.

More customers, more sales, more revenue. Getting out of that day-to-day, and going to an entirely different, safe, stimulating place to think bigger, broader, more patiently, more thoroughly about your business can, itself, yield big dividends.

But the right guided thinking experience can literally be worth millions and birth breakthroughs!

DEVELOPMENT has you holding your business up and looking at it from more directions than most ordinarily do, and looking out from your business in more directions than most do. This Academy System is your only opportunity to do this….

PLUS this is a brand new release to the whole public. Never been seen before.

Remember… get yours before MIDNIGHT on Monday, January 23rd and receive a $500 discount…

Seven Keys To Development Of The Best, Most Valuable Business Possible:

In my youth, working in graphic arts, we took typeset onto photo-paper into a darkroom, submerged it in chemicals in trays, and the invisible type and images appeared and darkened to crystal clear clarity.

Similarly, business development is, in part, about (1): seeing concealed opportunities. This is the most common thing I hear from clients after private consulting days: “I came thinking I was in business “a” and left in businesses “a” + “b” + “c” + “d”…or left in an entirely different business”.

That’s the power of very experienced, fresh eyes: where you see a wall, I see a hidden door and concealed passage to new treasure.

I Accomplish This Routinely And Frequently For Clients. I Also Often Find Myself Preventing Mistakes That Would PROHIBIT Huge Profits.

Recently, in one consulting day with a client who wisely sought my input before launching a franchise-type expansion of his million dollar income, single location business I STOPPED HIM from three mistakes he had no recognition of, almost certain to later keep several million dollars a year from flowing to him, easily and automatically.

It was well worth his $19,400.00 fee for the day just for this 40-minute discussion. But the “nature of the thinking” behind this specific set of recommendations is even more valuable than any isolated recommendation, and I will give you The Gold Keys to that thinking of mine, that I bring to every situation.

A system for frequently, constantly hunting for and identifying concealed opportunity is invaluable. I have one. I’ll share it. Including tools and checklists.

Just as another powerful example, a few days before writing this I was in a consulting day with a new client, with about a $20-million business. As I questioned him, three niche marketing opportunities became evident. In each, he already had an unexploited stronghold. In one, he had a ready and likely willing “host”; partner that he was already making money for, who owned customers and media they already made available to others but he had never proposed using.

In less than an hour, I had a credible plan for using those three opportunities to triple revenue to $60-million. We also confronted the only huge flaw in his current business strategy, which was giving him directconnection to only about 10% of the end user customers – which I reengineered to get it with 80%. This, to them, had seemed like ‘The Problem That Can Never Be Solved’ because of the nature of their distribution.

These were not dumb or ignorant or foolish or lazy entrepreneurs. To the contrary. And they had built a $20-million business from scratch in about 4 years. But their experience was restricted to that business.

My experience is very broad and diversified. I saw things they were blind to. I had already fixed the problem they thought of as unique at least four other times.

This same “EUREKA!” can happen for many who experience the Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System.

Incremental Improvement Versus Reinvention & Replacement

Schultz didn’t improve the coffee shop. Apple didn’t improve the phone. I didn’t improve the speaking business*. When Buffet liberated GEICO from being the sleepy, niched “Government Employees’ Insurance” to today’s GEICO, he didn’t try to improve the agency, broker, sales-force model.

The NFL created more wealth for its owners in a fast decade than in its entire, prior history not by improving the game or its existent marketing, but by reinventing the entire fan (and gambler) experience with its Fantasy Football and its own TV products, the NFL Network and RedZone. *Its reinvention model (which birthed what is now GKIC) is laid out in an info-product titled Big Mouth, Big Money, available at GKIC.com/store

Development can mean (2) reinvention. Raw land or a blighted neighborhood or a dying industrial park re-imagined and transformed into valuable property, a new community, a thriving ‘warehouse district’ with restaurants and clubs. Inside many businesses, even entire niches, industries, professions, there is the equivalent of blighted neighborhoods, vibrancy in decline, regression, or unused raw land.

Ready To Get Started? Grab Your Copy Of Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System NOW!

I am a master at re-purposing assets within a business AND at reinventing businesses. I have reinvented processes, businesses, even entire industries!

Maybe yours is ripe for reinvention. Let’s find out. Maybe YOU are due or overdue for reinvention. I have essentially reinvented myself and the way I earn my money and conduct business three times. My friend, the late Joan Rivers, had to reinvent herself twice, and did so brilliantly and courageously.

Personal and Business Reinvention have profound parallels. Let’s explore.

Not Doing More, Running Faster And Harder – Like A Hamster On A Wheel.

Instead: Leverage.

There is development of (3) process and systems, the essential foundation for freedom – marketing systems, sales systems, retention and ascension systems, theft and loss prevention systems, profit systems.

There is (4) customer development: how a new buyer is “converted” to a committed customer, then to an evangelical advocate and champion.

There is (5) development of (and co-opting of*) other businesses and people’s assets outside of your business, for your business: their customers, their leads, their locations, their distribution, their influence, their dormant or neglected products, and more. Development of strategic alliances; “power circles” of trustworthy and capable vendors, experts and advisors; endorsers. Learning to use to the max OPR (Other People’s Resources) and OPM (Other People’s Money) is the most liberating, empowering, expansive entrepreneurial thing you can do.

There is (6) development of your media platform, the most powerful competitive advantage, the most versatile and effective marketing methodology, and the “visible secret” of so many businesses.

I Can Virtually GUARANTEE That You Are Under-Exploiting Your Own Media Platform Opportunities.

Finally, there is the (7) development of sustainable equity (not just income) – leverage while you own your businesses, maximum value for you if and when you exit.

*Means: appropriation and use of as if your own – by agreement, guile, force

As you can see, Development is a complex subject.

And as you can see, I have dissected it into seven categories of work and of opportunity. This facilitates an organized approach to making practical, profitable use of Development. Not going home with ideas. Structure. To-Do’s.

For my “Business Development Secrets Academy System”, I am organizing every strategy, method, revealing and provocative example, and “trick up my sleeve” I’ve ever used and currently use, for my clients as well as my own business, into these seven development categories.

Each accompanied by its own, never before published reference checklist. You will not only get my methods, you will get insight into the way I think – to unearth opportunities their owners are blind to and to create new opportunities as well.

Not only is this a BRAND NEW RELEASE open to the whole public, but this unbeatable $500 discount expires at MIDNIGHT on Monday, January 23rd… so get yours today.

First, I Think You Need To Know, Specifically, Why I Am The Person You Should Pay Attention To, About “Development.”

Yes, I know you know me already. But I think it’s good to have specific relevance when you are asked to pay a fee to a person providing certain information, strategic advice and business direction.

There is a profound difference between aiding and abetting already well-established, large corporate entities versus standing with true entrepreneurs as they grow businesses from dirt up, against odds and obstacles, often resources handicapped, then transition from mere growth to expansion, from needed income to equity.

There are forests full of capable consultants to corporate America, in every category of need and opportunity. They can come in and fix plumbing in dis-repair that is already there. Because stupidity grows as big companies grow, they can easily find leaks to plug. They can simply meddle a little and earn their keep.

Also, much of corporate America lives by a very different agenda than entrepreneurs’ businesses – measuring progress or success by relative market share gains or losses, by cost savings in short-term that are actually cancerous, even by fall or rise in stock prices, more a matter of perception than actual value.

You can certainly find “profit” in the knowledge of many people who toil in those fields. But there is also a canyon of disconnect between the CEO and CFO crowd with 19th-Floor tower offices, executive lunch rooms and access to nearly unlimited capital and resources VERSUS you and your business life.

There Is NO Forest Of Authentic Experts In Developing Entrepreneurs’ Businesses From Start Or Reinvention Or Rescue To Small To Big To Diverse To Dominant And Valuable. There’s ME.

As you know, I’ve been inside and intimately involved with a great number of grown-from-scratch, extremely successful and extremely sophisticated businesses and companies, in diverse fields.

I’ve made myself rich as their owners’ and CEOs’ consigliere. I’ve learned as much as I’ve given anyone. From this, I’ve accumulated an incredibly ‘wide AND deep’ collection of strategies – some quite proprietary – for Advanced Business Development – most of which I have NOT publicly written or spoken about.

I’ve alluded to them but not gone into depth. I’ve used them with and for my clients, as criteria for deciding on stocks to buy and companies to invest in for the long haul, and for myself and for what is now GKIC.

NOW, You Can Be Privy To Them Too.

Clients who have relied on me as their trusted advisor – some quietly – at start-up and at business maturity for 10, 20, 30+ years include people who’ve built big and complex and sophisticated businesses.

One very recently left NetJets and bought his own jet and employs two pilots, commutes from choice of homes to work by helicopter, has an east and a west campus of significant size for his business. I began advising him when he had no money and was personally selling his one “program” to 20 people at a time in motel meeting rooms.

He has developed a business easily worth $35-million to $50-million, very likely to double in the next 3 years. As recently as July, he and his team were with me for another day of strategy advice.

Another, different client first consulted with me in 1987, still does, on various projects today. His company has topped a billion dollars in revenue.

Another, more recently, launched a health franchise, zoomed to nearly 400 locations.

For another, I created $15-million in new revenue, in a rather mature business, in 2013. From all these combined, in aggregate, I’ve learned more than I’ve given any one of them – but I can give it all (absent exclusively confidential details) to you.

Imagine being able to get the “condensed juice” from prowling around in hundreds of these kinds of experiences – with start-ups, with new opportunities created in or attached to mature businesses, in multiplying value, making deals, solving problems, fixing systems.

It has come from consumer goods, from B2B, from publishing and info-marketing, from dozens of categories. It can be generalized, then applied situationally. I have organized it all into this Academy System. This is what I use in my work.

I’m a bit uncomfortable with this analogy, but if you think of my books and newsletters as K through 12, my special Trainings as university, you can think of this as grad school. The great ad man Al Ries, author of Positioning: Battle For Your Mind once said of me: “if you want a Ph.D. you can use, get it from Kennedy.” But make no mistake: this system is anything but an academic exercise.

Reserve Your Copy Of Our Brand New Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System

This system will also cover how wealth is created via DIRECT marketing…. EXACTLY How People & Companies Get Rich Routinely & Formulaically in DIRECT Marketing – and why most don’t.

There are certain formulas for building a “direct marketing money machine”, with a few surprisingly simple requirements. There is a certain formula for extracting wealth from it day by day once it has moved from infancy and toddler to standing upright on its own two feet as a mature adult.

The Money Is, Often, Entirely In The Back-End, And That Requires A Sophisticated Approach.

These things are all known. And reliable. Defying them is fraught with peril and usually leads to failure. There are only 2 reasons people do fail in direct marketing: one, they don’t know these formulas and facts. Two, they convince themselves to ignore one or more of the ‘success requirements’ and push ahead against them rather than being aligned with them.

I have, repeatedly, been on both sides of that equation personally, been there with clients a lot. I have defied these facts and formulas and been financially punished for doing so, exactly as I deserved. I have also leveraged these facts and formulas for myself and others into small and large fortunes. You profit from ALL this experience.

My system will take you inside very current situations where I have radically changed the way different businesses sell OR added new and additional ways they sell….creating different kinds of dramatic marketing, sales, growth and profit breakthroughs.

Second way you can profit from this: as means of creating or finding a new opportunity. You’re not a tree, so firmly planted that anything beyond the length of your limbs is entirely beyond your reach. You are mobile, not rooted. Most people behave as if they are rooted.

So, with a better understanding of how direct marketing works – in the direct marketing industry – you can alter the trajectory of your entire business life with new opportunity or re-make your present business to stand apart from all others in its category.

Darin Garman, as example, did the latter, transforming himself from a local commercial real estate broker to a global direct marketer of real estate investments (from that same local ‘inventory’), using media like Forbes and Investors Business Daily and Financial Times, direct-mail, and the web.

His ENTIRE LIFE changed because of direct marketing.

As part of an overall business development strategy, this can be the chief means of differentiation from all others in your category.

Definitely NOT For ‘The Rank ‘N File’.

The Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy System is, rather obviously, I think, NOT for everybody. Even though it’s a brand new release, open to the whole public with a $500 discount if you buy before MIDNIGHT on Monday 23rd.

I just really don’t want you to miss out.

Here are a few types of people who ought NOT invest:

If you’re not well-grounded in “Dan Kennedy”, you’ll find yourself stepping into the next phase of a course that you aren’t ready for – somewhat like starting to watch Justified the 3rd season. Unless you’ll make a point of catching up in a hell of a hurry, I suggest you NOT purchase this. Of course, you could decide to be an exception. Only you can decide if you are ready for what’s described here.

If you are not now running and building a real business, a significant business, this may be more than you need or can apply – somewhat like giving a 5 year old eager to traverse his backyard a Lamborghini instead of a pedal-car for his birthday. Let me give you examples of people who can value and use this information: Steve Adams, who operates 22 retail stores, is acquiring more, and has dynamically changed and elevated the nature of his kind of stores, virtually reinventing the business. Lilly Noon, who has a $30-million business of many years’ durability (in global food distribution) but is also a growth-oriented information marketer, building out a multi-“guru” platform and system. Ben Glass, who has a thriving law firm, an info-marketing business, and a non-profit foundation. Lisa Miller, who has the fastest growing expense reduction and cost control consulting firm in the hospital industry, deploying teams of analysts, and marketing to CEO’s and CFO’s. Dr. Kelly Brown, operator of a growing chain of dental offices, Dr. Chris Tomshack, franchisor of about 400 chiropractic clinics. Yours can be a small business by your choice, but you still need the desire for it to yield truly extraordinary profits and wealth, to dominate, to excel, to be a creative and therefore complex enterprise – not a routine, steady as she goes sail ‘round the circumference of the same small lake every day.

You Actually Buy – Or Invest In – Four Things By Going Through This Academy System:

  • Synthesis: the combination of varied, different and seemingly disconnected elements into a single plan or system. A “connecting of dots”. I routinely co-opt other’s assets to use as my own – without payment or debt, making myself financially invincible.
  • Abridgement: a shortening, abbreviating, condensing and summarizing of something without loss of its meaning, usefulness or value. An efficiency. This system may well equal, replace or even be superior to years of assembly of voluminous information from varied sources.
  • Experience Beyond Personal Possibility: not only is there my 40 year span of business development, with my own enterprises, and others’, there are “the best of” lessons and strategies extracted from all the many clients’ experiences.
  • Expertise: there is abundant evidence of my expertise in key aspects of business development, such as identifying overlooked and unexploited opportunities, understanding and aligning with trends, creating capital without sacrifice of equity, co-opting others’ assets, use of media platform, and, of course, direct marketing. I often reference my “$100,000.00 Club”, the fairly large and always growing fraternity of those who have spent over $100,000.00 on my information, resources, seminars, advice and services and continue to hang with me. I don’t often mention the “$1-MILLION CLUB” – but its membership keeps growing, too. And, over 85% of all private clients who start with me, repeat or continue.

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