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Advanced Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp – Dan Kennedy Download. “Discover The Most Advanced Techniques I Know To Get People To Pay Big (Enormous), Seemin…

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“Discover The Most Advanced Techniques I Know To Get People To Pay Big (Enormous), Seemingly Obscene Fees For Consulting And Coaching.”

Advanced Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp – Dan Kennedy course with special price just for you$2997  $194

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WARNING: Used With Evil Intent, These Techniques Can Do Evil!

“Discover The Most Advanced Techniques I Know To Get People To Pay Big (Enormous), Seemingly Obscene Fees For Consulting And Coaching.”

Keep Reading To Discover My Personal Persuasion Secrets And Business Operation Strategies That Allows Me To Rake In Up To $1 Million Dollars Per Consulting And/Or Coaching Gig!

Dear Renegade Consultant Or Coach,

If you’re in the consulting business or engaged in high-consultative selling at high fees or transaction sizes, (such as investments, financial advisory services, software systems, etc.)….

Or are in the business/life/sales coaching business (such as coaching/mastermind groups, practice management, etc.)…

…then this letter will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

After a great deal of tossing and turning in bed, I’ve decided to reveal the most ADVANCED techniques I know for getting clients…getting high-paid fees with no resistance from clients…and even controlling clients so they keep hiring me again and again.

This is the stuff I use to close clients for upwards of $19,000 for a consultation day and up to $25,000 per year for a few 20-minute phone consultations per month.

This is the first time I’ve ever “peeled back the curtain”…giving you a HUGE reveal of how I do it to an extent far beyond anything I’ve ever done before.

In fact, if it weren’t close to the end of my work in my 40 years in direct marketing and advertising, it would be foolhardy to reveal and discuss much of this.

During this seminar, there was no “fluff.” There weren’t a parade of “idea merchants” getting up on stage to their wares.

Just me…for 10 straight hours and two intense days.

I Will Warn You, What You’ll Discover In This Seminar Could Shock And Offend You

Why? Because what I have to reveal in this seminar is on the brink of mind control: how to get people to accede to my wishes without consciously understanding what is being done to them.

It is manipulation. I’m making them deviate from how they usually make decisions and conduct their affairs and accept from me what they would accept from nobody else.

Think about that last sentence. Really let it sink in. Chances are, you’re letting the client dictate the terms of your relationship.

But the path to getting clients to act in ways they do not ordinarily and customarily act, you need to implement some more advanced techniques, including:

  • Getting clients to pay you fees that are obscene or highly unaffordable to them.
  • Getting them to pay in advance for hoped for but never guaranteed results
  • Getting your clients to trust an individual they barely know, and be extremely decisive about this.
  • Asking the client to accept ideas that are foreign to him or contradictory to his long-term beliefs.

When you consider all this bullet points, they would seem to be an insurmountable barrier to success if you were using the same rules the “mediocre majority” uses to work with coaching clients.

However, the techniques I’ve developed over 40 years in marketing and advertising pulverizes these barriers like Superman pulverizing a continent with his pinky.

Used With Evil Intent, These Techniques Can Do Evil, And I Cannot Be Responsible For How You Use Them

These techniques have been used by con-men to abscond money from the most frugal, conservative, and skeptical individuals. And they have. From Enron to the Bernie Madoff scandal, plenty of sophisticated people have been taken by these same techniques.

I talk about these at the seminar, but not to encourage con-artistry, of course. But to illustrate applications of these powerful strategies. So I cannot bear any responsibility for how you use them.

I only hope you operate at the highest ethical standards and will use these techniques for the power of good. And if you cannot hear about such things without being constantly reminded by ethics, without thinking less of me, then I encourage you to stay away.

This is not for beginners and rank amateurs. If you read this and decide that we are not a good fit, nobody will think less of you.

This course is expensive. It is unique. And it is designed ONLY for specific individuals.

Let me be clear: I did not repeat the basics of consulting and coaching. I assume you have at least the basics down before you invest in this course.

In fact, I made sure that the people at the seminar had at least one of my selling courses and subscribed to the No B.S. Marketing Letter.

I was only interested in teaching this particular seminar if I could “let my hair down” and talk about controversial techniques with adult language and examples. If you are to invest in this package, you have to be very mature and, as Nicholson’s character says, “handle the truth.”

But if you are at all squeamish, sensitive or emotionally conflicted over what you sell and its price, then this is NOT for you.

A bulk of what I teach is “non-consensual selling.” I know this flies in the face of what’s being taught out there in the mainstream, but that’s NOT what worked for me—or how you get to the higher fees.

Incidentally, you have to be 100% insensitive about price and manipulation if you want to achieve exceptional success in these fields. So if you aren’t already in that mental and emotional place, this may not be for you.

So, Why Am I Offering These Recordings Now?

These techniques revealed, when used properly, could add several zeros to your annual income in record speed, as they did for the special 92 people in attendance.

And, since I held these advanced techniques “close to the vest” for 40 years, and after exploiting them myself, I no longer feel threatened by releasing them to the masses.

So now’s the time. People in attendance paid $11,800 to attend this seminar and went through a small “vetting” process to be let in.

But you can take home these recordings for a FRACTION of what others paid so you can get the same results.


Advanced Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp

This course is for you if…

1) You are selling high-dollar personal/professional services. This would include consultants, but also financial and investment advisors, lawyers, doctors, cosmetic dentists, and cosmetic surgeons.

If you have a “client relationship” and need to persuade clients to trust you, give you large sums of money, and you need to take control of them, then Advanced Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp is for you.

If you sit across the table or desk from a prospective client, talk on the phone with clients, or stand on the stage in front of clients and ask for $10,000, $30,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000, then you must hear what was taught at this seminar.

1) You are already or aspire to make a very large income from coaching, running coaching groups, and/or one-on-one or corporate consulting.

Advanced Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp doesn’t just deal with selling coaching programs, but also talks about keeping people in them—satisfied, productive…for as long as you like.

I have some people in my coaching groups that have been working with me for 10 years. And, mind you, none of this is “freakish” or requires some kind of an extraordinary or exceptional talent, genetic gifts, or years of disciplined preparation.

Just ask the people I’ve taken from zero to $1 million and more in yearly coaching income their first or second year.

You can ask people like Dr. Tom Orent, Rory Fatt, Steve Miller, Bill and Steve Harrison…even Jack Canfield how they like the coaching income they’re enjoying by using my models.

I am also helping “newbies” create coaching groups at the local, grassroots, community level earning $25,000 to $100,000 per year and up, spare time. Every consultant, speaker, author or other expert ought to be in the coaching business using one of my business models.

It’s because of all this that I was extremely cautious about whom to let in the seminar because I held the belief (and still do) that this kind of power is not for the faint of heart.

I personally looked at every registration form, and if I recognized anybody I thought was inappropriate, then I politely informed them that this isn’t for them.

Here’s Just SOME OF What I Covered In Advanced Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp:

This training is focused on 4 areas: consulting, coaching, selling any high-fee service in order to secure a large sum from anyone, and client control.

I know exactly how to get anybody, from a Fortune 500 CEO to a small shopkeeper, man or woman, young or old, to hand over any fee I ask.

And I’ve developed systems, formulas, steps, processes…even scripts I’ll reveal to you when you take action today and order Advanced Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp.

Nope this has nothing to do with NLP or anything “voodoo”…just straight-up procedures that are learnable and require no genetic predisposition.

You’ll discover how to move someone or a group—from having zero thoughts about having a coach or being in a group coaching program—to desiring to be in your group with wallet in hand.

They’ll even be willing to jump through flaming hoops, get on a waiting list…you name it. I’ve literally put people in the coaching business who couldn’t spell “coach” before I created programs for them. And I’m able to do it on a grassroots level…all the way to a global level.

You’ll also discover how to attract entrepreneurial or corporate clients, having them begging you to be their clients, pay you fees that shock them, and how to keep them.

I’ve had some big corporate clients although I prefer entrepreneurial ones: Mass Mutual Insurance, Sun Securities, Weight Watchers International, Amway, AEON and several I cannot mention because of confidentiality considerations.

Nope, I didn’t have to sell my soul to Satan to get these techniques…all of these techniques are learnable. It’s all about following the specific, actionable strategies to create white-hot lust on a prospective client’s part for my assistance.

There Are Tons Of Ways To Make More Money

With Consulting And Coaching.

Why Not Master Them All?

Sure, you can attract more prospective clients but change nothing else. Increase your “deal flow” and you’ll increase your income.

Or you can improve your closing ratio, so you talk to fewer clients to fill your book. Or you can do both and raise your fees.

You can also target bigger/more affluent clients that will pay you larger fees. You can exercise more control of your clients so they’ll keep hiring you again and again, stay in your programs, and expand your assignments.

Imagine the freedom and independence this will give you. You’ll be able to say “Yes” to home improvements, a vacation, or another car. You’ll be able to never worry about money again as you’re closing $10K-$100K deals.

Why not do all of these things and boost your income by 5-10 times? And do them masterfully? I’m the guy that can show you how.

In fact, I challenge you to find anybody that has the in-depth knowledge, experience and “under the table” techniques for igniting massive desire to join high-priced consulting and coaching programs?

Quite simply, my 40+ years in marketing and advertising is unmatched. Considering that I’ve spawned TONS of today’s consultants and coaches—many of whom give me credit for giving them their start.

Fair Warning: Investing In Advanced Consulting And Coaching Bootcamp Isn’t Cheap

It’s not cheap for several reasons: one is that its creation involved revealing personal persuasion and business operation secrets I have never shown, dissected, and explained before.

Revealing them would ultimately reduce my ability to earn by employing them. It’s like a celebrated magician retiring his grandest illusions.

To demand less money would trivialize the value of this material. Why? Because this material cost me a darn fortune to master. Ironically, at the peak of my powers after 40+ years in marketing and advertising, I have no interest in exploiting them. But I paid a lot of money to discover and develop them.

So you shouldn’t expect me to reveal my “magic tricks” at a cheap price.

Like I mentioned before, I have virtually invented many of the current business coaching models. And I have put countless people with zero background into lucrative coaching businesses.

In short, I know how to get paid big fees for consulting and coaching. Like no one else does. To take someone by the hand personally and guide them from ground zero to making a 7-figure income in these fields can involve fees and royalties in excess of $200K.

By that standard or comparison, the cost of these recordings is trivial.

Plus, the fee to attend this LIVE event was $11,800. So the subsequent home study course cannot be priced the same as other courses.

Because of the exclusivity of this information, the blunt, unvarnished nature of this event, and the exclusivity of this event—along with all of the above that I described about revealing my personal persuasion and business operation secrets, these recordings must be priced in such a way that acts as a screening device.

So, the cost to invest in these DVDs and CDs is one investment of $2,997 or three investments of $999. You’ll get a manual, 11 DVDs and 9 CDs rush-shipped to you so you can watch, learn the strategies and implement them for yourself.

But that’s not all:

In fact, I’ll be blunt and suggest that if you don’t take what you learn here and use it to multiply your income, and if it isn’t worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you quickly, then you need to make sure your DVD player is working.

The value here is enormous. It would only take 1 client you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted to more than make up the cost of this package.

To me, it’s a no-brainer—considering I’m revealing the “secret sauce” for getting people to fly to me, pay me up to $1 million dollars to coach and consult with me, and do business with me under my un-orthodox terms.

Believe me, people don’t line up to pay me the big bucks because I have a bunch of degrees, graduated from a highfalutin school, live in an awe-inspiring mansion, or have a penthouse office.

I don’t have an office, my house is modest and I have no fancy education. I have the academic qualifications of a janitor. Yet, I get paid up to $1 million to consult thanks to these strategies.

And don’t forget, you’re protected by GKIC’s Double Ironclad Guarantee…so there’s no way you can make a mistake:

So Now’s The Time To Get An “Unfair Advantage” In Your Consulting And Coaching Practice

If you’re balking at this offer, then perhaps you’re not ready for this advanced material. Perhaps you’re not mature enough, experienced enough, or not grounded enough in my other work.

Or perhaps you’re easily offended by strategies that are manipulative…that essentially hijack the free will of your target prospect…and builds red-hot desire for your consulting or coaching program.

If you want to stay where you are and be OK with those “other” strategies, then that’s fine with me.

But if you’re a consultant or coach who is willing to leapfrog 20-30 years of trial, error and testing, then you can dramatically accelerate your progress and elongate your leaps by utilizing my strategies.

You can think of this as buying SPEED and time. If I hopped in a time machine to 40 years ago—young, broke, and few credentials, I would do everything as I do now.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Adjust and “tweak” your current structure for getting clients and adjust it for maximum profit
  • Discover a soup-to-nuts approach for client acquisition, servicing, delivery and control you won’t discover in any other book or course
  • Find out the fastest and easiest way to get clients, and have them begging for your business
  • Implement advanced strategies that take coaches and consultants from obscurity in their industry to unequivocal preeminence, position and authority…

…then you need to order right now.

I’ve already done all the hard work for you. I’m literally handing you all my “under the table” persuasion secrets that has helped my clients earn a collective $1 BILLION dollars during the past 40 years.

So take action today.

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