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Magnetic Marketing 2014 – Dan Kennedy Download. As a business owner, you’ve likely been an advertising VICTIM–constantly wasting money, not really knowing …

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As a business owner, you’ve likely been an advertising VICTIM–constantly wasting money, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t, and constantly reinventing the wheel too often

Magnetic Marketing 2014 – Dan Kennedy course with special price just for you$526  $66

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ATTENTION Business Or Sales Professional: Are you looking for a flood of new customers, clients or patients?

“How To Quickly Increase Your Sales And Take-Home Profits With An Efficient, Affordable, And Revolutionary SYSTEM For Magnetically Attracting Your Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients”

If you would like to attract more and better customers with less work and cut waste out of your advertising, I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter — it IS that important…

Dear Renegade Marketer,

If you own a small business of any kind: how would you like to stop being an advertising victim? How would you like to finally getting accurately measureable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing or promotion?

And how about attracting a flood of new customers at will and being able to define and dominate any target market you choose—even if you’re a company selling sophisticated software only to Fortune 1000 companies or a local flower shop?

What we’re going to share with you in this message will incredibly “re-invent” your entire marketing process for the better.

If you’re a sales professional: how would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all? Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects who are predisposed to view you as an expert ally and advisor, pre-disposed to buy from you? Put an end to being “screened”, to phone tag? Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

If you’re a sales manager or marketing executive: how would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company’s advertising, and make your salespeople immensely more productive?

This Letter Is Your Invitation To Boost

Your Profits That Could Forever Alter Your Life

As a business owner, you’ve likely been an advertising VICTIM–constantly wasting money, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t, and constantly reinventing the wheel too often, and – to be blunt – getting where you’re going by paddling faster and harder, without a fail-safe navigation system. We’re here to warn you THAT NO LONGER WILL WORK.

Big dumb companies sloppy, wasteful “mass advertising” practices are catching up with them – the ‘secret cancer’ that has eroded so many big-name corporations has left them weak, fragile and vulnerable. Unable to weather the last recession.

The small business owner, local merchant, or even mid-sized company owner can be slaughtered much faster by NOT KNOWING HOW TO SYTEMATICALLY, efficiently, affordably “target” his ideal, ready to buy, high value customers or clients.

If you are willing to be honest and admit that you don’t really have a reliable marketing system – then you are going to count this letter as the most important letter you have read this year:

Because you’re about to follow in the footsteps of a multitude of the GKIC Elite who have been able to erase the “evils” of business such as:

Cold calling

Dealing with skeptical prospects and “looky loos”

Dealing with penny-pinching customers

Working 70-80 hour weeks

Having absolutely no free time

Stress and strife on the family

Lack of certainty for the future

Constant worry and aggravation

This innovative system has been used successfully for over 22 years by small business owners and entrepreneurs like you. It has been used to generate their ideal customers, clients and patients so these business owners are no longer beholden to their business.

If you’re looking to leapfrog YEARS of trial and error, what you’re about to discover when you keep reading every single word of this letter will allow you to prevent yourself from flushing fistfuls of money down the toilet.

No Other Marketing System Has A 22-Year Track Record Of Making Ordinary Business Owners Rich, Relaxed And Happy

Magnetic Marketing was first devised 22 years ago by GKIC founder Dan Kennedy who created this system to help regular business owners with NO experience, NO marketing knowledge and NO talent and empower them to create compelling marketing on their own without hiring outside help.

He realized that big dumb companies were using sloppy, wasteful “mass advertising” practices that had them hemorrhaging money left and right. And there was no way the “little guy or gal” had that budget to spend on these ill-advised marketing strategies.

He realized that red-hot marketing success does not depend on outlandish game plans or go-for-broke, pie-in-the-sky schemes. He understood that small business owners need a saner, different, more productive path to business growth that makes their business life more pleasant, lucrative and fun.

So he created a system for the small business owner to target their ideal, high-value customers or clients who are ready and willing to give them money over and over again. That’s because true marketing mastery does depend on powerful, well-crafted, measurable strategies—a tried and true system—rooted in common sense.

You simply cannot survive or grow without new customers, that’s a fact. You’ll never have security and piece of mind if you cannot confidently and affordably create a steady flow of new customers any time you need them. That’s why most businesspeople cannot, will not, or do not approach their business and their marketing needs in an organized manner that’s essential for gaining the competitive edge.

Why? Because they have no system. And that’s where Magnetic Marketing comes in. It eliminates the hassles of cold calling and cold prospecting. The very things that most business owners avoid like the plague when soliciting new customers.

Dan Kennedy believed that there was a learnable, adaptable, step-by-step path to marketing mastery and profit-certain business success. And now he wants to share this winning system with you – a systematic set of strategies and tools you can apply to any type of business to magnetically pull in more prospects and profits almost immediately.

What Is This System? It’s Actually 3 Things In 1:

#1) It’s a set of groundbreaking, practical STRATEGIES Dan had “moved over” from the direct marketing industry (once called mail order) where he’s helped hundreds of clients go from zero to millions. To be used in ANY TYPE of business, small or large, and by ANY sales pro. None of this is the “same old wine in a new bottle”. Whatever you’ve gotten in seminars past, read in books, and what you know will be challenged by what you hear and see. Why? Because this is a different, better, saner, more productive path to business growth by attracting your ideal new customers or clients to give you a a much bigger payoff from your marketing efforts.

#2) It’s a monster-sized yet easily useable TOOLBOX of ready or near-ready Examples and Samples organized in 5 business categories (you fit into at least one), so you are not asked to listen, learn and then left to your own devices to do. If you have every put a toy together for a kid at Christmas, you know the instructions aren’t enough – you need that picture on the box of what it’s supposed to look like when you’re done!

We don’t only SHOW you every strategy actually implemented, but we will give you samples and examples that can be easily “Tweaked” for your use, including examples that are copyright-free for that exact purpose. This is “what works now” so you’re not left to implement outdated, antiquated, tired and old sales and marketing ideas. You’ll be attracting a flood of your ideal customers, clients or patients in no time.

#3) It’s everything you need in a true marketing SYSTEM. That means you go to bed at night, every night, knowing where your next new prospects or customers are coming from. You’re not merely wondering, wishing, praying, and hoping that something will happen. That’s because this System is in sync with the emerging new economy where customers have more confusing and competing choices than ever. Traditional ad media readership is falling and fragmented, people are overwhelmed with communications, and spending is more measured and thoughtful. This is a SYSTEM with direct, targeted outreach to a carefully selected, ideal customer – literally the opposite of costly, wasteful mass advertising and marketing. This SYSTEM has ‘built in’ competitive advantage … ‘built in’ price resistance minimization… setting you apart from all others and letting you sell in a competitive vacuum. From this system will come YOUR OWN PERSONAL SYSTEM that you can trust and rely on to achieve your goals.

You’ll Be Able To Magnetically Pull In More Prospects Almost Immediately For Profit-Certain Business Success

Best part: you’ll be dealing with your IDEAL customers, clients or patients who are ready to meet you, listen to you, accept you as their expert advisor, and are predetermined to do business with you with absolutely NO price or fee resistance.

You see, making a top income through sheer persistence, patience, and thick-skinned immunity to rejection just doesn’t work anymore.

You need to “go against the grain” of what everybody else does when it comes to marketing a business. You need to simply follow in the footsteps of what Dan Kennedy and other successful small business entrepreneurs have done. And you to, can enjoy the extraordinary incomes, the free time to spend with your family, and the security that comes from knowing that your business will continue to thrive.

With Magnetic Marketing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 85% of the work is done for you. You just fill in the specifics about your business and let the system do the work for you, to magnetically attract your ideal customers, clients or patients who are predetermined to do business with you.

That’s the beauty of this—there’s no guesswork or “trial and error” you will have to muddle through to figure out what works. And when you take action and claim your copy of this system, your business life will become more enjoyable and will be able to sleep better at night, knowing where your next customer will come from.

It’s time to introduce you to the 6th edition of our completely updated, expanded and more valuable-than-ever…

The Magnetic Marketing System

All New And Expanded In 2014 With New Examples And New Templates To

Include All Forms Of Media—Including Direct Mail, Internet Marketing, Social

Media And More!

Magnetic Marketing is for progressive business owners that want top-level incomes without the ulcers and agony “other” business owners have to endure to achieve a modicum of business success. This is the newest, expanded and most comprehensive edition featuring more examples than ever. Not just theory here.

The original Magnetic Marketing course was assembled in the mid ‘70s by GKIC founder Dan Kennedy and was originally called The Small Business Emergency Survival Kit due to economic conditions at the time. It eventually morphed into several editions thereafter and eventually became the Magnetic Marketing System.

It’s principles and purposes have never changed. Magnetic Marketing transforms the way business owners and sales professionals attract prospects, customers, clients or patients and in return create better, more respectable, more valuable clientele.

It cuts out all the fat, waste, and mystery from advertising and provides a simple collection of tools and strategies that are the solid foundation for profitable marketing with profound competitive advantage.

Magnetic Marketing Replaces Old-Fashioned, Antiquated Cold Prospecting Drudgery With A System Of Attracting People To You Who Are Predetermined To Value Your Advice And Do Business With You

This new edition contains new strategies that have changed over the years, to incorporate new and additional media, and take full advantage of everything Dan Kennedy learns from working with private clients, and we learn from tens of thousands of GKIC members in virtually every kind of business imaginable.

Every one of the more than 213 examples and samples are from actual, real life businesses, entrepreneurs and sales professionals that have been proven to attract their ideal customer, clients or patients so you can magnetically attract your own.

When that big box containing Magnetic Marketing arrives at your doorstep, you’ll be amazed at the power of these unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform businesses and sales careers from struggling or “average” to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed.

You’ll realize all the HOURS of time Magnetic Marketing will save you, along with the days of “false starts” and YEARS of trial, error and testing you won’t have to endure.

You’ll also realize how Magnetic Marketing will give you such an unfair advantage over your competition that are stuck using wasteful traditional advertising methods that are bleeding their ad budgets dry.

Just think about it. Opening your email inbox with more inquiries than you can handle from prospects predetermined to do business with you. Your phone ringing off the hook from people who already trust you and your expertise. And not having to worry where your next customers and clients will come from because you have a SYSTEM for magnetically attracting them at will.

Magnetic Marketing consists of 5 DVDs and CD’s with 2 binders, but you must not prejudge it because of that. This is an actually a complete toolkit…real tools you take and use in your business. In fact…

Think Of Magnetic Marketing As A Complete,

Transformational Marketing Department In A Box

There are 4 main, moneymaking “components” in Magnetic Marketing. Let us walk you through each of them:

Money-making Component #1: A Crash Course In Magnetic Marketing 5-DVD and CD set from GKIC founder Dan Kennedy packed start to finish with real world, hands-on examples from multiple industries who magnetically attract their ideal customers, clients or patients at will. He also shares strategies integral to the Magnetic Marketing system that flies in the face of “traditional” advertising methods. These are strategies he’s employed for 136 different industries in his 40-year career, so you’ll get many “a-ha” moments for your own business. These come in both Video and Audio, so you can watch from the comfort of your home or listen as you are driving around town.

Money-making Component #2: The Magnetic Marketing System Transcripts binder that contains all of Dan’s wisdom in an easy-to-follow transcript you can use to follow along with the DVDs or read at your own leisure. This is a perfect reference you’ll be accessing throughout your wealth-building career whenever you need a “refresher” on Dan Kennedy’s secrets to magnetically attracting your ideal clientele that are predetermined to do business with you.

Money-making Component #3: “Learn What Others Have Done” Toolkit Binder that contains 132 of copyright-free templates you can “legally steal” for your own marketing. You’ll also get 102 additional exhibits we did NOT create from people like you that purchased previous editions of Magnetic Marketing and adapted these strategies with extraordinary results. You’ll see exactly how business owners, marketing executives, and salespeople have very successfully adapted and used the “power documents” in Magnetic Marketing. By seeing how they’ve moved the documents from one business to another, from a different business to theirs, you can see how you can do it too. With over 512 pages, this Toolkit will surely be invaluable to you throughout your wealth-building journey.

Money-making Component #4: “Your Guided Tour To Use Your System to Get Rapid Results” Your ‘Fast Start’ CD that focuses on only a few of GKIC and Dan Kennedy’s most powerful and easy-to-implement marketing systems. This also covers how you can get started with Magnetic Marketing so you can start attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients, and gain HUGE momentum that’ll attract more prosperity for you and your business.

You’ll Discover The Following Jealously Guarded Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know That’ll Summon A Surge Of Profits To Your Business:

5 choices of “golden opportunity” in unique target markets for you to apply magnetic marketing to–for YOUR business (this stuff could put you over the top).

Business to-consumer AND business-to-business target marketing EXAMPLES described in complete detail—completely applicable and transferable. It would take you tens of THOUSANDS of dollars to hire someone to do this for you.

“Confessions Of An Ad Agency Man”: GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy reveals why so many of your ad dollars are wasted, and how to stop being an advertising victim once and for all (if you’ve ever hired an ad agency…or are about to…then you need to read this).

How 9 words launched and built one of the most famous business empires of our time…by a college dropout (this vital tool could be a huge asset to your business or sales career).

A new, breakthrough approach to ATTRACTING top-quality prospective clients or customers to you…even if they are usually resistant to normal advertising, marketing or prospecting.

The key to getting past gatekeepers to decision-makers and gaining their favorable attention. This’ll allow you to shorten sales cycles, secure appointments, and be regarded as an “expert” advisor.

The simple “homework assignment” that’ll finally empower you to craft and convey an irresistible message about yourself, your product, or service. This makes advertising, marketing, and selling infinitely easier once it’s done.

Dan Kennedy’s Famous “3-Step Sales/Prospecting Letter System” that works for all those people who say “but I tried direct-mail and it doesn’t work in my business.” This is THE breakthrough for total control of new customer attraction.

The simple 1-step you can employ right now to determine if your ad is going siphon leads and sales…or if it’s going to stink. (Best part: you can do this before you even spend a penny).

3 steps to exponentially multiplying your referrals. (Believe me, it’s much easier getting other people to rave about you—and it doesn’t cost you a cent).

…and a whole LOT more.

The Over 512-Page Magnetic Marketing Toolkit Will Be As Useful As Your Right Arm Throughout Your

Wealth-Building Journey

Words cannot describe how much this Toolkit is going to save you TONS of time, money, and frustration. That’s because you’ll get over 213 examples of REAL marketing pieces you can “legally steal” ideas from for your own promotions including:

Target-Market Campaigns that’ll allow you to attract abundant customers and clients and make you sleep better at night.

The Unique “Super-Strategy” Letters that pull an astounding 20%+ response bringing in new customers, for hundreds of different types of businesses.

Cash Flow Surge Campaigns you can implement right away that’ll summon a surge of cash into your bank account.

The ‘Miracle’ Newspaper Ad that brings in 400 NEW CUSTOMERS in a single week…even in a small market (its ‘secret’ can work for you too).

Amazing Personalized Postcards that produce $20 to $50 for every $1 spent. It’s almost like stealing the keys to Fort Knox.

A Lawyer’s 14-Step E-Mail System that successfully produces new clients like crazy (he has a ‘waiting list’ practice).

An Unstoppable Service Biz Campaign that brought in $66,419.00 from $5,287.00 invested in the campaign (this could give you windfall profits too).

The Ultimate B2B Campaign. Just 276 of these prospecting letters produced 73 clients…it’s almost impossible to do better.

And DOZENS Of Examples From Top Online Marketers Covering: website conversions, traffic strategies including search engine optimization, pay-per-click and banner ads, as well as up to date advanced online strategies.

You’ll also get:

Copyright-Free Templates That Are Already 85% Complete So You Can “Copy And Paste” For

Your Own Promotions

That way you don’t have to go through the mind-numbing frustration of “writers block” and figuring out what goes where when creating your marketing pieces.

All you have to do is insert the specifics for your business in to these templates and you’re all set. That’s it. 85% of the work is already done for you.

Many of the GKIC Elite and followers of Dan Kennedy stand behind and endorse Magnetic Marketing, including:

Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems, who advising over 5,000 restaurant owners.

Ron Ipach, who advises over 2,000 auto repair shop owners.

Chauncy Hutter, who used this System to build a $4-million per year tax business with 24 locations and 440 employees.

Dr. Tom Orent, who advises over 2,000 dentists.

Dr. Charles Martin…who averages more than $10,000 per patient at his cosmetic dental practice thanks to Magnetic Marketing.

Bill Hammond, who advises over 1,000 lawyers and law firms.

Dennis Tubbergen, who advises over 2,000 financial planners.

Dr. Ben Altadonna, who advises over 3,000 chiropractors.

Chet Rowland…who went from a dead broke exterminator to a marketing millionaire by using my System in his pest control business.

Al Williams, a commercial lender who uses Magnetic Marketing to close clients with fees in excess of $15,000 per transaction.

You name the category and there’s a celebrated, respected leader in marketing linked to GKIC and Dan Kennedy who endorse Magnetic Marketing. So if you’re wondering:

“Will Magnetic Marketing

Work In My Business?”

The answer is Yes. There’s something here for everyone. The strategies are proven in over 356 product, service, business, industry and profession categories, consolidated here into 5 categories:

  • Sales
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Professional Practices
  • Service Businesses

That said, some of the biggest and best breakthroughs are best found “outside the box” of your particular business and field. So every example in this system can apply, and one “unlikely” example might be “The One” to light the biggest fire you’ve ever seen in your sales.

Every business fits one of these Sections of the Tool Kit, so you’ll find directly relevant examples of the Magnetic Marketing Strategies for your type of business.

We’ve had people use Magnetic Marketing for very successful online businesses selling collectibles to Scottish Terrier owners, owners of local funeral parlors; you pretty much can’t name a business we don’t have raving fans in.

This includes Craig Proctor, one of the top ten ReMax® agents in the entire world year in and year out. He has his entire business and his coaching of thousands of agents built on the solid foundation of Magnetic Marketing.

This also includes Chris Hurn of Merchantile Capital and Clate Mask of Infusionsoft, whose companies made the Inc. 500 List of fastest growth companies in finance and software, respectively.

Both brick and mortar and online businesses are well represented in Magnetic Marketing. So do not disqualify yourself and insist that your business is “different” and cheat yourself out of this zero-risk, guaranteed opportunity to “reinvent” your business, turbocharge your marketing, and liberate your income risk free.

Why? Because Magnetic Marketing was developed on a 30-year solid track record of making small business owners into millionaires and multi-millionaires and sales pros into top 6-7 figure earners with these strategies.

So How Much Does This Marketing

System That Transforms Ordinary Businesses Into Money-Churning Machines Cost?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You could certainly spend thousands of dollars having a writer or a ad agency create just one campaign for your business.

You could also build a bank of tools to implement TEN major, highly profitable strategies for getting new customers or clients, not to mention developing improved sales and referrals from present clientele.

But going out to hire someone to get that done could cost you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention going though the hassle of finding someone that’s well versed in GKIC marketing.

Instead of being dependent on others who do not know the intricacies and details of your business or do not intimately understand your customers, you can be fully empowered to implement truly great marketing for yourself.

Best part: it won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars. In actuality, Magnetic Marketing is worth at least $10,000 considering that the 85% done-for-you, copyright-free, ready to use campaigns are worth at least as much. This includes the time hiring a copywriter, going back and forth on revisions, and testing and tweaking.

Any decent copywriter charges at least $5000-$10,000 for a single 4-page sales letter. Dan Kennedy charges up to $100,000 for a sales letter. So if you wanted to hire out and create a simple 3-step campaign it could run you at least $15,000 just for one campaign.

But we’re not going to charge you anywhere near the conservative real value. We’re passionate champions of the independent small business owner and the sales professional.

We hate seeing you targeted for criticism and abusive taxation by liberal politicians. It also galls us that we are not included when they say “hard working Americans”—as if we get our money handed to us by the Tooth Fairy.

And it further frustrates us to see you shoveled outdated, antiquated, tired old advertising, marketing and sales when you need REAL help. So that’s why we put together this System of “what works now” so you can take action and profit.

So as you can see, we have another reason for making this available to you and if you act right now, you can try out the new and improved Magnetic Marketing for only $497 (plus S/H).

Heck, when you add it up, that’s perhaps a handful of “dinners out”, 2-3 months of a cellphone bill, and a couple months worth of Starbucks lattes’. In fact, when you think about it, the cost of Magnetic Marketing is insignificant when you consider it could revolutionize your business.

In fact:

But That’s Not All…We Have Also Included Over $419 Worth Of Free Bonuses To Your Magnetic Marketing System:

Bonus #1 (Worth $97): “How Underdogs Can Out-Market Bigger Better Leaders” Special Report: Dan Kennedy has been a champion of the small business owner for over 40 years. In this bonus report he will reveal 10 ways the small business owner can beat out the competito”

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