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The Advanced Aromatherapy Training – David Crow Download. Now, modern science is helping to bridge the gap from traditional knowledge, showing that specifi…

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Now, modern science is helping to bridge the gap from traditional knowledge, showing that specific aromatics can affect our central nervous system, our endocrine system, our musculoskeletal system, our immune system and more.

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  • Aromatherapy and Mental Health Perspectives from Traditional Chinese and Ayur…
  • Corsican Helichrysum The New Gold Rush

Module 1 The Nature of Essential Oils

  • AromatherapyAdvOI -ModuleOI -Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdvOI -ModuleOI -Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdvOI -ModuleOI -Class-Audio

Module 2 Overview of Aromatherapy

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module02-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module02-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module02-Ciass-Audio

Module 3 Therapeutic Categories of Essential Oils

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module03-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module03-Handouts-Word
  • Transcript
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module03-Ciass-Audio

Module 4 Aromatherapy for the Respiratory System – Part One

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module04-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module04-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module04-Ciass-Audio

Module 5 Aromatherapy for the Respiratory System – Part Two

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module05-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module05-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module05-Ciass-Audio

Module 6 Essential Oils and the Digestive System – Part One

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module06-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module06-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module06-Ciass-Audio

Module 7 Essential Oils and the Digestive System – Part Two

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module07-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module07-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module07-Ciass-Audio

Module 8 Aromatic Treatments for the Nervous System

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module08-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module08-Handouts-Word
  • Transcripts
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module08-Ciass-Audio

Module 9 Essential Oils for the Musculoskeletal System

  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module09-Handouts-PDF
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module09-Handouts-Word
  • AromatherapyAdv01-Module09-Class-Audio

Are you ready to discover how to use essential oils to enhance your immune system, cultivate more life force, dispel inflammation and relax your body and mind?

Discover practical, time-tested healing methods for using essential oils to restore your energy, increase your mental focus, foster optimal wellness and advance spiritually.

The use of aromatic compounds for healing is an ancient art AND science — stretching far back into the history of India, Egypt and the Americas.

Traditional practitioners used aromatherapy for a simple reason: It works.

The way it worked was described according to the principles and concepts of traditional medical systems…

Now, modern science is helping to bridge the gap from traditional knowledge, showing that specific aromatics can affect our central nervous system, our endocrine system, our musculoskeletal system, our immune system and more.

There is also now solid research that shows that aromatic compounds trigger our neurochemistry in specific ways, which then affects how our whole body relates to stressors.

And, if we look beyond the biological science of aromatics, we discover that they have a profound impact on our subtle bodies and energy systems. There’s a reason that frankincense was highly valued in ancient temples — modern research shows that it can help create heightened states of awareness and unitive states of consciousness.

So whether you are aiming to support your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing, aromatherapy has an important role to play.

Simply put, essential oils offer one of the easiest ways to get you on the path to optimal health and wellbeing.

As you become more skilled in working with aromatherapy, you can start to diagnose HOW you are out of balance and apply specific, non-invasive essential oil remedies that revitalize you and restore your balance and natural health.

You discover how to use essential oils more effectively to treat your whole system as well as specific conditions.

This is true whether you’re talking about dental health, skin care, digestive issues, respiratory problems or emotional instability.

A Breakthrough in Healing on the Subtle Levels

In the exciting online program, The Aromatherapy Advanced Training, you have the chance to learn from David Crow, one of the most respected botanical medicine pioneers in the world, who will teach you how to approach healing safely and effectively with essential oils.

You’ll discover what’s important for different constitutional types (using both the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems) as well as how to receive the most benefit from a wide range of essential oils, both common and relatively unknown.

You’ll understand how to improve your concentration and memory, ground and calm yourself, heal your circulatory system, treat skin conditions, access higher consciousness and much more.

You’ll also discover how to reduce stress and promote deep and restorative sleep.

You’ll learn about the safe uses of oils topically and in diffuser applications as well as how to use aromatic baths, medicated oils, steam treatments and other aromatic therapies.

This advanced training will also take you to a much deeper, richer and multi-faceted understanding of medicinal botanicals. In the modern West, we’ve been raised to think of plants as objects that exist chiefly for our pleasure and consumption. We use them to nourish our bodies and beautify our gardens and homes.

The truth is that plants, and the essential oils we derive from them, are so much more than that. They can help you evolve on many levels…

They can detoxify your body, purify your mind, rebalance your emotions and reboot your energy.

They can help you heal disease and expand your vision.

Plants can also reveal to us an entirely different relationship with the natural world.

As you learn to open to the deeper blessings of plants through the wise use of essential oils, you can receive more of their healing and medicinal powers and put yourself on a path to higher consciousness.

Ancient seers, mystics and healers discovered many hidden aspects of the plant kingdom and passed down that knowledge in different healing lineages. Now, in David’s 5-month program, you can harvest the best of multiple healing lineages to create a new, expansive and natural approach to healing for your health and wholeness.

A New Paradigm of Relating to Essential Oils

Rather than sifting through and distilling an endless array of information on your own, you can take this 5-month virtual journey with a master guide who has dedicated his life to exploring, classifying and documenting the practical, medical, psychological and spiritual powers of essential oils and how to safely use them.

Floracopeia founder David Crow, LAc is one of today’s greatest synthesizers of the vast knowledge contained within the plant kingdom. He not only has assimilated the research, he’s spent decades immersed in the ancient healing arts. He can guide you through the hype and misinformation common in this field.

David has journeyed deep into the Ayurvedic tradition as well as the Chinese tradition and studied with masters the world over.

He’s deeply trained in spiritual practices as well as healing traditions, so he shows you not just what to take but how to have a wholly new relationship with essential oils derived from plants.

A Cornucopia of Practical Healing Wisdom

In The Aromatherapy Advanced Training, David has synthesized proven techniques, tips and strategies for accessing the profound healing, restorative, medicinal and spiritual powers of essential oils in 18 information-rich modules.

With all the poor-quality information about essential oils floating around, many people have had sub-optimal experiences with aromatherapy. David will help clear away the misconceptions and show you safe, non-invasive and effective ways to use essential oils to balance your body, harmonize your environment and optimize your wellbeing.

He’ll explain the critical role essential oils can play in purification and detoxification of the body and mind.

He’ll escort you across the threshold of an enthralling new world that empowers effective healing and nourishment of your body, mind and soul — and those of your loved ones.

You’ll never look at essential oils the same way again. When you choose to take this journey with David, you’ll gain a profound understanding that links biology, ecology and spirituality with a felt sense of connection with all of life.

In every class, you’ll gain important information about essential oils that can enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing. Ultimately, you’ll see that each and every plant, herb and flower can open a pathway into a deeper relationship with your body, mind and soul — and thus serve as a portal to personal transformation.

By the end of the journey, you’ll have a solid foundation for a lifetime of safe use of essential oils.

During this 5-month program, you’ll discover:

  • The nature of essential oils according to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine
  • How to perceive the energies and elements of essential oils using “contemplative aromatherapy”
  • The complex issues of quality control in the essential oil industry
  • The differences between medical and non-medical aromatherapy
  • Myths and fraudulent claims about essential oils
  • How to use essential oils and aromatherapy for treating specific health conditions, including respiratory, digestive, hormonal, neurological and musculoskeletal
  • How to combine important herbs with aromatherapy treatments for enhanced effects
  • How to use aromatherapy for special needs including children, during pregnancy and for the elderly
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy for women’s health concerns
  • The benefits of aromatherapy for enhancing memory, concentration and cognitive functions
  • Aromatherapy for pain and inflammation
  • Essential oils for reducing stress and improving sleep

This program is appropriate for anyone intrigued by the healing and evolutionary benefits of botanical medicine as well as professionals in any discipline who work with essential oils.

You’ll benefit from David’s more than 30 years of studying the healing powers of plants in various cultures with many gifted teachers — from the shamanic traditions of the Amazon to the alchemical mysteries of the Himalayas to the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

We’re confident you will find this unique offering deeply enriching and practical.

What You’ll Discover in These 5 Months

In this 5-month transformational intensive, David will guide you through the skills and competencies you’ll need to develop an in-depth understanding of the therapeutic uses of essential oils. You’ll explore the botany, history, safe uses and applications of essential oils through the lens of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and modern chemistry.

Each weekly, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles for therapeutic applications of essential oils for specific conditions and issues.

Please note that course lectures are pre-recorded followed by David leading LIVE Q&A sessions to address your questions directly.

Session 1: The Nature of Essential Oils (June 28)

Aromatic plants produce essential oils for their own biological purposes, yet they have great benefits when we use them for our own health. By understanding the cosmological elements and energies that are concentrated in plants, we can learn to safely use their oils for corresponding purposes in the human body.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why plants produce essential oils, and what that means to human health
  • Extracting and distilling methods
  • Essential oils as the prana (life force) of plants and its relationship to healing
  • The solar and lunar energies of essential oils and their therapeutic applications
  • Essential oils and the five elements according to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine
  • How to directly perceive the energies, elements and therapeutic properties of essential oils

Session 2: An Overview of Aromatherapy (July 5)

Although the use of aromatic plants as healing remedies is ancient, the use of essential oils to enhance our wellbeing is a relatively modern development. Because of their extremely concentrated nature, essential oils must be used with a high level of knowledge and caution to avoid causing adverse reactions; when used safely, aromatherapy can support health and wellness in numerous important ways.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between medical and non-medical aromatherapy
  • Quality control issues in the essential oil industry
  • Myths and fraudulent claims about essential oils
  • Toxicology and adverse reactions to essential oils
  • The differences between essential oils and other forms of herbal medicine
  • Safe and unsafe uses of essential oils
  • Carrier oils and aromatic waters

Session 3: Therapeutic Categories of Essential Oils (July 12)

Because many essential oils are from similar plant species and have similar chemistry, they can be classified into broad categories of therapeutic functions. By organizing the oils into these groups, we can learn and remember a large number oils quickly and easily.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The healing effects of medicinal and exotic flowers
  • Sacred woods and precious resins
  • The dangers and powers of spice oils
  • The respiratory and mental benefits of conifer and eucalyptus oils
  • Citrus oils for uplifting moods
  • Essential oils with unique antimicrobial powers
  • Chemotypes and ecotypes of essential oils

Sessions 4 & 5: Aromatherapy for the Respiratory System (July 19 & 26)

Aromatic plants have been used since antiquity for treating conditions of the lungs and counteracting airborne pathogens. Today, aromatherapy is well known for its highly beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Because of their decongestant, expectorant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory powers, many essential oils are the first line of treatment for common health challenges.

In this 2-session module, you’ll discover:

  • Contagion and the antimicrobial powers of essential oils
  • The historical use of aromatic plants for epidemics
  • In vitro and in vivo research on the antimicrobial effects of essential oils
  • How to use essential oils according to Ayurvedic and Chinese principles for treating respiratory conditions
  • The therapeutic categories of essential oils for respiratory health
  • Aromatherapy for immune enhancement
  • Major chemical compounds in essential oils responsible for respiratory benefits
  • Aromatherapy for the treatment of colds and flus, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and allergies
  • Aromatherapy for smoking cessation and nicotine withdrawal
  • Specific methods of applying essential oils for respiratory conditions
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for the treatment of respiratory conditions

Sessions 6 & 7: Essential Oils & the Digestive System (August 9 & 16)

Aromatic herbs and spices are some of the best and safest treatments for digestive problems, but the internal use of essential oils from those plants is extremely dangerous. Knowing how to use highly diluted preparations of oils, or preferably, the herb in place of its essential oil, is one of the most important lessons for an aromatherapist.

In this 2-session module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use essential oils according to Ayurvedic and Chinese principles for treating digestive disturbances
  • Dangers of internal consumption of essential oils
  • Therapeutic categories of essential oils and aromatic plants for digestive health
  • Aromatic herbs and preparations for food allergies, IBS, constipation, anorexia, indigestion, gas and bloating and other digestive problems
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for the treatment of digestive conditions
  • An understanding of the complexities of diagnosing and treating parasites
  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for dental and oral health

Session 8: Aromatic Treatments for the Nervous System (August 23)

Inhaling the fragrance of essential oils has a direct influence on the limbic system of the brain, and is therefore beneficial for a wide range of emotional, mental and cognitive functions. When used in conjunction with herbal medicine, these effects can be enhanced with excellent therapeutic results.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Essential oils for concentration, memory and cognitive function
  • Neuro-degeneration and chemosensory disorders
  • How to use fragrance to restore olfactory function
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for the treatment of headaches and migraines
  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for shingles, post-herpetic pain and nerve inflammation

Session 9: Essential Oils for the Musculoskeletal System (August 30)

Aromatic plants have a long history of use in medicinal preparations for pain, injuries and inflammation. Modern research is now confirming the effects of the aromatic compounds from these plants. When used in simple, but safe, preparations, essential oils can be highly therapeutic either as a primary or a complementary treatment.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for autoimmune inflammation, degenerative joint problems and fibromyalgia
  • Aromatic preparations for protecting the joints and muscles

Sessions 10 & 11: Essential Oils for Women’s Health (September 13 & 20)

Aromatherapy can have numerous benefits for women’s health and wellbeing, especially when combined with the support of herbal medicines. Essential oils, from flowers especially, are known to have a unique biological relationship with female hormonal balance and biorhythms.

In this 2-session module, you’ll discover:

  • The unique biological relationship between flowers and women’s health
  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for the treatment of dysmenorrhea, PMS, menopausal symptoms and other gynecological conditions
  • Regulation or disruption of glandular functions with essential oils
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for women’s health concerns
  • Botanical perfumes and romantic moods

Sessions 12 & 13: Aromatherapy for Emotional Wellbeing (September 27 & October 11)

Because of the direct links between fragrance, the limbic system, moods and mental states, aromatherapy is a highly effective treatment for emotional wellbeing, either alone or in conjunction with other healing modalities. Understanding how these oils work, according to traditional Asian medical concepts, and knowing which oils are consistently the most psychoactive, gives the aromatherapist excellent tools for supporting emotional and mental healing.

In this 2-session module, you’ll discover:

  • The links between fragrance, consciousness and the limbic system
  • The effects of botanical aromas on Shen (spirit) according to Chinese medicine
  • Aromatherapy for sleep, dreams and mental purification
  • Aromatherapy treatments for depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder and grief
  • Essential oils with renowned anxiolytic and calmative powers
  • Unique psychoactive oils and aromatic preparations
  • How to combine essential oils and herbal medicine for emotional balance and wellbeing

Session 14: Aromatherapy for Meditation & Spiritual Practices (October 18)

The use of aromatic plants in ritual and ceremony is an extremely ancient practice, yet is still found in every spiritual and religious tradition around the world. The essential oil compounds released by burning sacred woods and resins have a pronounced effect on consciousness, purify the atmosphere of microbial toxins, and often produce significant spiritual, and even magical, benefits.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The history of the sacred botanical aromatics
  • Traditional and modern methods of using woods, resins, and botanical incenses
  • Aromatic rituals and ceremonies for removing obstacles and manifesting intentions
  • The psychoactive compounds found in sacred scents, and their unique effects on consciousness
  • The purifying effects of sacred scents: antimicrobial, mental and spiritual

Session 15: Essential Oil Uses for Pregnancy, Children & the Elderly (October 25)

The extremely concentrated nature of essential oils necessitates that they be used with caution and in special preparations for treatment of sensitive people, including pregnant women, children and the elderly. When the correct species of oils are used in correct dilutions, aromatherapy can be safe and effective for these people, and a very beneficial modality for numerous health challenges.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Safe practices of aromatherapy during pregnancy
  • The benefits and challenges of using essential oils for the elderly
  • Simple and safe aromatic treatments for common pediatric problems
  • Aromatherapy and herbs for ADHD and learning disabilities in children
  • Essential oils and aromatic treatments to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Session 16: Combining Essential Oils & Aromatherapy With Allopathic Treatments (November 8)

Large numbers of people use prescription medications for complex health challenges, but would like to incorporate natural treatments. By understanding the potential problems of herb/drug interactions, essential oils and aromatherapy can be safely used with great benefits for reducing many symptoms that allopathic medicine does not treat effectively.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Herb/drug interactions with essential oils
  • Estrogenic and estrogen-like effects of essential oils
  • The benefits of aromatherapy during chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Aromatic plants and essential oils for post-antibiotic recovery of digestive and respiratory health

Session 17: Essential Oils for Skin Care (November 15)

Like all other aspects of aromatherapy, essential oils can be either beneficial or problematic when used for skin care. Some specific species of oils are renowned for their skin healing powers, and when used appropriately can produce excellent results even for sensitive people.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Compatibility and incompatibility of essential oils with skin
  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for skin conditions such as acne and eczema
  • Important oils and preparations for wound healing and scar tissue
  • Essential oils and aromatic preparations for fungal infections

Session 18: Rare & Unusual Essential Oils & Aromatics (November 29)

Modern aromatherapy is based on the use of a relatively small number of well-known essential oils, yet a larger number of lesser-known oils are available. Even though they are not used as extensively, we can still find enough information from various sources to safely incorporate these unique oils into our aromatic pharmacopeia.

In this last module, you’ll discover:

  • Unusual essential oils known in Corsican aromatherapy, such as bupleurum, samphire and lentisque
  • The potential benefits of emerging new essential oils, such as moena
  • Rare species of common oils such as eucalyptus
  • Rare and precious floral extracts such as gardenia, tuberose and lilies

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