Fateh Singh & Cory Smith – Become Unstoppable 2023

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“This course is available and delivery within a few hours!”What you whisper to yourself is what you make of yourself. Feeling doubtful, nervous and unsure of yourself in most settings.

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Fateh Singh & Cory Smith – Become Unstoppable 2023

Fateh Singh & Cory Smith - Become Unstoppable 2023


  • You spend a whole lot of time doing stuff however nothing appears to get achieved on the finish of the day.
  • You’re rushed and hurried, and busy and in every single place. However zero outcomes to point out to your supposed exercise.
  • Don’t have any actual, clear, particular, measurable targets even in place— so time is wasted in irrelevant, low ROI duties.
  • Having zero programs or sub-optimum programs in place to assault your day.
  • Mindlessly consuming random youtube movies one after the opposite which make you FEEL productive however do nothing to really transfer the needle.
  • Hooked on time-sinking pointless video-video games on STEAM and different futile ventures.
  • Scrolling twitter, then face timing your girlfriend at 2:00AM, then fapping your self to sleep.
  • Being caught up in social media gossip on different individuals’s FB accounts and/or simping as an alternative of specializing in constructing a objective.
  • Consuming shitty, non-nutritious meals that solely contribute additional to sup-optimum power and poor efficiency. Waking up foggy and groggy. Unexcitedly, and lazily forcing your self off the bed. Hating to face the day.
  • Inwardly feeling like a lifeless duck. Simply merely going with the motions on a regular basis like a bloody zombie. Unable to remotely relate to different males residing lives of ardour and zeal.
  • Having no desires. Nothing to stay up for. Zero zeal and zest.
  • Feeling like every little thing feels meaningless and empty. Being trapped in lifeless-finish, poisonous relationships that not solely lack the potential to develop, however destroy your insides each fucking day.
  • Consciously inviting exhausting drama to your life as a result of loneliness, weak point neediness, lack of self-respect
  • Missing social abilities to construct a peer assist community of Males Serving to Different Males that can push you to be at your very best.
  • Hanging out with loser male pals who love the rat race and have lengthy settled for mediocrity, as an alternative of networking with excessive powered contacts.Fucked up habits ——> Fucked up every day actions—> Fucked up outcomes—> Melancholy. That is an apparent system.
  • Feeling such as you “just can’t” get out of it…
  • Having and making resolutions however by no means with the ability to persist with them. Possessing zero accountability.
  • Losing time studying, as a result of what’s discovered is rarely carried out even
  • Making the identical errors again and again since you’ve fallen in love with on the spot gratification of doing what’s simple now, as an alternative of what issues most.At all times aspiring to, desirous to, however unable to. Think about attempting to intention with a gun that simply doesn’t work. Eager to crush the day, nevertheless it “just doesn’t happen!”
  • Feeling foggy, unfocused, non-receptive and gradual. Feeling like your mind simply doesn’t work correctly for some unusual motive. Sure, that is referred to as horrible mind chemistry. You learn all of the books on the planet, you replicate, you write — you do every little thing..however your inside dialogue sucks.
  • You’ve a weak inside voice…sloppy, confused, foggy and dwarf like.
  • What you whisper to your self is what you make of your self. Feeling uncertain, nervous and uncertain of your self in most settings.
  • Speaking your self out of issues.
  • Navigating the world with minds which are overstimulated however ineffective, unfocused, foggy and confused.
  • The person with low confidence will get nowhere in life. Your Dad and mom whispered – “Be secure”Your Teachers regularly screeched – “Be obedient”Women around you kept throwing bullshit like – “Be nice”Aim achievementProductivity hacksKilling dangerous addictionsBuilding self-confidenceFinding purposeBecoming effectiveMastering emotionsRelationship wisdomMotivation, systemsMood and energySelf management You don’t want 1000 Books that you just solely half -complete at all times.
  • You don’t want 1000 podcasts you get tired of in 5 minutes.
  • You don’t want 1000 hours of content material enjoying within the background you’re not even absolutely listening to.
  • Poor/suboptimal Productiveness ensures the rotting and destruction of your potential.
  • This has to vary.


Lack of Fireplace ensures the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


Poor “relationship skills” ensures the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


Poor self-discipline and habits ensures the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


Poor mind chemistry ensures the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


In the event you whisper weak shitty issues, you’ll make sure the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


Low confidence will make sure the rotting and destruction of your potential.

This has to vary.


Probably you’ve inherited dysfunctional however politically appropriate beliefs (which work in opposition to your actual pursuits).

These are actually working by means of your unconscious thoughts.

Society has bombarded you with terribly damaging & impotent messages.


Pay attention man, reality is — society needs you docile, compliant, weak, passive, reactive.

A pushover for use & abused by it.

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