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LinkedIn Lead Machine – Frank Rumbauskas Download. What’s the one thing that, without it, even the most skilled salesperson on the planet, with mind-blowin…

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What’s the one thing that, without it, even the most skilled salesperson on the planet, with mind-blowing persuasive and closing skills, won’t make a single solitary sale without?

LinkedIn Lead Machine – Frank Rumbauskas course with special price just for you$297  $38

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The LinkedIn Lead Machine Goes Off The Market In:

The World’s BEST LinkedIn Sales System

From the desk of:

Frank Rumbauskas

To all of my fellow sales professionals,

What’s the one thing that matters most in making sales?


What’s the one thing that, without it, even the most skilled salesperson on the planet, with mind-blowing persuasive and closing skills, won’t make a single solitary sale without?


Whether you succeed or you fail all comes down to one thing – the quality and quantity of the leads you have – period.

That’s It.

I don’t care how great of a “closer” you are – without anyone to close, your skills won’t earn you a dime.

And LinkedIn is THE best source of hot, qualified leads. In the world. This fact cannot be disputed.

It is an absolute truth, whether anyone likes it or not: All sales results begin with solid leads. And let’s face it, all the traditional ways of getting leads just won’t cut it anymore in our 21st Century, Internet-Age Economy. Worn-out strategies like:

  • Cold calling
  • Telemarketing
  • Door-to-door selling
  • Wasting time at “networking mixers”
  • Spending a fortune on “leads clubs” then realizing you’ve been had
  • Begging customers for referrals
  • Believing the “numbers game” myth
  • Believing that “increasing your activity” and just doing more of what doesn’t work will somehow start working … someday ….

The entire Never Cold Call Again® sales philosophy (the best and most proven sales system in existence) revolves around the fact that a certain percentage of the market are pre-disposed to buy from you, so calling people at random is just wasting time and spinning your wheels. (And yet 99% of LinkedIn users are still spinning their wheels because they don’t know what they’re doing….) 

You don’t achieve massive sales success and wealth by proverbially throwing darts at a board. You do it by utilizing modern technology and communication tools to uncover and laser-focus on the people who will buy from you, if they only knew about you … and you use that same technology to let them know you exist, to build a strong presence right under their noses, to position yourself as the ONLY person to do business with. 

And just what is that powerful modern technology? LinkedIn.

More specifically, it’s the know-how to maximize your results with LinkedIn. And that is where the all-new Never Cold Call Again® LinkedIn Lead Machine For Business comes in.

Why YOU Must Use LinkedIn For Sales:

Giving you all the reasons why you must use this powerful platform to explode your sales and your business would take many more pages than I could ever fit here. Heck, I could write entire books on how LinkedIn will flood your inbox with leads, generate massive sales for you, and pad your wallet big-time!

For the sake of brevity, check out these very real facts about LinkedIn as it stands today in 2016:

  • LinkedIn now has well over 433 MILLION active members (!) 
  • LinkedIn adds about 20 million new members per quarter, or around 7 million a month 
  • LinkedIn is NOT a “social media” site – it’s a Business Networking Machine
  • Virtually every CEO and other high-level decision maker is active on LinkedIn
  • Seeking a new job? 92% of Recruiters find talent using LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the ONLY Business Social Network
  • LinkedIn is the easiest way (perhaps the only way) to quickly find and connect with wealthy individuals
  • ALL of your prospective clients and customers are on LinkedIn…..
  • and so are all of your competitors……

So, what are YOU doing to maximize your LinkedIn potential and rake in limitless leads and sales?

Yes, I’m pointing an accusing finger at YOU. Take a good, long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask, have you really been serious about growing your business with LinkedIn?

Here’s a big heads-up: People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, for both business and pleasure… but mostly for fun.

People use LinkedIn ONLY and specifically for BUSINESS

This social networking site is a much better source of leads for sales, because people go on LinkedIn for business, not just chatting and playing games.

In fact, people are on LinkedIn only for business!

I can pretty much guarantee that deals are happening there right now – deals in YOUR industry, in YOUR market, perhaps even including your prospects and your competitors. Staying on top of LinkedIn and building an unstoppable LinkedIn Lead Machine is not an option anymore – it’s an essential for succeeding in today’s Internet-based economy. And it’s JAM-PACKED with YOUR best prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy right now.

Introducing The LinkedIn Lead Machine For Business

If you’re going to profit immensely with LinkedIn, you need to know what you’re doing. Because doing things the wrong way will not only turn off prospective customers, it’s a great way to get you banned from LinkedIn while you’re at it.

Using LinkedIn the right way will turn your LinkedIn account into a powerhouse lead-generation machine and make you a respected, powerful influencer on LinkedIn.

I know you have lots of questions, and perhaps you’ve even tried to build a LinkedIn presence, but it just didn’t crank out the sales like you’d hoped. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’ve put a lot of time into LinkedIn but your profile just isn’t attracting the quality and amount of prospects you want.

Perhaps you’re lost when it comes to building and using LinkedIn company pages, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Sales Navigator… it goes on and on because LinkedIn is so incredibly vast!

But that’s not all….

You see, LinkedIn is all about Influence. Part of any good LinkedIn strategy is to become a LinkedIn Influencer, because people listen to influencers, they believe what they have to say, and most importantly, they happily buy from influencers!

With that in mind, as my gift to you with the LinkedIn Lead Machine For Business, you’re going to get my all-new Influence Course, which sells separately for $497.

Here are some of the modules you’ll get with this advanced multimedia course – it includes a full course book, a separate workbook, and a video course:

– How to Become an Influencer

– Apply The Proven Strategies of Effective Influencers

– Create Content That Builds Your Influence

– Build Your Presence Where It Has The Most Impact

– How to Measure Your Social Influence

…. and Much, MUCH More!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

The Never Cold Call Again® LinkedIn Lead Machine For Business is the results of over 18 months of real-world LinkedIn strategy and marketing we’ve run for our very own clients. (And it’s made them a bundle…. as it will for you!)

Some of the secrets we’ve learned about LinkedIn sales strategy are nothing of what we expected. And we’ve put those secret strategies together into this brand-new step-by-step lead generation system. Here’s a glimpse inside:

  • A stragetic connection and contact strategy to turn all of your market’s best prospects into your new customers
  • Using advanced strategies to connect directly with the prospects in your market who are already pre-disposed to buy from you – and get fast and easy sales!
  • Step-by-step profile setup and optimization strategies to make you a magnet for new customers
  • Advanced search secrets to find exactly who you want on LinkedIn 
  • The magic number of LinkedIn contacts you need, and how to get them – fast – and with the most influential connectors on LinkedIn
  • You may never have to prospect for sales again after going through the multiple training modules on using LinkedIn Advanced Search to rack up sales with your ultimate prospects as easy as “shooting fish in a barrel!’
  • Advanced LInkedIn Groups strategies so you can come in “under the radar” and walk away with massive sales
  • How to create offers for products that simply sell themselves before you’ve made them

About the price….

I’m WAY under-pricing this course for the first week.


Two reasons:

1. I’m a nice guy and believe in good karma. I’m also a proponent of the Henry Ford model of doing business – provide the BEST product in the world at the BEST price, so that the MOST people will benefit.

2. SELFISHNESS! By discounting this System from $497 to only $297$149 this week only, you’re going to see just how incredibly powerful this System is, and the next time I have a new course for sale, I can guarantee you’ll be one of the first to buy it.

(Yes, the LinkedIn Lead Machine For Business is realistically worth tens of thousands of dollars to you – and if I put a $10,000 price tag on it, it’d still sell like crazy to my repeat customers who have been with me for upwards of 14 years.)

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