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Designing Your DNA – Home Study – Julie Renee Download. In this modern era of scientific and medical awareness, researchers have discovered much about …

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In this modern era of scientific and medical awareness, researchers have discovered much about the human body and the role of DNA. What I personally have discovered in my research is that the elements of DNA that are not serving you can actually be altered, shifted and disappeared.

Designing Your DNA – Home Study – Julie Renee course with special price just for you$197  $59

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Designing Your DNA – Home Study

Is your DNA a source of problems that could be cleared with a simple intention and hand technique?

In this modern era of scientific and medical awareness, researchers have discovered much about the human body and the role of DNA. What I personally have discovered in my research is that the elements of DNA that are not serving you can actually be altered, shifted and disappeared.

I had the joy of working with a wonderful client from Scotland, Kate. She had gotten married at close to 40 and had a baby about a year or so later. Her grandmother, aunt and mother had all died of breast cancer while they were between the ages of 46-65 and dear Kate had just discovered that she too had the breast cancer gene markers. Her doctor confirmed this with her, and at the time her little fella was just three. She asked if I could help and felt sure that I could, so I worked with her using a technique I developed called DNA Obliteration. (We now have a road mapped chart with exact directions of how this process works and as a class participant you’ll be getting this vital material to use the rest of your life!)

Cecily Kate Jet

After losing her mother to cancer she discovers she also has the cancer gene with a DNA test. Upon retesting after VIP Experience the cancer DNA was removed.

I was able to get a good response from her DNA and confirmed this with kinesiology. As I tested, it did appear to be 100% clear. When she returned to her doctor she requested the same test once more, this time there was no indication of a breast cancer DNA marker. She was ecstatic and left an enthusiastic message in my voicemail thanking me for the change! To her it meant a long happy life as a wife and mom. She was facing her future with great joy, relaxed enough to be her natural creative and brilliance!As the author of the definitive guide on Your Divine Human Blueprint I know the blessing and role of DNA well. At any given time, somewhere around 97 -98% of your DNA programming is doing a wonderful job. Your DNA is incredible. From it a wealth of information flows to all parts of your body and informing you how to live, love and how your health will play out.

DNA is amazing and as we know now 97% of your DNA is working perfectly for you. But what about the other 3%? Do you have programs causing your brain to drop in function? What about your insulin becoming erratic and life threatening? Did you inherit the cancer gene? Are you struggling with success and know your impoverished family background is influencing your ability to get ahead?

Designing your DNA is relatively easy as in our 4-hour training I’ll teach you the steps to DNA Obliteration which is the removal of the bad genes and how to reprogram and re-pattern your body for a much better, healthier, happier result.

Here’s what Cynthia shared after attending this training:

I had a miraculous healing! I was diagnosed with a pseudo cyst on my pancreas which was found through an MRI. I was nauseated, there was pain and a raised area standing out on my abdomen. The pain and nausea are gone and the raised area on my abdomen is no longer there.

Cynthia Haupert

An important part of this program is learning how to reprogram the resets in your DNA. As you clear your DNA, the events following as you sleep, much like a computer, your body resets to its old program. I’ll teach you how to get to these resets secured in the new upgraded program you’ve designed and set them to the new much higher function.

What kinds of things might be addressed in this DNA process?

  1. Health issues: all kinds of programming from family to weight to missing genes and so much more
  2. Mental health for example depression, dementia, even things like bipolar can be significantly helped
  3. Wealth and success, breaking patterns of failure, servitude and slavery
  4. Love and relationship: especially in families with love level of connection, for example relationships based out of survival and need rather than soulmate partnering.

One of our beloved students Iime shared:

The DNA class made a big change in me. I feel closer connection to the Divine, feeling the love, support and protection. Thank you.


4 Training Hours Designing Your DNA Sessions

Session One:
Your DNA Skills Session

In session one we’ll be working on getting you up to snuff with your DNA shifting skills. We’ll move through the DNA Obliteration chart and review and help you learn the six hand movements that are known for helping shift DNA and also bloodline programing. The unique quantum ‘slide’, DNA Drop and Half-moon along with three of our standard hand gestures will be taught. These hand movements help to rapidly shift the DNA programing in the quantum field of transformation. The project will have as we go about learning these very important tools work on improving your DNA for vitality and rest.

Support Materials for Session One:

  • DNA Obliteration Chart
  • DNA Quantum Pump Chart
  • Chapter from Your Divine Human Blueprint on DNA Obliteration
  • Quantum Pump Gestures for transforming DNA Video

Session Two:
DNA Influence of Others & Managing DNA Resets

In Session Two we’ll be launching into a whole new world of DNA influences from others and how to establish a new DNA setting in your personal makeup after removing something.. DNA of others comes from the influence of a blood transfusion, or some kind of transplant, for example skin, tissue or organ. This DNA can be pervasive and take over with some strong poor programs that are not from your genetic line and can be removed with a specific technique that I will share with you. One of the important concepts you’ll be taking away from this session is how to establish resets to the new upgraded level you’re striving for. Our clearing project we’ll clear one health challenge in today’s class and follow that with “how to reprogram the DNA” process.

Support Materials for Session Two:

  • DNA and Stem Cell Regeneration Training 60-minute Meditation and transcript
  • DNA Changer 5-minute meditation and transcript
  • Article: How to Change your Unhealthy DNA with the Quantum Field

Session Three:
Energizing God DNA

In Session Three we’ll do another practice round on a DNA upgrade helping you gain more certainty and confidence with your newly developing skills. In our 2nd hour we’ll be focusing on upgrading your present DNA to a higher level of function and ownership by activating your God DNA. You’ll be gaining skills in how to access and expand God DNA. This is a training of possibility for much bigger, better life as we lift our vibrations and frequencies in the process of upgrading our physical and spiritual DNA. I will work with all participants in restoring the ends of the DNA that were clipped to slow enlightenment and for those who want, we’ll activate the 8 additional strands that exist but we’ve had little or no access to until now.

Support Materials for Session Three:

  • Article: Healthy DNA and Breast Cancer Gene
  • Community Training Video Clearing Breast Cancer DNA

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