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The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program – Igor Ledochowski Download. Then you’ll be able to tell me how you’ve applied and used my latest conversationa…

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Then you’ll be able to tell me how you’ve applied and used my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and 5 step “unifying” process to POSITIVELY TRANSFORM the lives of people you’ve come in contact with.

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program – Igor Ledochowski course with special price just for you$2895  $73

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An Open Letter To Anyone That Wants…

…The Necessary 5-STEPUNIFYING” PROCESS & Latest Conversational Hypnosis Tools To POSITIVELY TRANSFORM The People You Come In Contact With…

(Cast your eyes over the DEMOS listed on this page to get an idea of just what you’ll be able to do with conversational hypnosis from now on)…

By Igor Ledochowski

If you’re interested in any way in using conversational hypnosis in your life, you’re my kind of person.

I’d love to hear about your stories of how you’ve applied conversational hypnosis.

I’d love to hear about your life – your goals, your aspirations.

I’d love to hear how you are (or would like to be) incorporating conversational hypnosis into your life and work.

I feel we’d have a really interesting conversation together.

We’d probably get lots of good ideas from each other and inspire one another to reach higher and make even more out of our abilities and knowledge.

One day I’d like for that to really happen

And maybe it will.

Then you’ll be able to tell me how you’ve applied and used my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and 5 step “unifying” process to POSITIVELY TRANSFORM the lives of people you’ve come in contact with.

How you’ll do that specifically in your life or work, I don’t yet know.

Although you probably already have a fairly good idea.

Could it be that you want to be a more effective teacher – or should I say “transformer of potential” — of the children under your tutelage?

Maybe you’re a manager and you want to be more successful at motivating, inspiring and getting deep-level “buy-in” from your company work-force.

Perhaps you’re a nurse, a doctor, or someone who works in the medical profession who wants to be more effective at getting patients to fully commit to a certain medical protocol.

Or maybe you’re a hypnotherapist or another kind of therapist, coach or counselor of people — and you want to use the best conversational hypnosis techniques and processes to enhance (and speed-up) the change-work you do.

Of course, you may just want to make the best of yourself and realize that being able to use conversational hypnosis in a STRUCTURED and authentic way

Is one of the best ways to fully connect with the people best able to help you get ahead

I don’t know who those people best able to help you get ahead are. But you probably doOr at least have a good idea of who they are.

If so, the latest conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process I’d like to share with you will enable you to converse with those people in such a way that they will naturally feel they want to help you in any way they can.

I’ve seen it happen so many times. In my life, and in others.

So I say with great respect for you that whoever you want to be able to positively transform… whatever your goals, aspirations or motives are in your life (and whoever you need most help from in the pursuance of those goals) – I can assure you that my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process (when APPLIED as I will SHOW YOU) will be an invaluable toolon your life journey.

To me they have been instrumental in allowing me to achieve great things in my career and in my personal relationships.

Even to build new key relationships with people it would have been impossible to do so with otherwise.

Needless to say, I would be a very “poor version” of myself without my conversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step process that allows anyone to quickly (and smoothly) go from complete stranger to trusted advisor, key advocate… and most importantly… a transformer of other people’s true potential.

Let me tell you, it all makes for a very satisfying way of engaging and interacting with other people.

It feels… well… the right way to interact.

It feels good knowing you are able to transform people’s potential.

Wholesome even.

And it’s deeply authentic and uplifting for everyone involved.

When you see someone’s emotional problem (like a long standing fear or phobia) fall away because of how you’ve applied conversational hypnosis and been able to transform them – you’ll feel amazing.

If you’re a teacher or parent and you see a shy, awkward child completely transform into a confident, comfortable child full of expression and creativity – you’re going to feel so proud of yourself and the child.

And if you’re working with other people who are immovable on a topic…

…you’re going to get so much fulfillment out of seeing how authentically you can transform those people round to another point of view through the latestconversational hypnosis techniques and the 5-step “unifying” process – ALL of which I’d like to share with you in my NEW video program called:

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program

The program is all about showing you how to actually APPLY all my latest conversational techniques and the 5-step process that enables you to smoothly transition through all the 5-stages necessary to quickly become a key confidant and trusted advisor… and most importantly a TRANSFORMER OF POTENTIAL in another person’s life.

The program will give you a complete understanding of the structure and purpose of a conversation to…

Become a unique transformational conversationalist… IN ANY CONTEXT!

You’ll get a step-by-step (5-steps in all actually!) processto go from zero to having a meaningful conversation with anyone and then turn that conversation conversationally-hypnotic so it has a positive and lasting transformational effect on the person you conversed with.

Which brings us to another important point to be aware of:

You MUST know the 5-step process to get you into a deep and meaningful conversationally hypnotic interaction with the right people.

You HAVE to go through each step of the 5-step process.

You MUST understand the order and importance of each of the steps.

You HAVE to know how to smoothly transition from one step to the next.

Because listen, if you miss or “jump over” one of the steps your conversation will NOT be conversationally hypnotic (even if you’re using the best conversational hypnosis techniques in the world).


Structure First; Substance Second

The structure is the 5-step process (or phases) you have to take a conversation through.

The substance is (or are) the conversational hypnosis language patterns and techniques.

Well, good news:

The Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program has you covered BOTH WAYS.

It gives you the essential structure (the 5-step “unifying” process – i.e., the conversational process that holds everything together).

It ALSO gives you my latest conversational hypnosis language patterns and techniques.

Meaning it’s a fully comprehensive “rubber meets the road” kind of training program.

Making it exceptionally transformationalfor anyone who goes through it.

Mostly because there’ll be plenty of demonstrations in the training videos for you to watch and “copy” (“adapt”) for your own life or with other people’s situations.

And I do mean your specific life or other people’s situations.

See my latest conversational hypnosis techniques and structured 5-step process is all USEABLE and ADAPTABLE to every situation, environment and context where verbal communication is involved.

They can even be used with no “face-contact” over the phone or on a Skype call with someone you have never spoken to before

Which makes it even more likely you’ll get a face-to-face meeting by the way!


With access to my Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program you’ll always have the essential structure and the conversational hypnosis “language technology” to make the BIGGEST positive difference in the lives of the people you most want to impact.

And once you have that…

There’s not a lot you cannot achieve in life

After all…

The ability to get full “heart-based” co-operation from others is ALWAYS required to achieve, and achieve BIG.

Sports coaches know that.

CEOs know that.

Top producing sales managers know that.

Expedition leaders know that.

Generals in the army know that.

And you will know it (and experience it) too – just as soon as you start following the essential 5-step process (phases of conversation) and apply the latest conversational hypnosis techniques and processes I share with you in the NEW Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program.

Bottom line:

The NEW Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program is definitely for you if you want to DO GOOD and achieve BIG in your life and in your work.

It gives you an AUTHENTIC life advantage that will never lose its power

And best of all:

You can get instant access to the full Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program in as little as a couple of minutes from now… giving you rare access to these insightful and mustwatch DEMOS:

Demo: Emotional Calibration:

Have you ever wondered why a person you’re talking to shuts down and withdraws (all of a sudden) in the middle of a conversation?

If so, watch as I demonstrate the Emotional Calibration technique with volunteer student Matt.

You’ll see how to instantly KNOW the effect you’re having on another person… how to course-correct if necessary… and how to instantly diffuse any awkwardness, defensiveness, or anger in the person you are interacting with.

Demo: Conversational Fractionation:

Watch as I demonstrate Conversational Hypnotic Fractionation with a student called Jonathan who says he has a ‘weird thing he does when he travels, that everyone hates him for’.

Watch as I transform Jonathan’s issue into a powerful resource he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

You’ll see how Jonathan lights up like a firework! All because I bring out the ‘Hero Fuel’ in Jonathan which allows him to finally see the hero within himself (HINT: you’ll see how YOU can do exactly the same thing with people in your life!)

Demo: Asking Deeper Questions:

Let’s face it, when someone (especially a stranger or someone you just met) asks you a deep question, it’s not easy to open up.

Therefore in this demonstration I show how to “move the conversation along” (through the necessary phases) so that people will feel joyful and empowered in answering the really deep “exploratory” questions you bring into a conversation.

You’ll understand what kind of questions to ask and how to ask them in the right way so that anyone will feel comfortable – and even eager- to open up to you.

Use these questions to create stronger connections and make the conversation more memorable and engaging.

Demo: Conversational Revivification:

In this demonstration using Conversational Revivification you’ll see why I call Revivification the work-horse of all hypnosis.

Recalling a pleasant memory of her niece’s wedding, I take a lady through all the stages of memory until “she’s there” – re-experiencing it all again. There’s a twist though…

Through the conversational revivification process I lead her through — she gets to bring back inner-resources and understandings she never got the first time around.

Resources she can now use for the rest of her life whenever a problem arises.

So for you — you’ll see exactly HOW to conduct a powerful and deeply empowering revivification process yourself.

Demo: Eliciting Values:

In this demonstration of Eliciting Values, you’ll see how I adeptly use a pleasant, seemingly simple memory to elicit a deep core value transformation in a woman I’m working with.

I show you HOW – (by moving through the phases of a meaningful conversation and taking it hypnotic) – I lead the woman into a trance-like state that takes her into her “Unconscious Inner Sanctum”.

This “Unconscious Inner Sanctum” is where the important things we hold closest to us, our values, live.

This is the demonstration you can copy (adapt!) any time you (or your subject) want to discover or get clear on what is THE most important value to them.

Demo: Using Values:

Here, rather than just explain how values are used in everyday contexts, I answer a doctor’s question about how to create a happy workforce… with a demonstration of course!

Using a series of Values Elicitation Questions, I quickly show how to find out if someone is the right personfor a particular employment position, or project.

Also, the demonstration shows how to determine what motivation someone is using (extrinsic or intrinsic) and if it’s strong enough to get the job or project completed.

This demonstration ultimately shows you how to answer the questions “Will they be happy and effective doing this job or project?” And “Will you be happy you hired them?”

Important to know, right?

Demo: Empowering Identities:

This is an amazing demonstration of how to elicit someone’s empowering identities through the use of strategic questions.

You’ll see me work with a student who had a devastating family tragedy and how the memory of that tragedy gets turned into a tremendous inner resource for them.

We all know we have many identities (or parts to us) throughout our life and knowing how to empower the positive identities in a person is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

This demonstration shows you HOW to do just that.

Demo: Empowering An Aspirational Identity:

Watch my demonstration with a medical doctor on HOW to create and empower an aspirational identity.

Often in life we’ve picked up a lot of negative identitiesthat are still affecting our lives.

So in this particular demonstration (by hypnotically suggesting an identity that does not currently exist in the inner landscape of the person’s mind) I show you how to actually give someone a brand new aspirational identity.

You know, an identity they can live-up-to and lights them up with their new potential.

Overall, lots and LOTS of high-value demonstrations you can watch (and re-watch) as many times as you like.


You’ll also get plenty of training in the proper application of powerful hypnotic techniques that you can seamlessly incorporate into all your conversations and dialogues – including (but not limited to):

You’ll also get SHOWN:

  • The Conversational Revivification Technique (CRT) for tapping into and recruiting overlooked resources inside a person.
  • The Future Memory Technique for creating a future memory in someone that gives them a very real sense of a renewed and better destiny. It “programs” their unconscious to default towards that better future experience. Think of it as a way of formatting someone’s unconscious mind to make it easier for them to achieve something meaningful and significant.
  • Pre-Identity and changing someone’s identity concept so they feel newly empowered and willing to do things that they felt, up until this point, were beyond them.
  • The secrets to applying conversational hypnosis even under great pressure.
  • The 5 phases that EVERY conversation must pass through if you want to create a “hypnotic environment” and successfully use the most powerful conversational hypnosis techniques (hint: most conversational hypnosis fails not because of the techniques but because one of the 5 phases has been ignored or “jumped over”. You’ll never make that mistake again!).
  • How to use conversational transition tactics to go from “small talk” chit-chat into DEEP and meaningful conversation that has a hypnotic effect on the person you are conversing with.
  • How to apply hypnotic conversations in such a way that you access the inner landscape (unconscious territory) of the person you are talking to – absolutely necessary for deep and lasting change and transformation work.
  • How to access hypnotic phenomena in a conversation and target transformative moments necessary for hypnotic revivification and regression work.
  • How to DO the conversational revivification technique – simple, elegant and so versatile it can be used in everyday conversation to empower someone like nobody else can!
  • How to use values as “psychological levers” to create transformation in people who are stuck or overwhelmed.
  • The Conversational Influence Formula you can use in any business or work setting to get “buy in” (both emotional and financial) for the value you deliver.
  • You will get to see other conversational hypnosis models in action (including the Hero Fuel Method, the P-CAT model, the Consultation Process, the “Magic Question” and the GROW model). All of which will really open your eyes to the possibilities and true potential of HOW and WHERE conversational hypnosis can be APPLIED effectively in your life.

Naturally, all hypnotic tools and techniques (including those listed above) will be fully explained and more importantly demonstrated (in a strategic best-use way) at various points throughout the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Video Training Program.

Here’s a breakdown of the Applied Conversational Hypnosis Program delivered in 24 Modules:

  • Module #01: The Secrets To Applying Conversational Hypnosis Even Under Great Pressure
  • Module #02: The 5 Phases Of Every Conversation
  • Module #03: Conversational “People Whisperers”, Appreciation & Status 
  • Module #04: The Power Of “Big Talk” & Conversation Deepeners
  • Module #05: Conversational Transition Tactics
  • Module #06: Hypnotic Conversations & Entering Into A Person’s Inner Landscape
  • Module #07: How To Calibrate Emotions Demonstration & Tracking Emotional States
  • Module #08: Group Demo: Shifting Consciousness, Conversational Fractionation & Demonstration
  • Module #09: How To Ask Deeper Questions With Demonstration
  • Module #10: How To Access Hypnotic Phenomena In A Conversation & Target Transformative Moments
  • Module #11: Developing Intense Revivifications Demonstration
  • Module #12: The Conversational Revivification Technique
  • Module #13: Conversational Hypnosis Techniques In “The Real World”
  • Module #14: Demonstration: Eliciting Values Conversationally
  • Module #15: Using Values As Psychological Levers To Create Transformation
  • Module #16: How To Elicit Identities To Find Empowering Resources
  • Module #17: Demo: Empowering An Aspirational Identity
  • Module #18: The Conversational Influence Formula 
  • Module #19: “Gold Mining” & The Consultation Process
  • Module #20: “Building Bridges” & The Motivation Pre-Frame
  • Module #21: De-Labeling & The Adapted Full Consultation Process
  • Module #22: Releasing Past Failures, Finding Lost Dreams & Using “Hero Fuel”
  • Module #23: Putting The Consultation Process Into Context & Troubleshooting The Abyss
  • Module #24: Setting Transitional Frames, Using “The Magic Question” & Final Skills Review

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