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Spontaneous Transformation Technique – Jennifer McLean Download. In Just 30-days YOU Can Become A Certified Expert In The Spontaneous Transformation Techni…

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In Just 30-days YOU Can Become A Certified Expert In The Spontaneous Transformation Technique To Help Others (And The Planet) Experience Miraculous Healing Right Now…

Spontaneous Transformation Technique – Jennifer McLean course with special price just for you$297  $38

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In Just 30-days YOU Can Become A Certified Expert In The Spontaneous Transformation Technique To Help Others (And The Planet) Experience Miraculous Healing Right Now…

Get Certified in Jennifer McLean’s Spontaneous Transformation Technique & Grow Your Healing Biz

From the Desk of: Jennifer McLean

There is a profound healing power of the Spontaneous Transformation Technique that is avialable for your life.

Every time you apply this technique, there is a true change in yourself over time.

You can now access the sensation of being lost… to feeling as if you’re on the track to being truly found, now inspired by spontaneous flow…

There is a way to now quicken this quickening…

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the planet is in disrepair.

It’s in a state of dis-ease more now than it has ever been.

The world around us is filled with pain, suffering and confusion.

Profound pain is felt by everyone, but some are forced to grapple with the world’s darkest challenges…

Disease, abuse, infidelity, poverty, addiction, murder, war, greed, and more…

The suffering, for many, is too much to bear.

And for many, crippling challenges come in smaller packages…

Obesity, unsatisfied living, listlessness, and family and relationship problems are all roadblocks on the path to true, miraculous transformation.

I had one of our community members share that her divorce was way worse than the death-related loss that anyone else is facing.

We are even competing for our pain and suffering.

We all experience profound trials.

I personally overcame childhood sexual abuse…

An alcoholic father…

Cancer at a young age…

Adrenal fatigue and pre-diabetes…

So I know what it’s like to feel completely broken and piece myself back together again.

I’ve given you access to my Spontaneous Transformation Technique so that you could overcome your own challenges…

But A Healer Never Stops Healing…

I continue to use The Spontaneous Transformation Technique process EVERY DAY… and likely will until the day I leave this planet.

And I want to support you in continuing your process of healing each day.

You know, the quickening that happened in my own life—a quickening of my soul, of my healing, of my spiritual capacity—happened when I advanced my skills as a healer.

It happened when I started sharing this healing gift with more and speaking about it to larger groups.

So, when you engage in a new healing technique and, in turn, use it from the perspective of teacher and healer, it actually expands your own healing exponentially.

Get Spontaneous Transformation Technique – Jennifer McLean, Only Price $52

Looking For A Few Good Men & Women

In order to spread my message of hope across the globe, I’m looking for healers who are wanting to increase their income and healers that are wanting to start their practice.

I’m looking for a few good men and women are who can spread this powerful Spontaneous Transformation to show others that personal transformation is not only possible, it can be instantaneous!

I need seekers like you to partner with me to heal the planet person-by-person.

If you are reading this, I know you are someone who wants to make THE difference in the lives of those around you and the world as a whole.

With every rebuilt soul, our world gets one step closer to harmony, happiness, and peace…

In just 30 Days Become A Certified Healer In Spontaneous Transformation…

I know the world is ready for the Spontaneous Transformation Technique

I’ve had psychics, mediums, numerologists and astrologers ALL share with me that this is THE TIME for this special healing modality to be offered to the world in much bigger ways.

They have shared that I would attract like-souls, just like you, to spread this profound, simple and quickening technique to the masses.

They shared that we are SO close to achieving what the famous pioneer in psychology, Carl Jung, called the collective unconscious in reaching critical mass into healing and love.

This is the time. And I believe you are the person who has been called to get this out there and help heal millions in the process.

Now, in addition to this psychic, numerological and astrological validation, I’ve personally witnessed miraculous and unexplainable transformation from those who regularly use this process.

So… I have never been more committed to expanding and honoring my mission, showing each and every soul how, they too, can be filled with light.

But I need your help to bring this miraculous healing system to a vast new audience.

I want you to join the revolution of healing and partner with me in changing this whole dang planet.

AND… I ALSO Want To Help You Make The Transformation From Seeker to Healer!

Those of you who are already healers… I am here in full support to help you quicken the whole process and add to your toolbox one of the most powerful methods of transformation that will bring lasting improvement to your clients in just minutes.

Imagine applying this simple technique to your healing practice?

Imagine, if you are a coach, adding this simple process for addressing the healing which most of your coaching clients need?

Are YOU ready to answer the call?

Are YOU ready to learn the principles that will help you not only heal yourself, but the world around you?

If you are, then…

Ignite The Spontaneous Transformation Energies & Share Them in Your Own Coaching or Healing Practice Today…

If you’re still reading this, chances are you already want to learn how to become a more powerful healer…

How to transform the people around you in order to create lasting change.

You may even have clients you are already trying to coach.

But whether you’re already healing clients or not, I want you to think of a person you know who is in dire need of transformation…

Someone who is hurting and, perhaps, lost…

Imagine what it would feel like if you could give them relief!

What if YOU could give them the tools they need to overcome their own stumbling blocks and begin living a more fulfilled life today?

What if you could not only help them heal, but kick start their healing process almost instantaneously?

And here’s how you can!

We have changed the format of this Certification Course, and very soon you will have to take LEVEL 2 in order to be certified! SO ACT NOW to be certified in this Level 1 Online Certification Program in just 30 days.

I created this Level 1 online certification workshop as the perfect instructional platform for anyone interested in mastering the Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

This gives you the tools to pass on the quantum energy healing you’ve experienced to your clients, friends, and members of your community.

Listen to these 6 workshops and learn the principles of Spontaneous Transformation and how to pass those principles onto other seekers.

But I don’t want to be vague about what you’ll learn…

This online program is packed with incredibly valuable information that will help you:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Spontaneous Transformation Technique so you can help yourself and your clients heal more successfully.
  • Use the profound, easy, simple and FAST modality as you work with your clients.
  • Save your clients time and pain by providing them with a completely instantaneous and spontaneous healing mechanism.
  • Dive deeply into the healing process and learn things about my healing system that have never been revealed to anyone before.
  • Discover the energetic signature which makes the Spontaneous Transformation Technique so powerful.

Build Your Credibility So You CanBuild Your Practice

But this online certification course won’t just teach you the intricacies of Spontaneous Transformation; it will also help you understand how to build your credibility so you can help MORE people, MORE effectively by showing you how to:

  • Grow your confidence as an individual and a healer. This is key if you want to truly help people.
  • Work on yourself first before you work on other people. After all, when you heal yourself you know how to heal them.
  • Communicate with your clients in a way that will build trust and help them feel empowered.
  • Give your clients extra help and guidance if they need more support after they’ve already completed the process.
  • Easily identify the underlying problems that hold your clients and friends back from experiencing joy, freedom, and fulfillment.
  • Speed up the process so your clients stay on track and don’t lose sight of their ultimate potential.
  • Completely dissolve all of the mental and emotional blocks that slow people down on their path to a greater self.
  • And more!

But I bet you’re wondering how I deliver all of this value…

This online certification course occurs over 6 workshops… plus you’ll receive:

  • Worksheets to accompany your workshops that will help you put your new knowledge in action. Complete these worksheets if you want the lessons to really stick.
  • Six 90-minute workshops, to review the lessons you are learning in-depth. This is the perfect time to get clarification on the techniques and approaches for Spontaneous Transformation.
  • A Question & Answer section during each pre-recorded workshop.
  • Transcripts of Each Workshop
  • The course itself will be split into several parts and you’ll learn the key principles for each part over each of the 6-certification workshops.

PLUS, advanced information on how to support your clients in the basics…

AND create a safe, healing container to support them throughout their healing process…

AND…Just like Reiki Attunements, there is a “”Spontaneous Transformation Attunement”” plus additional Healing Attunements

By registering for this program…

You will receive this and other specialized attunements (6 in all)…

And you will receive this specific energetic “key” that turns on this powerful Spontaneous Transformation energy.

With this frequency ignited, you will have this energy humming through your being, and available to expand the transformation for yourself AND as you work with others.

With this attunement your voice will now convey powerful healing in transformation, encoded with this energy system with every word you speak.

With SOOO much more!

The 7-step process for healing that you will learn in the 3-week Spontaneous Transformation Technique Certification Course will teach you exactly how you can help your clients experience immediate relief from their pain and suffering.

THEN the additional information about how to support your clients will blow your mind…

AND create the energy to attract EVEN MORE clients to your practice.

…And even deliver deeper insights on how to find clients to fill you to capacity.

All you have to do is…

Click on the button below to get immediate access to the full program!

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