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The Tapping Solution for Autoimmune Disorders – Jessica Ortner and Kim D’Eramo Download. Are You Struggling with an Autoimmune Disorder? Here’s a Solution …

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Are You Struggling with an Autoimmune Disorder? Here’s a Solution to Help Bring Your Body and Health Back Into Balance to Give You Lasting Relief…

The Tapping Solution for Autoimmune Disorders – Jessica Ortner and Kim D’Eramo course with special price just for you$97  $26

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Are You Struggling with an Autoimmune Disorder? Here’s a Solution to Help Bring Your Body and Health Back Into Balance to Give You Lasting Relief

If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and are struggling with the pain, the discomfort and the frustration, know that you are not alone!

To date, there are about 100 known autoimmune illnesses, impacting up to 50 million Americans, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), and that number is on the rise.

Just being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease can be confusing and scary, if not totally overwhelming…

Sadly, according to our current, conventional medical system, there appears to be no cure, so treatment for autoimmune diseases focuses on relieving the symptoms…

But the most commonly used treatments often lead to devastating side effects!

And according to AARDA, it takes an average of nearly five years (and five doctors!) for a patient to receive a diagnosis, and in the meantime they often end up consulting multiple specialists for all their symptoms: a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, an immunologist, a neurologist, a rheumatologist…

Patients are often told by their doctors, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” or, “You’re just a little run down.”

This leads to a lot of frustration, overwhelm and stress that only makes these issues worse.

But here’s the good news: YOU may have more power to improve your health than you realize!

Did you know that our emotions play a huge role in physical pain in our bodies?

As science has now proven, your thoughts and your patterns of belief produce chemical reactions in your body that affect your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy level, even your balance. And they all immediately and directly impact your immune system.

Unfortunately, in our modern society our high levels of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and other negative emotions that we deal with on a regular basis put a tremendous strain on our immune system and our health.

The good news for you though, is that by uncovering and releasing the unconscious emotional components that are impacting your illness, you have the ability to actually modify the chains of chemical reactions in your body, allowing your immune system to reprogram itself, bringing you into a state of health!

So how do you reprogram your unconscious mind to bring your immune system back into balance? By using EFT Tapping!

EFT Tapping has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain to bring both the body and mind back into balance!

When you use Tapping to shift your unconscious beliefs and emotions, you shift the chemicals being released into the body. In doing so, you are literally able to shift your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy levels and more!

So far, modern science’s investigations into just why Tapping works have been astounding. The results reveal that Tapping is the perfect bridge between cutting edge Western medicine and ancient healing practices from the East.

Hundreds of studies have been performed that show the effects of using Tapping on health challenges.

One such study showed that using Tapping for Fibromyalgia improved variables such as pain, anxiety, depression, vitality, social function, mental health, performance problems involving work or other activities due to physical as well as emotional reasons, stress symptoms and more.

Another study showed that using Tapping for Psoriasis often brought immediate and sustained relief, and continued to improve over time. Participants from this study experienced significant improvement in functioning and psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms.

Study after study show that when you deal with the underlying emotional issues, the body is brought back into balance, and immune system function improves!

If you’re new to tapping, you’re probably wondering… 

“What is Tapping?”

Tapping, otherwise known as EFT, for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.

It was developed originally by Roger Callahan in the 1980’s and modified and expanded upon by Gary Craig a few years later. Since then, thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches and individual users have adopted this powerful technique for use on themselves, their clients, family members and more.

This simple technique literally involves “tapping” on the meridian points of your body while focusing on your emotions or feelings, all with the goal of reprogramming the brain and body to obtain specific results.

EFT has been known to work for years by psychologists, therapists, coaches and everyday people. In recent years a major push has been made for more evidence-based research and the results have been astounding!

Clinical research studies with EFT Tapping are providing impressive results in a variety of areas such as relief from chronic pain, emotional distress, addictions, phobias, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), athletic performance, and, yes…even amazing results in achieving weight loss! Check out the short video above to see what experts are saying about the effectiveness of Tapping!

Don’t settle for letting pain or fatigue hold a grip over your life! You can feel better, live better, and be better. This program will show you how!

Here is the full list of modules you’ll find in Tapping for Autoimmune Disorders

Introduction and Overview In this introductory session you will learn:

  • What causes an autoimmune disorder, and why it affects you not only physically, but also emotionally.
  • The importance of creating a powerful relationship with your body that will lead you to quickly experience extraordinary results.
  • How your patterns of thinking and believing actually produce chemical reactions in your body, that then affect your nervous system, your digestive system, your endocrine system, your hormone production, your energy level, your balance, and how these things immediately and directly impact your immune system.
  • How you can use EFT Tapping to quickly and painlessly shift your emotions, and create a powerful point of leverage to release the imbalance in your immune system.

Breaking Free From the Vicious Cycle of Anger, Frustration and Hopelessness In this first module you will learn:

  • What an autoimmune illness really is, how Dr. Kim views it differently from other doctors, and what to look for in a medical doctor when you need help.
  • Why it is so important to look at the feelings and emotions that we experience around the autoimmune disorder, and not just the symptoms.
  • What it means to have a healthy relationship with an autoimmune disorder and with your symptoms, and how to use tapping to create that, and to look at your body as an ally, not an enemy. PLUS, some great tapping protocols to use!
  • That we tend to have our own “story” when it comes to struggling with physical pain, how that story can impact your ability to heal, and how tapping will help you re-write the story.
  • The key questions that you must ask yourself if you are to gain clarity about the unconscious blocks that may be preventing you from making a recovery.

Family Patterns Contribute to Your Health, Just Not In The Ways You’ve Been Told In this powerful second module you will learn:

  • Why and how the culture in which you grew up, and the people who surround you, can have a severe impact on your health.
  • The powerful questions you need to ask yourself to figure out whether you are taking on someone else’s limiting beliefs, and how that may be impacting your health.
  • How to use tapping on the energy of your family, the pressures and the expectations, so that you can step out of those patterns and find rapid relief.
  • How financial insecurity can have an enormous impact on your health, and how to use tapping to release those preconceived ideas and beliefs.
  • The perceived impact of family inheritance or genetic predispositions, and how “the story” behind your identity can actually affect the expression of your genes, both for better and for worse.

The Impact That Being Sensitive To Other People’s Energies And Emotions Can Have On Your Immune System In this eye-opening third module you will learn:

  • How other people – your parents, your spouse, your boss, your friends, and even your children – may be affecting your immune system and, most importantly, what to do about it.
  • What it means to be highly sensitive to the energies of other people, and how this can correlate to an autoimmune imbalance.
  • What impact your ability to say “no” and to set boundaries has on your energy and even on your immune system.
  • How to use tapping to release the stranglehold of other people’s energies, and open yourself up to allowing more joy and freedom into your life.

A Whole New Way of Looking at Improving Your Health Through Nutrition and Exercise In this insightful final module you will learn:

  • How to make better choices by developing the awareness, the inner guidance, to know the difference between what serves you, and what deteriorates your health.
  • The key that makes Dr. Kim’s nutrition and exercise advice so different from everything you have been taught in the past.
  • Why it’s important to just move your body, and how a simple technique can begin to relieve the symptoms that come with an autoimmune disorder.
  • Simple guidelines to help you see your nutrition and exercise choices as ways to love and nurture yourself, instead of things you “have to do.”

Five Tapping Meditation Downloads that you can listen to anywhere!

These soothing Tapping Meditations will not only work to rewire the causes of the issues in your brain and body, they’ll also help you to instantly release anxiety, re-center yourself, and bring you to a place of peace and balance.

  • » Tapping Meditation 1: Release All of Your “What If” Thoughts Around Starting The Program
  • » Tapping Meditation 2: Clear Financial Beliefs That Impact Your Health
  • » Tapping Meditation 3: Support You in Befriending Your Body
  • » Tapping Meditation 4: Let Go of That “Perfect” Diet so You Can Eat to Honor Your Body
  • » Tapping Meditation 5: Create Healthy Boundaries so You Can Feel More Comfortable Saying No

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