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Advanced Email Marketing – Jimmy Kim (Foundr) Download. We’ve written a lot about email marketing. From learning how to build an email list to split testin…

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We’ve written a lot about email marketing. From learning how to build an email list to split testing your key metrics—we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Advanced Email Marketing – Jimmy Kim (Foundr) course with special price just for you$697  $44

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Foundr’s New Course! The Advanced Email Secrets to Boosting Opens, Clicks, and Sales

We’ve written a lot about email marketing. From learning how to build an email list to split testing your key metrics—we’ve covered a lot of ground.

And if you’re like a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs in our community, you’ve put all these core systems into place, you’re read all the crash course email advice out there, and things are starting to really hum along.

Your email is driving leads and sales consistently, but maybe you’re starting to wonder—could I take this email marketing thing much, much further?

Maybe you imagine your email list could become your main revenue-generating channel. Maybe you could use it to grow your business without having to hire more people or increase any of your operational costs.

But the information that will get you there—the educational resources that can transform you into a next-level, Jedi master email marketer—well that stuff is a lot harder to come by.

For that very reason, we’ve developed a course completely dedicated to only the most advanced email marketing concepts. With this course, we wanted to take you beyond how to write an email or automate a campaign, and give you rare access to the advanced tactics that make businesses go from six to seven figures, or from seven figures to eight and beyond.

And today, we’re opening the doors on this course for the first time!

Introducing Advanced Email Marketing: Elite Tactics to Automate, Engage, and Increase Sales

There’s a lot of money in email marketing. It’s been reported that the average ROI for every $1 invested in email is $40.

But, how many email marketers actually make that much money from every email they send? We can’t know for sure, but unless you’ve got a full team dedicated to running your email marketing, you probably aren’t in $40-per-email team. You may be making some money, but deep down, you know you could do better.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce Advanced Email Marketing, a course that will help you uncover the true power of your email marketing machine without having to hire a team of experts to help you.

This is the course for entrepreneurs like you who have spent thousands of hours bootstrapping your business and want to take it to the next level through the power of email. And to do that, we’ve partnered with one of the leading experts in the field.

Meet Your Instructor: Jimmy Kim

At the tender age of 16, Jimmy Kim started his career washing cars at a local dealership. While a humble start, it wasn’t long before Kim became a top salesperson, then one of the youngest general managers in the country at the age of 25. Then, serendipity in the form of the 2008 economic meltdown arrived, stalling Kim’s car sales career and forcing him to find a new path.

That’s when he turned his talents to the world of digital marketing, where he found a deep passion for email marketing and automation. His passion would eventually led him to co-found Sendlane, a behavior-based email automation software company.

Since he founded Sendlane, Kim’s been able to acquire over 40,000 users, transforming the company into one of the leading email marketing vendors on the market.

Jimmy knows the ins and outs of email marketing—not just the basics, but the advanced, often neglected parts that make it shine. In this course, and for the first time, he opens the gates to all the knowledge he has acquired over the years, the kind of knowledge you can use to ignite your business growth.

Who Is This Course For?

Advanced Email Marketing is for any entrepreneur who has an existing email marketing program in place—whether that’s a monthly newsletter or an autoresponder series—and who wants to learn how to take it to the next level.

This course is also geared towards anyone who has a basic email program set up but wants to master advanced tactics that can open hidden growth opportunities.

What Do I Get From the Advanced Email Marketing Course?

Our in-depth course includes almost 3 hours of content and more than 20 videos with bite-sized, actionable lessons. You will learn every trick up Jimmy’s sleeve, from crafting high-converting emails to learning how to test everything and maximize every email sent.

In this course, you’ll learn:

Module 1: Understanding How Emails Get Sent—Deliverability 101

In this introductory module, you will learn the technical foundation upon which your email campaigns will be placed. You will learn that email marketing success is not just a matter of sending emails but having a deep understanding of all the technical intricacies that make it.

Module 2: Advanced Email Engagement

In this module, we’ll get deep into the “how to” of sending emails that get people interested in your messages and ultimately, clicking and buying more. You will learn how to slowly soothe people into your message and make every email part of a larger campaign that entices them to become customers of yours.

Module 3: Automation Tactics & Follow-Up Sequences

The beautiful aspect of email marketing is that you can make sales on autopilot…and at scale. This module will see Jimmy walk you through the most advanced automation tactics and sequences you can use to achieve that level of effectiveness that only top marketers ever dream of.

Module 4: Advanced Email Deliverability

In this last module, you will take a deep look at the technical aspects of email deliverability, which will help you increase the effectiveness of every email sent.

Jimmy condensed his most successful ideas he’s gathered over the past 10 years and packed them into our course, including:

  • The Key to Deliverability  – There are a lot of technical details that make email deliverability a tough pill to swallow. Jimmy simplifies everything for you and explains what’s the key aspect of it so you can fix that and boost your deliverability in no time.
  • The 3 Metrics You Need to Watch – There are dozens of email metrics you could keep an eye on; only three matter. In this lesson, you will learn what those are and how you can use them.
  • The 2 Most Important Features to Look For In Your Email Service Provider – With dozens of email service providers (ESPs) on the market, it’s easy to get lost on which one to pick. It turns out, there are only two features that matter, and Jimmy explains them to you so you can pick the right ESP for your business.
  • The 33% Rule for Increased Open Rates – You can’t make any sale if you can’t get your emails opened. In this lesson, Jimmy explains his personal “33% Rule” that will see your open rates skyrocket.
  • Jimmy’s “3 Es” of Writing Your Perfect Email – You can write almost anything in an email, but little will drive any results if you lack a strategic mindset. Jimmy believes there are three “Es” that, if you follow them, will help you craft an email that will drive clicks and sales.
  • How to Use the “Seinfeld Experience” to Make More Sales – People love stories. Use them, and you will see more sales. That’s easier said than done, however. In this lesson, Jimmy explains how emulating the popular sitcom show Seinfeld will help you craft stories that will drive more sales.

What This Course Is Not

The process of crafting an email marketing campaign that drives people to sign up and convert is neither straightforward nor easy. This course will ask you to think deeply on the type of marketing you want to use to drive more leads and sales. If you’re not willing to go deep, then this course isn’t for you.

What’s more, this course isn’t for you if you’re not willing to respect your subscriber’s privacy or inbox. No one likes a company that sends dozens of emails per week to make a sale. You need to be strategic—if you’re not willing to put in the time to develop such a strategy, Jimmy’s knowledge won’t be of any help to you.

Finally, if you’re not committed to developing an email marketing campaign that will see your leads and sales go sky high, then Advanced Email Marketing won’t be a good fit.

Did you check all of these requisites? Then check out how you can sign up for this new course we’re launching.

Master Email and Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer who likes email marketing and wants to take its efforts to an unprecedented level of success, then we’d love to see you on the other side of the fence.

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