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The Ultimate Hands-On Wound Care Clinical Lab – Joan Junkin course with special price just for you$219.99  $66

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Joan Junkin
Full Day
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Dec 04, 2017


  • Staging wounds & identifying tissue types
  • Wound characteristics, indications & cost considerations for product selection
  • Accurate measuring techniques
  • Practical wound treatment strategies – for your most difficult wounds
  • Actual wound models and sample products to practice new skills!

In healthcare facilities across the country, billions of dollars are being spent annually on skin care and wound management. You are on the front lines of providing care to patients with a variety of skin and wound conditions, and play a critical role in patient outcomes and your facility’s bottom line. There is no better way to learn new problem solving skills than through this Hands-On Clinical Lab. Attend this highly interactive seminar and learn wound care assessment skills by DOING!

Wound care educator and consultant, Joan Junkin, MSN, CNS, will teach you new strategies for wound assessment and interventions, using wound care teaching models and sample products. The Hands-On Clinical Lab will add a live, hands-on component to learning that will enhance your retention of skills and techniques covered. Practice identification, measurement and the applications of various products on realistic wound care models. These models provide a life-like simulation to allow for improved assessment and treatment of a wide variety of wound care presentations, including all stages of pressure ulcers, tissue types, undermining, tunneling, fissure and surgical dehiscence. Take your understanding of wound care to the next level with this hands-on, interactive clinical lab. Register today – space is limited!



Wound Bed Tissue Types: Presentation & Treatment

  • Epithelial Tissue
  • Granulation Tissue
    • Healthy Granulation
    • Hypergranulation
  • Necrotic – When and how to debride
    • Slough – Moist, devitalized tissue
    • Eschar – Dry devitalized tissue

Wound Margin Issues and Strategies

  • Epiboly – Rolled edges
  • Hyperkeratotic – Dry, calloused edges
  • Undermined – Trauma or drying of wound bed
  • Peri-wound signs of possible infection
    • Erythema (redness) and heat
    • Induration (hardened tissue)
    • Fluctuance (mushy tissue)

Characteristics of Common Wounds

  • Phases of healing: Normal vs. chronic
  • Etiology, location, characteristics
    • Arterial insufficiency
    • Venous insufficiency
    • Diabetic/Neuropathic
    • Pressure ulcers – Demystifying the stages
  • Using the latest in wound care model technology, participate in skill-based exercises in:
    • Wound staging
    • Tissue type identification
    • Proper measuring techniques
    • Tunneling/Undermining
    • Wound care product awareness and application

Strategies to Select Dressings for:

  • Dry/Minimally draining wounds
    • Hydrogel
    • Oil emulsion dressing
    • Moistened gelling fiber
    • Hydrocolloid
  • Moderate draining wounds
    • Alginate or gelling fiber
    • Glycerin based hydrogel
    • Traditional foam
  • Heavy/copious drainage
    • Negative pressure wound therapy
    • Moisture responsive dressings
    • Super absorbent dressings

Strategies for Decreasing Bioburden

  • Best cleansing
    • Use of surfactants
    • A new look at antiseptic cleansers
    • Breaking biofilm
  • Antiseptic dressings
    • Silver
    • Iodine complex
    • Hyperosmolar (sugar, salt, honey)
    • Methylene blue, gentian violet
    • Dressings that trap exudate trap germs also
    • Dressings that attract bacteria ionically

Tissue Based Products

  • Autograft
  • Allograft
    • Cryopreserved
    • Grown in vivo
    • Acellular
  • Xenograft
    • Bovine
    • Porcine
    • Equine
    • Marine


Joan Junkin, MSN, APRN-CNS, CWOCN® Related seminars and products: 4

Joan Junkin, MSN, APRN-CNS, CWOCN®, began her wound specialty as a research analyst for the pressure ulcer guideline treatment panel in 1992. During her 10 years as an acute care Wound Clinical Nurse Specialist, she conducted and published research and served as chair of the National Accreditation Committee for Wound, Ostomy and Continence educational programs. Joan has published articles in several peer reviewed journals and the past 10 years has presented 8 hour wound seminars to professionals in all 50 states and 4 provinces in Canada.

Ms. Junkin has been invited faculty at WOCN national and regional conferences and SAWC. She currently provides clinical consults for long-term care and hospice in Nebraska and teaches as a clinical associate for the University of Nebraska College of Nursing. Her extensive clinical and speaking career gives Joan a broad perspective from which to draw clinical wisdom and very practical approaches. She keeps her seminars fresh by adding in appropriate doses of humor. In a field such as wound care where scientific data changes best practice more quickly than guidelines can be published and where new products are introduced monthly, this well-grounded expert will help you focus on what will make a difference in skin health and wound care outcomes.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Joan Junkin is the Owner of The Healing Touch, Inc. She is on the speaker’s bureau for Sage Products Inc. Ms. Junkin receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Joan Junkin has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.

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