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Metaphor Machine – Jonathan Altfeld Download. Jonathan Altfeld here. I’ve been training NLP since 1997. And around 2001, my students in the USA, UK & Austr…

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Jonathan Altfeld here. I’ve been training NLP since 1997. And around 2001, my students in the USA, UK & Australia began to ask me how I came up with all the metaphorical stories I have.

Metaphor Machine – Jonathan Altfeld course with special price just for you$79  $17

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Jonathan Altfeld here. I’ve been training NLP since 1997. And around 2001, my students in the USA, UK & Australia began to ask me how I came up with all the metaphorical stories I have. How it seems to magically come up with new metaphors to address the situations presented to me, real-time? So I modeled my own process, my own personal system cognitive, and found that I used a special way for creating metaphor, which was then able to teach.

So, for the past ~7 years, I’ve been training some of my seminar students to the use of my unique method of creating an effective image on-fly. This process is one of the most privately held techniques.

When taught, but always generated gasps, the light bulbs of discovery, & a huge excitement! The students explained to me later on in my process “I finally took what they’d previously thought of as just art, and made it a reproduceable process.”

My students know I usually reserve my best material for them to choose, who came to my live seminars. As always stay true. However, I teach this technique quite a bit over the years, and I shifted to my more developmental scenario, as other things recently, so I think it’s time plus it helped my metaphor-generation method.

In addition to that, if I don’t release it soon, and we’re going to face ever-growing epidemic of poorly-trained, unskilled and uncreative NLP practitioners & hypnotherapists. What? Because…

Most people trained in NLP (and other personal change disciplines) are bloody awful to create great metaphors.

The question, it seems to me, is that with the ever shortening nature of NLP certification trainings in today’s, NLP students learn that the core of the “Milton Model” was a set of football, known simply as “Patterns in metaphor.”I don’t know of a single NLP course out there that someone has to be applauded as “good” at teaching the art of coming up with artful and effective metaphor. Most would tell you to find a web site that is similar to the current situation, and to describe in a similar case rather than the current situation.

That do not effectively metaphorical, that’s just patronizing.

Great Influencers use metaphor elegantly paint vivid images can, create new options, open alternative paths to the future. It’s a skill most would describe as “opaque.”Impossible to master. The books is written in generating a metaphor, because most trainings are not remotely adequate to help students develop this skill (though, arguably, not have been!).

But what has been lacking this season, and that seems to separate the great companies from the not-so-great speakers or coaches… it is a simple process to create a useful metaphor is that it is that simple.

Finally, One Can Generate a Powerful, Effective, and Creative metaphor, Anytime, Anywhere.

If you’re reading this page, then you may already want to learn:

* Rapidly Find Relevant to likeness, to inform the Question of Res… (in such a way that never leads to resistance!)

* Creatively As a New Option in the others who can’t see past their own stuck to the decisions (and those thinking about it imagine all kinds of new options!)

* Cat to Impress Customers, Vendors, Prospects, & Friends (and so impressed with the creative mind to keep coming back for more!)

* Free Yourself from With the Address “the Issues” Head-On (and find ways to identify, or to head off unwanted results, completely by accident, without inviting blame or cause irritation!)

Here’s what’s taught in the “metaphor Machine” CD-Set:


In the First CD, I teach all the nuts & bolts & piecemeal cognitive shifts required to make the “metaphor Machine” work. You’ll likely really need this primer in the mental “Chunking” & perspective shifts.

You also know about the fact of the “Lateral Leaps” in cognitive awareness. And you’ll learn about the distinctions between Isomorphic metaphor (in the patronizing type) and Homomorphic metaphor, which I company how to generate in this CD-set. Finally, you are treated as one run-through of the metaphor of the Machine, quickly, at the end of CD One.


Once you’ve got all the small chunk skills in place, CD 2 walks you through the using the metaphor Machine process with 5 different specific situations. I hand-hold you through the thinking process beginning with the presented situation, and then taking a series of cognitive shifting step… ultimately ending up with the power of a great metaphorical place, and then speaks creatively from there, from the original site. You get 5 complete & thorough (context-different) examples of how to use the metaphor of the Machine. More than enough to help you generally seven other.

This CD is going to ‘knock your socks off’ at first… and then once you more thoroughly understand how work is done… you begin to appreciate how useful it truly is for embellishing your ability to think creatively and metaphorically. This is a highly prized seven other, and now your own, if you choose to invest a bit of time in the learning process.

This is not for just anyone…

The material on these CDs will be useful to communicators with any level of background in NLP, hypnosis, changework or storage. Usually reserved only for the most skilled of Practitioners, who can know how to do this.

However. These Cds are not what I want to say to casual easy listening. To own this art, you really have to listen closely. You have as long as the internet and thinking about the material. This would be great material for riding a stationary bike, but awesome material for enhanced. Finally, if you are not able to invest time & effort in learning this art, don’t waste time & money on this CD-set. It’s the kind of recording that demands your involvement. Invest time & attention, then commit to practicing the material, and you can easily acquire this skill. Play them 100 times, in the background, do not invest the time in practice, and I highly doubt you absorb the art.

So I’m inviting purchases only from those who can invest the time & effort to really study the process I teach in the Cds.

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