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Master the Heart Freedom Method – Lise Janelle Download. Do you ever feel as though there’s something working against you, keeping you from accomplishing t…

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Do you ever feel as though there’s something working against you, keeping you from accomplishing the very things you want so badly?

Master the Heart Freedom Method – Lise Janelle course with special price just for you$297  $66

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Experience the Heart Freedom Method

Dissolve the emotions and subconscious beliefs blocking you from thriving in the life of your deepest desire — filled with purpose, intimacy, abundance, and more.

Discover the very moments your limiting beliefs were created and a heart-generated practice to transmute them at a cellular level — once and for all.

Finally allow unconditional love, the highest form of spirituality, to transform your life.

Do you ever feel as though there’s something working against you, keeping you from accomplishing the very things you want so badly?

Some ever-present element that’s holding you back, always getting in the way of what you know would bring you peace, contentment, and joy?

The truth is, there’s likely a powerful force working overtime to sabotage the life you most want…

It’s your OWN internal “operating system,” which evolves over time as a response to childhood experiences and family dynamics — including abuse or trauma.

It causes you to develop patterns as defenses against memories of rejection, loneliness, and jealousy — and regardless of their origin, they become even more ingrained when similar challenges occur or are recreated over and over again.

This complex system runs the show and can quickly stamp out any new thought patterns and behaviors — no matter how healthy and potentially life-transforming they are.

And it’s so powerful, it’s often responsible for the behaviors we’ve written off as all-but-unchangeable parts of our personalities or life experiences.

This can surface as procrastination, putting off goals… even small tasks that are truly important to you.

Or perhaps you’d love to find a soulmate… but you always feel drawn to emotionally unavailable people.

Or maybe you’ve committed to finally get in shape… but it never seems to happen and continues to be your New Year’s resolution… every year.

Subconsciously, these frustrating patterns are more comfortable for you than actually having what you want. Your subconscious operating system — which is overseen by your ego — is working hard to protect you, keep you safe, and prevent future hurts. ..

And it does such a good job at protecting you… that even when you do experience life-changing breakthroughs, the same issues tend to resurface…

The change you want to create is still nested within the old system, so you’re unable to fully release beliefs, shed old ideas, or create sustainable change.

However, there is a way to create profound and lasting change…

Human potential expert Dr. Lise Janelle, will guide you through the step-by-step Heart Freedom Method to break through the beliefs that are holding you back so you can fully experience YOU — your core essence.

Your subconscious mind is in charge of your survival — and if it’s decided (often mistakenly) that something’s going to be more dangerous than safe, and involving more pain than pleasure, it won’t let you have it… no matter how much your conscious mind longs for it.

Through the Heart Freedom Method, Lise will guide you to return to the very moment your limiting belief was created — and free you from it at the cellular level, once and for all.

This key mind-body practice is powerful, quick, and immediate — and empowers you to transmute your subconscious beliefs for good.

Lise will show you how you can rewire your internal operating system to experience a deep level of healing and liberation — in every area of your life — all through the Heart Freedom Method.

In this powerful new course, you’ll:

  • Uncover subconscious beliefs rooted in survival that may be keeping you stuck
  • Find out what’s keeping you connected to anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions — and then transmute these complex, painful feelings
  • Let go of the fears you have around love
  • Discover how the Heart Freedom Method can help dissolve the beliefs that stand in the way of living the life you want to live
  • Discover 3 clues that your subconscious beliefs are holding you back — and a key mind-body practice that will transmute them for good
  • Explore how your unique backstory influences your feelings around money and financial abundance
  • Use the Heart Freedom Method for pain relief, bringing healing to the affected parts of your body
  • Experience a deep level of healing and liberation by rewiring your internal operating system
  • Delve into the fascinating truth that when we have unaddressed issues with our parents, we often bring these dynamics into the workplace — and as a result, our work doesn’t align with our soul’s purpose
  • Understand why love is NOT an emotion; it’s your essence — and it deeply impacts the process of clearing your subconscious beliefs
  • Learn the Heart Freedom Method so you can use it anytime, within each area of your life

You CAN release the old ideas, patterns, and beliefs that are keeping you from thriving in the life you so deeply desire…

Receive Personal Guidance From a Celebrated Heart-Centered Success Coach

Lise first gained insight into this phenomenon as a chiropractor back in the ‘80s, when she saw that her success rate with patient recovery hovered around 80%. For every 10 clients with the same condition, eight of them would get better, and two would not — no matter the treatment plan.

She came to understand that those who weren’t enjoying the results they wanted seemed to have underlying subconscious beliefs at the root cause of their symptoms… keeping them stuck in mind-body dis-ease patterns.

Lise herself had endured quite a bit of trauma when she was younger — her father diagnosed with terminal cancer… her 21-year-old brother killed in a car accident… her long-term relationship dissolved…

… so she knew from direct experience how the emotional impacts of life challenges could manifest in physical ailments.

Determined to help heal “the hearts of millions” by maximizing their life potential, Lise created the Heart Freedom Method… offering people the opportunity to find any subconscious blocks preventing them from moving forward toward the fulfillment of their soul’s greatest dreams and aspirations.

Get Master the Heart Freedom Method – Lise Janelle, Only Price $87

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Lise will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully experience intimacy as a powerful catalyst for awakening — which will, in turn, transform the quality of your relationship.

The Power of Live Streaming Video

You’ll connect with Lise and experience her teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Lise’s body of work. You can easily connect via audio only if you choose — through your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Lise. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain your heart to access your spiritual gifts.

Module 1: Deepen Your Understanding of the Heart Freedom Method (November 14)

During your first class with Lise, you’ll discover the three clues that your subconscious beliefs are holding you back…

… then use these clues to choose a goal for yourself. Together, you’ll work through the blocks you’re experiencing — and you’ll get results in this first session!

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore exactly what’s happening behind the scenes of Lise’s Heart Freedom Method
  • Harness the Heart Freedom Method to get the results — and the larger changes in your life — you’ve always wanted
  • Discover how to navigate and find your own way as you move through the Heart Freedom Method

Module 2: Release Resistance to Soul-Worthy Love in your Romantic Relationships (November 21)

According to Lise, when people talk about soulmates and other romantic concepts from our culture, it creates a lot of pressure — and plenty of mistaken beliefs about what a relationship should be.

This week, Lise will guide you to reframe the fears and expectations we all have around love…

You’ll discover:

  • How to let go of the fears you have around love
  • Why, as Lise says, “If it’s not safe, it’s not love”
  • How to discern the state of your relationship with yourself
  • How self-love impacts other kinds of love in your life

Module 3: Dissolve What’s Blocking You From Financial Prosperity (December 5)

This week, you’ll discover exactly what’s blocking you from financial prosperity — and it’s probably not what you think.

Unfortunately, financial prosperity is often (at least subconsciously) connected to our self-worth. Lise will walk you through the through the many illusions that create this painful misunderstanding…

This week you’ll:

  • Discover how your unique backstory influences your feelings around money. (For instance, if you were born into money and sensed that people resented you for it, you might not even realize you avoid bringing money into your life now…)
  • Explore why you might be harboring the common subconscious belief that only bad people have money
  • Determine the reasons you’ve hit your prosperity ceiling
  • Call in financial abundance and prosperity, from whatever quantum level you’re currently working at

Module 4: Align Your Life’s Work With Your Soul’s Purpose (December 12)

If you’re like most people, you’ll spend 40-50 years of your life working — it’s one of many reasons your work should be aligned with your soul’s purpose.

This week, Lise will walk you through how to make this happen…

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore which of your beliefs are holding you back from aligning your work with your soul’s purpose
  • Delve into the fascinating truth that when we have unaddressed issues with our parents, we often bring these dynamics into the workplace
  • Discover other early family dynamics that could be holding you back from aligning work and your purpose, including your relationships with your siblings
  • Find out what’s blocking you in your career
  • Discover how to have FUN while aligning your career with your heart and your soul’s purpose

Module 5: Release Beliefs to Heal Your Body & Create Vibrant Health (December 19)

Did you know that pain is an emotion, and it starts in your brain?

This week, Lise will guide you to use the Heart Freedom Method to quickly calm this emotion, bringing healing into the pain-affected parts of your body.

You’ll discover:

  • How to relieve your pain in mere moments
  • Why pain often doesn’t come from the area where the pain is, but from your brain interpreting what’s going on
  • How the Heart Freedom Method rewires your internal operating system for deep healing
  • How healing the pain in your body simultaneously heals your heart

Module 6: Transmute Anxiety, Fear & Overwhelm into Ease, Self-Compassion & Joy (January 9)

This week you’ll discover how to use the Heart Freedom Method to uncover what’s keeping you connected to anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions…

… and then transmute these complex, painful feelings.

During class you’ll discover how to:

  • Realign yourself to experience the inner peace and happiness you’re seeking
  • Transmute feelings of panic into inspiration
  • Work with two phases of human development to reframe your negative emotions
  • Appreciate just how strong and capable you really are

Module 7: Clear Blocks to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection (January 16)

Unconditional love is the highest form of spirituality — and yet, if you’re like most people, you’re (unknowingly) working overtime to block it.

This week you’ll discover:

  • How to have more compassion for yourself — and reimagine yourself as a child once again, completely worthy of unconditional love
  • How to delve into this powerful truth: we stop being worthy of love when we decide to be
  • How to access your own stories, where you consciously hold onto the lie that you’re not worthy of love. Then, you’ll walk through each story and let go of that painful delusion hiding in each one

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