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Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program 2019 – Margaret Lynch Download. What if you could get beyond all the conventional talk about “abundance” or “pro…

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What if you could get beyond all the conventional talk about “abundance” or “prosperity” – talk that just scratches the surface of transforming from a limited financial picture to a wealthy life of meaning and impact?

Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program 2019 – Margaret Lynch course with special price just for you$697  $74

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You’re already doing amazing coaching and transformational work.

You love your clients – and you give them what they really need, in a way that provides great benefit to their lives.

But do you ever wish your clients would make an even bigger investment in you and your work?

That you could deepen your relationships and spend more time with fewer clients?

Do you find yourself fixing lots of small problems, yet sense there is a larger underlying issue preventing clients from getting better results?

What if you knew how to reveal, zero in on and CLEAR the biggest blocks clients have against REAL money and creating REAL wealth?

What if you could get beyond all the conventional talk about “abundance” or “prosperity” – talk that just scratches the surface of transforming from a limited financial picture to a wealthy life of meaning and impact?

I’ve got the tools for you to do It.

That conventional talk is what everyone else is selling.

But conventional talk gets conventional results.

Why not become an expert in LIBERATING clients from their limiting generational programming about money and BLOW them away by creating real and LASTING change for them?

When you’re able to help them see that your services are ESSENTIAL to having the life they want – they won’t even consider NOT buying in.

You’re already an amazing coach

Now it’s time for you to become an irreplaceable one.

Introducing the TAPPING INTO WEALTH Coach Training Program:

Ever since I discovered how to clear the limiting money vows and generational programming holding back even my most brilliant clients without their knowledge or consent, I knew I had to take action.

I made it my MISSION to create nothing less than a GENERATION of NEW WEALTH.

We’re in this together – and I want to help YOU use my book “Tapping Into Wealth” to grow your own business to a place where:

Emotionally Rewarding = Financially Rewarding

This is not just a shiny add-on to thank you for buying copies of my book.

It’s an entire business model.

It’s a new foundation for your work as a coach, healer, tapping practitioner, financial adviser, or law of attraction guide.

You’ll love it. And your clients will love YOU even more.


We’ve all met people who really need our help. We know that they’d live fuller, more successful lives if we worked with them, but we can see their attention wander.

It isn’t the money – you’ve seen their heads turn to spend on something frivolous or instantly gratifying.

They just don’t seem READY.

What’s missing is a sense of URGENCY.

It doesn’t matter whether your focus is on the success, health, empowerment, business development, or spirituality of your clients.

They MUST see your services as nothing short of a life – changing necessity in order to make an investment and commitment with you.


It may seem counterintuitive. But a great price isn’t necessarily a great motivator.

Clients expect something life-changing to be EXPENSIVE.

Ever had a prized possession or family heirloom that you couldn’t put a price on?

This item was so unique and valuable it was IRREPLACEABLE.

You’d pay anything to get it back and selling it for a discount would be downright insulting.

What your clients pay to change their very lives also mirrors how they imagine themselves at their most powerful.

You must give them what they want.

IRREPLACEABLE YOU, at a high price in line with your worth AND theirs.


“My goal is to have THE PROGRAM with the shortest ROI the coaching industry!”

Margaret M Lynch guides you through an 8 month comprehensive training program to become an Authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach.


  • Over 100 scientific papers about EFT have appeared in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals. These include dozens of randomized controlled trials, outcome studies, and review articles by invesigators from Harvard Medical School, Perdue University, Stanford University, University of Arizona, and many other top institutions.
  • Over 60 studies have been published
  • 98% of all EP studies show it works
  • 100% of follow ups showed that benefits lasted 

info provided by and Dawson Church

The training program has 2 distinct phases for the fastest return on your investment:

  1. Becoming expert and experienced in the TIW transformational processes
  2. Exploding your impact and income with the marketing toolkit provided

PHASE 1: Becoming expert and experienced in the TIW transformational processes

  • 12 Expert Coach Training Modules, 90-minute audios, teaching you step by step how to coach the entire Tapping Into Wealth Process (easily a sequence of 12 sessions or more for your client packages).
  • Monthly case study requirements on each process as it is learned to grow your confidence and apply what you learn!
  • Access to over 450cases studies (and growing) written from real sessions with coaches and clients applying the processes.
  • 8 months of live calls with Margaret and her Coach Trainers to review case studies and YOUR sessions with clients.
  • Freedom to study the processes as slowly or quickly as you chose for your best learning style and timeframe.
  • Connect, practice and get supported and SEEN in the membership site with current trainees and graduates. Additional month to complete case studies for the final exam.

PHASE 2: Exploding Your Impact and Income with the Marketing Toolkit

  • Step by step training on exactly how to use each piece of the toolkit so you are clear and ready! Exactly what to say to Wow people at networking events when you say what you do.
  • 2 signature talks proven to blow people away and lead to sales. Includes full demonstration of the entire talk- what to do and say step by step…and why.
  • Exactly what to do when sponsoring an event to get huge numbers of strategy sessions booked (proven).
  • Exact script to offer one-on-one “sales conversations” – proven to work at end of talks or networking events.
  • Exact script for “sales conversations” to give value, feel congruent and allow you to make a higher ticket coaching offer that enrolls clients.
  • Margaret’s press kit of real pitches and interview topics used to pitch tv and radio during my book tour. Includes stats to help build more pitches and my professionally designed “sell sheets” for you to copy and customize.
  • 12 articles full of mapped-out content and ready for you to customize for your blog or other publications.
  • 12 YouTube video content Ideas proven to get views and comments ready for your “spin” to showcase your presence and develop your authority (goal of 10k views in 6 months).
  • Video scripting for how to start, tell your story, transition to call to action and end videos.
  • Beautiful, professional “Tapping Into Wealth” hand-outs for your clients reinforcing the impact of their session while strongly branding you.
  • Specific options to create higher ticket package offers that increase your income.


  • Bonus Training Class Series
  • Margaret’s in-depth client approach using the Life Purpose Profiles as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach
  • Complimentary Ticket to Ignite Your Power – a 3 Day Immersion Into Transformation (Ticket price $1997)
  • Ifree year (fee waived) – your business listed in the Tapping Into Wealth Coach Directory ($50 value)
  • Exclusive access to the special Retreat JUST for new coaches the day before Ignite Your Power starts

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