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ADVANCED Energetic Reset – Melinda Lee Download. Balance every organ, gland and system in the body with this amazing energetic technique that Melinda Lee h…

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Balance every organ, gland and system in the body with this amazing energetic technique that Melinda Lee has used around the world with hundreds of clients where they feel the results instantly.

ADVANCED Energetic Reset – Melinda Lee course with special price just for you$297  $44

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Energetic Reset: Brain and Body Integration

  • Have you ever wanted to know some techniques that could assist your body in healing itself?
  • Techniques that you could also use for your family and friends?
  • Are you a healer who would love to add another effective technique into your toolbox?

Balance every organ, gland and system in the body with this amazing energetic technique that Melinda Lee has used around the world with hundreds of clients where they feel the results instantly.

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

ITEM 1: Core Energetic Reset Program Value: $499

With this program you will be guided through the understanding of this remarkable healing technique that you will use over and over again throughout your life. Melinda will show you how she uses it with her clients around the world and how it can be combined with other healing techniques you may currently use.

With this program you will:

  • Learn to balance the nervous system and also understand why when that is out of balance it affects everything else.
  • Learn that this may be the program that will shift a chronic or debilitating pain out of your body in seconds.
  • Understand the spiritual process behind instant healing and how it works for everyone.
  • Find out why other techniques have not worked as well as they should for YOU.

This treatment addresses underlying issues driving the symptom pattern by restoring all the body systems to optimal function.

Some of the areas she will personally address in this special program:

  • Learn the technique and the 2 brainwaves that are the most powerful for instant results
  • You will be guided to these brainwaves where all healing is amplified as you are working with the Creator.
  • Learn how to hold the brainwaves for continued amplified healing
  • Balance and ground for the optimal healing platform
  • Clear all geopathic stress/electromagnetic frequencies
  • Reset the body, mind and emotions by touch and integrate with the BRAIN
  • Learn to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Release the brain and body from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites
  • Balance the hydrochloric acid, blood sugar, enzymes, hormones and much more
  • Work within the DNA to shift genetic blueprints that hold you back creating pain and disease
  • You will learn to heal the spine and pain in the nerves and vertebral areas
  • Why I love this technique for healing sciatica and how it shifted me in 30 seconds
  • You will learn why many illnesses are resistant to healing and how to change this
  • Clear PTSD and all forms of shock and trauma
  • Clear psychic attack, implants, others, homes, property, neighborhood
  • Learn to clear and be impervious to poisons, toxins, and lethal disruptors that are making you sick

And so much more

For the first time EVER Melinda Lee is sharing POWER HOUSE PRODUCTS for healing.

Different than what most are using out there in the healing world she combines ENERGETIC and MEDICAL insights that bridge the vastness of each area.

Melinda will show you step by step a proven method of instant release from pain and illness like never before.

By the end of these 2 one and a half hour classes, you will have a better understanding of how THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU AND THAT YOU TOO, CAN DO THIS HEALING WORK.

Class One 1½ Hours: Learn the Incredible Technique

Class Two 1½ Hours: Practice on application and implementation of everything you’ve learned plus questions and answers

You will receive additional and complete comprehensive instruction with a recorded training and student handbook that will be part of your Energetic Reset Program.

Please note that you will receive recordings of these classes for your continued use and study.

ITEM 2: Chakra Mastery Value: $297

This program shares the secrets that hold keys to your mental, spiritual and physical health. This powerful meditation technique will help you cleanse and align the seven energy vortexes within your body.

It has been scientifically proven by clearing emotional blockages, the physiology of your body changes. The organs, glands and body systems, which correspond with the chakras, heal and rejuvenate.
Chakra therapy activates your full potential to heal within the deepest parts of your soul and awakens your spiritual power.

ITEM 3: Quantum Manifesting Secrets® Value: $297

Manifesting Secrets provides valuable ancient wisdom that can profoundly affect our lives today.

These powerful exercises, when integrated, will align you with love, abundance and great health. Harmonious relationships and happiness will be yours. You will come to realize the untapped power within you.

This 4 hour program will provide you will tools to easily and profoundly change your energy. It will assist you in the creation and attraction of anything you desire in your life.

What a wonderful world it will be for you and those around you when you use and share this life changing information.

Energy Healing Mastery – MP3 Value $97

This astounding 50-minute audio presentation of Healing Stories will expand your previous perceptions of energy healing.

Melinda shares many profound healing stories to open your mind to the miracle within all of us.

For instance, learn how Melinda’s grandson Kaden died at birth and without oxygen for 20-25 min and was brought back to life and healed. He’s now 9 years old, brilliant and a foot taller than anyone in his fourth grade class.

Package B

ITEM 4: Advance Energetic Reset Program Value: $499

ADVANCED Energetic Reset: Healing for Your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Body

Melinda covers many things she has been asked to address, which includes even more in depth healing on specific areas of the body. Understanding the energetic reset steps that are needed for specific illnesses, such as diabetes, will be covered. This will include specific insights into supplementation that will assist the healing process, as well as a few of Melinda’s favorites.

Advanced Energetic Reset course is 2 hours of jam packed information that you will use over and over again. This has been recorded in 2 segments and offered as an MP4 download…available for you to review again and again.

In the Advanced Energetic Reset, Melinda covers how to:

  • Experience a profound energetic tune up for all organs, glands and systems
  • Boost the immune system for optimal strength and resistance to illness
  • Clear shock and trauma and restore harmony and balance
  • Restore normal function to the body with proper energetic reset balancing
  • Feel relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias, PTSD, and physical disease

This is simple and painless and you learn to take control of your own health by eliminating the symptom pattern

ITEM 5: 25 min Personal session with Melinda Lee Value: $148.50

Purchase Package B and receive a special 30-minute Personal Session with Melinda Lee.

Melinda’s sessions are powerful and will assist you in transforming your life!

Break through blocks in this personalized session.

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Unlock your full potential with Melinda Lee – ADVANCED Energetic Reset courses. our courses are designed to help you excel.

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