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Source Code Meditation and 9 Summits – Michael Cotton Download. Do you want to know why you are here? Is your soul starving? Do you want to know how to liv…

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Do you want to know why you are here? Is your soul starving? Do you want to know how to live your life from the next stage of human evolution…be fulfilled in relationships?

Source Code Meditation and 9 Summits – Michael Cotton course with special price just for you$1697  $124

Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: https://archive.md/3FiFp

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Our online program options allow you to experience the revolutionary Source Code Meditation technique…from anywhere in the world


Become aMember of Source Code Meditation Today!

Do you want to know why you are here? Is your soul starving? Do you want to know how to live your life from the next stage of human evolution…be fulfilled in relationships? Money? Family? Do you want deep spiritual experience and to know that spiritual truth as the core of your being? Do you want to unlock a potential within you that will make modern technology look light years behind what your own brain is capable of?

500 years ago in Florence, Italy, a new movement was coming into being. A small group of people were waking up to a new consciousness and discovering a new way to live. This awakening not only led to changes in their own life but also led to changes in their art, politics, education, financial systems and values. In fact, an entirely new worldview was birthed called the Renaissance.

According to renowned philosopher Paul Tillich, the leading-edge group that created the momentum to sweep across many cultures and thrust humanity out of the dark ages and into the Renaissance was comprised of only 1,000 people.

Do you want to be one of the next 1,000 people to change the world?

Right now, we are laying the foundations for Renaissance 2.0. A new movement is being birthed through the brain-first revolution, Source Code Meditation. Will you join us? Could this be your destiny? We are enrolling a total of 1000 Founding Members into one of our Source Code Meditation programs below. These programs will change your life and include you in a new community, ushering in a new stage of human evolution…



  1. Experience deep peace, joy and clarity by attaining enlightenment consciousness
  2. Live with certainty as you discover absolute truths beyond all life’s overwhelm and complexity
  3. Activate dormant potential in your brain that unlocks potential in your life
  4. Experience the gifts of decades of meditation

Most meditation techniques use the mind to try and change the mind.


As valuable as traditional meditation techniques can be, they have very real limitations. Most meditation techniques, given enough time (often decades of practice for hours each day) and with enough intense focus, confer on the advanced meditators significant changes not only in the mind, but they also lead to large scale changes in the Higher Brain. These physical brain changes allow easier access and greater sustainability for the desired advanced meditative states of mind. However very few of us make it to these rarified states of mind, because few of us create the requisite changes in the brain. The amount of time and the intensity of focus needed, while “using the mind to change the mind” until the brain changes, is just too arduous for most of us modern humans. Dropping out of society, living in a cave and spending hours every day examining the workings of our mind is just not an option.

There has been a breakthrough. What if it were possible to mobilize latent energy in the body and direct it in a way that energized the Higher Brain immediately before meditation? And AFTER the Higher Brain was awakened, THEN introduce a powerful new meditation technique? Traditional meditation approaches require us to ‘put the cart before the horse’ by directing our focus inwards, without the Higher Brain being prepped and tuned to receive it.

Source Code Meditation is a way to activate latent energy in your body, awaken your Higher Brain, enlighten your mind and set your heart on fire to create a new world.

All programs teach you to master the SCM technique on your own through a user-friendly, online program. Additionally, you can optionally register for ‘hands-on’ facilitated sessions provided by one of our certified SCM Facilitators. These hands-on sessions super charge your ability to self-mobilize the subtle energy in your body and activate your Higher Brain. These hands-on sessions thus greatly enhance your ability to activate your Higher Brain in your daily home practice as you prep your brain for the revolutionary brain-first meditation. You also have the option to register for an EEG package (including 2 scans and a consultation) conducted with our Director of Research to track your brain’s changes as you experience this program.

Get Source Code Meditation and 9 Summits – Michael Cotton , Only Price $159

The 9 Summits of Transformation

SCM shifts brain state and provides you access to advanced states of consciousness. This ability to create this shift can be cultivated for a lifetime and should be a daily practice. The 9 Summits help you take all you gain from your SCM practice and use those gains of advanced brain physiology and higher consciousness to transform all areas of your life.

To progress through the 9 Summits of Transformation is to experience a fully liberated state of ‘being’ and an evolutionary state of ‘becoming’ as you fully engage the life process. Each of the summits provide a ‘map and means’ to awaken and transform yourself within each area of human growth and evolution.

Each summit provides assessment to ensure that you are accomplishing the objectives of that summit. The SCM-induced higher states are the key to effective transformation for each summits higher human potential objective. The SCM Higher Brain/mind state creates the opening to unlock the potential of each summit, thorough awakened discovery and empowered action and execution within the life process.

Choose one of the 2 programs below and enroll today!


Discover SCM is an 8 Week Course including 2 Modules, 10 Videos, 25+ Written Materials, and More!

How would your life be different if you were stress-free, clear, confident and focused everyday? Imagine having deep enlightenment experiences that led to inner peace and clarity in any situation or life circumstance. When is the right time for you to have this life? Was yesterday already too late?

Invest only an hour a day for 8 weeks to activate your Higher Brain and enlighten your mind. Feel benefits in week one! I don’t know about you but this sounds a lot better to me than sitting in a cave meditating for 4 hours every day for decades…hoping for breakthrough.

This course is a week-by-week, step-by-step, guided process that teaches you to activate Higher Brain potential and introduce meditation WHILE your Higher Brain is prepped to receive it.


  • 10 Video Instructions/Demonstrations
  • 5 Pre-Recorded Mentoring Q&A Calls with Michael
  • Over 25 Written Teachings + Charts
  • PDF Quick-Use Guides
  • Progress Assessments
  • Access to our Exclusive SCM Facebook Group for Support + Guidance


SCM + 9 Summits is a 6 Month Course including all Modules, Videos, Written Materials, and More!

Based on the leading edge philosophy of Integral Metatheory, the 9 Summits of Transformation is a holistic, guided, life journey that takes your SCM awakenings, advances them and ushers you into a life of confidence, clarity, deep purpose and meaning as you live out your destiny.

In this course you will be guided through the 9 Summits of Transformation where you will to not only wake up, but grow up, clean up and show up. As your mind continues to enlighten, you will discover your soul’s purpose, rid yourself of the shadows that hold you back and be guided step-by-step to live a fearlessly authentic and evolutionary life.


  • SCM + 9 Summits of Transformation, 6 Month Online Course
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching/Q&A Calls with Michael
  • Over 40 Video Instructions/Demonstrations
  • 25 Pre-Recorded Mentoring Q&A Calls with Michael
  • 10 Audio Recordings
  • Over 50 Written Teachings + Charts
  • Learn SCM Advanced Techniques
  • Create your clear and confident life of purpose and meaning
  • PDF Quick-Use Guides
  • Progress Assessments
  • Access to our Exclusive SCM Facebook Group for Support + Guidance

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