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Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques – Mike Mandel Download. Become an Incredible Hypnotist in Record Time. We’ll Take You Step by Step with Bite-Sized Videos …

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Buy Mike Mandel – Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques Course at AiBox. We join Groupbuy AND always try to share knowledge with more people. Especially the quality is the same as salepage. You can buy directly at salepage, with full price. (link SALEPAGE are mounted directly on the post)

Become an Incredible Hypnotist in Record Time. We’ll Take You Step by Step with Bite-Sized Videos that Make Hypnosis Easy.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques – Mike Mandel course with special price just for you$127  $38

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The Ultimate Online Hypnosis Training For Seasoned Pros … or Total Beginners

Become an Incredible Hypnotist in Record Time. We’ll Take You Step by Step with Bite-Sized Videos that Make Hypnosis Easy.

Dear Reader,

Do you want to be a GREAT hypnotist? Not just skillful, but truly masterful? The only way to achieve that goal is to invest your time in learning from truly great teachers.

We’d love to have you train in-person with us. But not everyone can take the time off or make the investment required to get to Toronto. And we only train a few small classes per year and they sell out quickly.

It took me a long time to convince Mike Mandel to start from scratch and create an online hypnosis academy containing everything that we teach in our live classes.

We’ve actually built something even more amazing. The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy now has FAR MORE material than we can cover in our live class. This is why our live students inevitably join the online Academy to continue learning and refining their skills.

What you’ll discover on this page is arguably the most comprehensive and high quality online hypnosis training that exists anywhere.

With This Training You Get Immediate Access to a HUGE Library for One Low Price… 

Simply put …

It’s Like Netflix for Hypnosis Training.

Just like Netflix gives you unlimited access to a video library for a low monthly price … we offer you a similar model for online hypnosis training.

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy contains over 300 high quality training videos, Q&A audio tracks and summary “cheat sheets” broken down into 24 core lessons.

Here’s the deal: You get instant online access to a very complete library of hypnosis training material from one of the best trainers in the world.

You get access to everything for one low monthly tuition. Access the training online as often as you wish. When you feel you’ve had enough you are free to cancel anytime, just like Netflix.

We back it all up with a satisfaction guarantee. It’s standard stuff and all details are all clearly explained on this page.

Nobody else in the business (that we’re aware of) would dare give away so much up front for such a low investment. We created a training package that is so good you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned hypnosis professional or a total beginner. The content is awesome and the price is set so anyone can afford high quality training.

Here’s Everything Included in the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

You Get Unlimited Access to ALL of This.

  • Learn in Bite Sized Chunks. 24 detailed video modules. Each module is about an hour long and broken down into several shorter videos that are easy to sit through and FUN to watch. The entire Academy is well over 300 videos.
  • Q&A audios for every lesson. We’ve gone even further by creating fun and engaging audio Q&A sessions for every single lesson. Chris spends half an hour grilling Mike about the content to unpack even more knowledge for you. Our students love these audio sessions!
  • Handy cheat sheets for every lesson. Because we know you’ll want to refer back to these lessons, we’ve crafted very detailed PDF “cheat sheet” summary notes for every single lesson.
  • Monthly live webinars. Every month we hold a live Q&A webinar that we call “Open Frame”. Submit your questions in advance or ask them live on the webinar. Mike answers them all for you. We record these too, so there’s actually a huge archive of past webinars waiting for you the moment you join.
  • Mobile device friendly. Our membership area looks gorgeous on your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad or whatever device you prefer. We don’t mean that it “sort of” works on your mobile device. Our training is 100% mobile compatible.
  • FUN instruction that’s easy to understand. Mike’s presentation style is captivating, brilliant and FUN, as are all of the demonstrations we recorded for you. This course was created from the ground up JUST for online consumption. Many other trainers just give you boring recordings of classroom lectures.
  • A small investment just like Netflix. The Mike Mandel Hypnosis is a membership. You join, you get access to a huge library of content (and archived webinars), and you can stay as long as you’re getting great value from it. This makes it VERY affordable for those who prefer to binge on hypnosis training videos.
  • Access to us (and the community) in a private Facebook Group. This is a free bonus for our members. Mike and Chris regularly engage with the rest of the community in our Facebook group called “MMHA Engage”. Our students love this resource!
  • Member-only discounts to our digital trainings. Our hypnosis academy members get access to discounts on our other training products such as Graphology (handwriting analysis) and MINDSCAPING (every hypnotist should have this in their toolbox). If you’re considering any of this additional training join the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy first. It will immediately save you money.

You Get Everything in These 24 Video Modules Immediately.

Each lesson below is about an hour long and is made up of 8-10 videos, an audio Q&A session and a PDF summary sheet. 

Lesson 1 – The Fundamentals

Mike Mandel explains his neo-Ericksonian model of hypnosis and guides you through the first exercise to learn how to calibrate your subjects.

Lesson 2 – The Fundamentals (continued)

Mike dives straight into topics including calibration, congruence, rapport and the John Grinder model. You’ll learn different models of hypnosis and you’ll get your first leverage induction.

Lesson 3 – Ericksonian Principles.

The keys to Ericksonian hypnosis! Mike guides you through utilization and incorporation, artful vagueness, double binds, embedded commands and analog marking, yes sets, compliance sets and linkages.

Lesson 4 – Ericksonian Principles (continued)

Since Erickson’s work is so fundamental to what we teach, we had to break the core material into two lessons. Learn how to be artfully vague with language, and how to build rapport and notice trance as it develops in your clients / subjects.

Lesson 5 – Power Language!

Learn what Mike Mandel refers to as “power language”. These lessons will apply within and outside of hypnosis. You’ll use power language in normal conversation, in pre-talk, or during hypnotic work. Just this lesson alone will give you life-changing results.

Lesson 6 – Impromptu Hypnosis

Mike Mandel takes you beyond Ericksonian hypnosis and introduces you to the basics of direct hypnosis based on suggestibility tests and the principles of heteroaction and homoaction (If you don’t know these two terms you need this course!)

Lesson 7 – Hypnotic Metaphors Part I

This lesson introduces you to metaphor and the Milton Erickson handshake interrupt. It nicely bridges with what you learned in lesson 6 and gives you more conversational techniques.

Lesson 8 – Hypnotic Metaphors Part II

Nested loops: This is a highly effective conversational hypnosis technique many instructors don’t understand and don’t teach. We also give you the Kinesthetic Ambiguity rapid induction to continue building your toolbox of hypnotic inductions.

Lesson 9 – Hypnotic Deepeners and Confusion

You’ll learn how to amplify trance and how to use the Milton H. Erickson confusion principle. Mike teaches one particular confusion technique that he’s never taught anybody until this academy. Bonus: We’ve included new language patterns for you to add to your toolbox.

Lesson 10 – Building Your Toolbox Part I

Building your toolbox! New suggestibility tests and direct-method inductions (and much more). At this point we’re starting to blur the lines between Erickson’s artfully vague language and we’re soon going to shift into the direct, authoritative model of hypnosis.

Lesson 11 – Building Your Toolbox Part II

This lesson dives deeper into using the visual, auditory and kinesthetic (feeling) systems. We also cover anchoring, abreaction, nominalizations, and meeting client expectations. Learn about painted words. We also give you another hypnotic induction and deepening technique.

Lesson 12 – The Direct Method of Hypnosis

Now that you have a very firm grasp of Ericksonian methods, it’s time to teach you the direct hypnosis paradigm for personal change. Mike teaches you a logical 7 step method that is easily learned, enabling you to deal with a wide variety of problems and issues.

Lesson 13 – Suggestions, Ideomotor and Confusion

We’re really starting to weave together the direct and indirect paradigms of hypnosis now! Learn about hypnotic convincers in the Ericksonian paradigm, more on Ericksonian confusion principles, and how to use hypnosis to enhance memory. Also: Ideomotor signals and universal therapy.

Lesson 14 – More Inductions and Tips on Hypnotherapy

Learn more about ideomotor signals and subjective units of distress (SUDs). Discover the inner secrets to crafting suggestions or directions, and a learn a new induction technique. We also cover self hypnosis and how to hypnotize children.

Lesson 15 – Ericksonian Language Development and Getting Deeper Trances

Learn all about the language of trance and wakefulness. The Meta Model and the Milton Model. The power of Hinge Sentences, Pattern Interrupts, Anchoring, Fractionation, and much more!

Lesson 16 – The Dave Elman Induction

A deep dive into the famous and very powerful Dave Elman induction. People sell entire courses on this induction, which are of lesser quality than this lesson. Learn this correctly and it just may become your go-to induction with clients. 

Lesson 17 – Dealing with Phobias and Anxieties

In this lesson Mike teaches you all about how to deal with phobia and anxieties. Lousy hypnotists often think these are the same thing – they are not! Pay close attention to the fine points in this material and you’ll become far better than most (poorly trained) hypnotists.

Lesson 18 – Entertainment Hypnosis

By popular demand, this lesson focuses entirely on using hypnosis for entertainment. Whether you want to hypnotize friends at a party or do full stage hypnosis shows, this is the education you need. Remember, Mike Mandel has been doing professional stage hypnosis since 1975. What he shares is pure gold.

Also: We give you a FULL example of Mike Mandel’s stage show in the bonus area. The entire show is captured with professional sound and HD video quality!

Lesson 19 – Smoking Cessation, Addictions and Cravings

In this lesson Mike Mandel shows you how to help people will all sorts of addictions and cravings including how to deal with smokers. If you’re helping people with these issues this lesson alone will transform your results and your business.

Lesson 20 – Pain Management

Most people don’t know this about hypnosis, but it really shines with helping people control pain. We often get pain management specialists (doctors) coming to our live training JUST to learn this topic. In this online training you’ll learn several different methods to deal with pain, including submodality shifts, direct suggestion and glove anaesthesia.

Lesson 21 – Weight Management

Why call it “weight management” instead of “weight loss”? Because when you lose something you attempt to find it again. We don’t want our clients finding their lost weight. You’ll learn Mike Mandel’s 4-session approach to helping clients achieve their ideal body composition while building up their self esteem and installing supportive, positive beliefs.

Lesson 22 – Procrastination and Insomnia

We attack these two common client problems with this lesson. At this point in the lesson plan you’ll already have solid ideas and tools to help you deal with both problems, but Mike shares many more nuggets of wisdom to help you achieve superior results.

Lesson 23 – Self Hypnosis

This lesson is all about the wonderful world of self hypnosis. Mike and Chris share many methods and the three-step setup that you must use to get the best results. It’s easy to do! We’ve included this highly detailed lesson because it’s an important topic and we’re sick of seeing others try to charge a lot of money for JUST this topic. We’re committed to delivering superior training and value.

Lesson 24 – The Nominalization Lens Protocol, Pattern Interrupts and More Hypnosis Tools.

In this lesson, Mike hands you several new techniques to help people change their lives. You’ll learn Mike’s own “nominalization lens protocol” which helps clients see their life through a new “lens”. You’ll learn the diagonal reframe to instantly change how clients feel about something. You’ll learn a new induction (the conscious/unconscious dissociation) and how to perform powerful pattern interrupts.

This is NOT …

  • We DO NOT teach you to read scripts. We teach principles, not scripts. When you learn to read a script you’re training to … read scripts! We teach you solid principles so you’ll successfully develop the right approach for each client.
  • It’s NOT just a digital version of a box of DVDs. Yes, you do get hundreds of training videos. But you also get real interaction with us and our global community of students. We support one another. Mike and Chris stay involved.
  • It’s NOT old school, dust-dry hypnosis. This isn’t a bunch of lecture videos. No way! We recorded these videos specifically for our online Academy and we made them FUN. Mike is an extremely engaging and entertaining hypnosis instructor, so you’ll love our training. Mike stays very current on the best methods in hypnosis so this isn’t some repackaged hypnosis material from the 1960s. It’s fresh and fun.
  • It’s NOT just for beginners. The Academy is absolutely suited for beginners (because we start by building your foundation in hypnosis), but we regularly teach experienced hypnotists, medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Mike Mandel will up your game no matter where you’re at right now.

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