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Superior Status – Paul Janka Download. I’m not asking you to just “buy a product”. I’m asking you to read every word of what I have to say in this letter. …

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I’m not asking you to just “buy a product”. I’m asking you to read every word of what I have to say in this letter. It affects any guy who wants to attract or keep the woman of his dreams…

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Could It Really Be Possible That Every Woman You Meet Will Inevitably Ditch You For Another Guy… Or Worse, CHEAT on YOU… and That It’s Because Of Something YOU Are Doing?”

Sadly, the answer is YES… but it’s NOT because you’re not a great guy… or even because you’re not good looking enough or don’t have enough money. Read on to discover the reason why so many men get left in the dust for other men… or completely passed over in the first place…

From: Paul Janka

Have you ever wondered why some men seem to attract the highest quality women with ease while you have to work hard to attract and keep beautiful women in your life?

Do you ever get worried that you’ll never be able to attract and keep the perfect girl if the opportunity came along?

Maybe you’ve feared that if you did attract a great woman, she might cheat on you or leave you for a more attractive and exciting man.

I want you to know that these are totally normal thoughts to have and you are not alone…

Not only are you not alone, you may even be right…

In fact, the statistics show that cheating is at an all time high.

Men are unable to attract the best women, and even when they do, those women often leave them for what they feel is a better guy.

In this letter I’m going to reveal the REAL reason this happens… and I’m also going to reveal the antidote. I’m going to show you how to rise above all of the noise and find yourself in a situation where women will do anything to be with you…

I’m not asking you to just “buy a product”. I’m asking you to read every word of what I have to say in this letter. It affects any guy who wants to attract or keep the woman of his dreams…

Women cheat on men with low, perceived status…

Here’s the truth…

Women cheat on their partners just as much as men…

Those that don’t, fantasise about being with another man…

A recent study showed that 68% of married women would have an affair if they knew their husband wouldn’t find out… and that’s MARRIED women.

Side-note: Before you go around hating on women, know that the same studies show that men cheat even more than women. This isn’t a gender exclusive problem.

The fact infidelity is so high has nothing to do with “the way things are today”. In fact, contrary to what many believe, this has always been the case.

Here’s what’s really going on:

Women are actually hard-wired to seek out men who they perceive to have “superior” status. They gravitate towards men who not only have superior status to them, but superior status to other men.

When a woman meets a man with high status, she’ll leave her low status man in an instant if the opportunity is there and this has been happening since the beginning of time.

Back when we humans were still in tribes, it was crucial for a woman’s survival and well-being that she found a man with superior status. Men with superior status typically had greater resources and were able to protect them better.

Whilst we don’t exactly live in caveman societies anymore, women today are still pre-programmed from birth to be attracted to men with superior status.

If you don’t have Superior Status, women may stay with you for comfort, but they’ll eventually leave or worse, cheat when they come across a guy that has superior status to you.

There is nothing they can do about it.

However, there is something you can do about it…

The most beautiful and unattainable women will do WHATEVER it takes to keep YOU if you have “superior” status…

Did you know that there is a small subsect of men in the world that enjoy the highest levels of respect and admiration from others, have people going out of their way to please them and NEVER get cheated on by women?

What’s more, is that these men don’t have good looks or lots of money (though more often than not, they get the best job offers without even having to go to interviews)…

The ONLY thing that these men have that others don’t… is perceived superior status over other men and women.

Now, certain men in our culture shortcut their way to superior levels of status due to fame.

Celebrities have high perceived status – they command respect, admiration and women surround them like ants to sugar.

Put any faithful, committed woman in a room with her favourite male celebrity and watch what happens…

Or if you want to save your sanity, don’t.

However, attaining superior levels of status does not require becoming a celebrity, becoming rich or having male-model looks.

There’s a way that you can develop superior status to the point where women everywhere you go will not only instantly get attracted to you… they wouldn’t even pick their favourite celebrity over you if they had the chance.

World Renowned Psychologist Cracks The Code To Attaining Superior Levels Of Status

Early on in my journey, I began to see the power that status brought to any man who had it—and I wondered what made status present in certain men, yet absent in others…

As I began to search for the answer—I was introduced to a world-renowned psychologist named Dr. Paul, who focused exclusively on male psychology and helping men change their lives… Not only when it came to succeeding with women, but across the board—including money, career, sex, social life and much more.

Without bragging too much for him, I can say that when it comes to the male mind, Dr. Paul is probably the most knowledgeable and competent psychologist on earth today. I wish you could have heard some of those early conversations with Dr. Paul–the guy is brilliant.

Each call he and I had was amazing. It was the perfect balance—because my time at Harvard made me a pretty sharp and perceptive guy and because nobody is better than Dr. Paul at helping guys get to the root of their mental and emotional problems, we were able to uncover shocking insights into the male psyche that 99% of guys never consider or think about.

In fact, as Dr. Paul and I began to break down what gave a man “status”—it became clear that it was much less about surface-level stuff like looks or clothes or money and much more about “internal” shifts, make-able by any guy, that create a very deep, noticeable sort of power and confidence.

In other words, a man with superior status is simply a man who has discovered the secret to becoming more developed in the right ways…

And this development is easy and available to you, me and any other man once you learn the secrets.

Complicated “Techniques” and cheesy pickup lines not required…

There’s now an entire industry built upon this idea that in order to attract and keep the most gorgeous women, you need to use fancy techniques, pickup lines and routines.

Not only is that wrong, it’s DANGEROUS.

Firstly, the best, most beautiful and most intelligent women can see straight through techniques and you’ll come across as an insecure, low status man.

Secondly, when you rely on techniques to attract women, eventually, you’ll run out of techniques at which point your true lack of confidence and composure will be exposed.

When you instead develop superior status using the secrets Dr. Paul and I found, you won’t need to use techniques or cheesy pickup lines.

You’ll feel this surge of confidence and you’ll just naturally say and do all of the right things to not only attract the hottest women, but have them begging to stay with you.

Even the most highly sought-after women will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and satisfied at all times…

Once you take the steps Dr. Paul and I discovered in our uncensored conversations, you’ll find yourself powerfully poised in any situation, with ANY woman, no matter how beautiful or desirable she is.

I want you to imagine with me what it’s like to have Superior Status…

You never worry about what to say because you just naturally “know” how to talk to her without a second thought.

You never fear that your intentions with her might be too sexual, or worry that she’ll be offended by your advances. Instead, you carry yourself with calm, collected sense of confidence at all times, even in situations where other guys get nervous or rattled…

And you quickly lose the feeling that a hot woman—ANY woman, no matter how sexy she looks—is too good for you.

In fact, you begin to feel like SHE is the one who must work and earn your respect and approval, NOT the other way around.

AND in addition to you quickly becoming the kind of guy who gets amazing women without a ton or work or gimmicks… The very best part—by far—is that you start feeling a sort of self-assuredness and poise about life that is so satisfying, it’s hard to describe…

This feeling is much more deep (and longer lasting) than hooking up with a 10 could ever feel… (And trust me, I love sleeping with 10’s!)

Oh, and as a side benefit—if or when you DO find an all-around amazing woman you want to get serious about (which I have several times over the years, and have in my life now)… You’ll be glad to know that guys with superior status never get cheated on, never get broken up with… and, even the most beautiful, most sought-after women will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and satisfied at all times.

Superior Status bypasses age, money, fame or good looks…

Here’s the great thing about having superior status…

It is universally attractive.

That means that it doesn’t limit you to a certain type of woman and you won’t be limited by age, money, looks or fame.

Men with superior status are instantly identifiable by beautiful women and even men of all ages and professions will treat you with a higher level of respect without realising why.

This means that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you have or what you look like, if you have superior status over other men and women, you’ll attract women like a magnet and command the respect and admiration of men of all ages and backgrounds.

The best part though is that women—and in particular, attractive women, are super “tuned” into your status level and where you rank as a man.

If she deems you to have “superior status”— even if it’s purely on an unconscious level, she’ll do ALL sorts of things that she’d never do with a lower status guy…

– She might approach or chase you

– Sleep with you on the first date or night

– Work hard to please you in a relationship

– Feel super attracted to you and want sex all the time

And the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, if you’re labeled average or low status, you’ll generally be ignored, rejected, mistreated, manipulated, cheated on—and ultimately have to settle for a LOT less sex, with much less attractive women.

Is that what you want? I should hope not…

Everything you need to know has been distilled into this transformational audio program

As Dr. Paul and I talked more and more – we realized two things:

– This is a DEEP topic, with at least 25 factors that affect your status (and therefore attractiveness as a man)… and…

 – It’s far too nuanced of a subject for a written report or even a longer e-book…

You really need to HEAR Dr. Paul and I break down each concept, and walk you through the simple steps required to attain SUPERIOR status as a man…

Because listening in on these conversations makes it far easier to get the “aha” or have the light bulb go off in your head, so that you naturally follow through with ACTION… and see powerful new results in your life. 

So… it took a ton of work over the course of many months—but that’s exactly what Dr. Paul and I did… 

We had in-depth conversations, breaking down each status factor and the exact steps a guy could take to begin seeing change in his life—almost immediately.

And the early feedback we got was incredible. Guys who heard even a fraction of our many conversations raved that it was the most in-depth, most spot-on tutorial on being a more powerful, more high status man EVER… 

 The results were so phenomenal—in fact—that we decided to turn these conversations into a full-fledged program called…


And it’s hands down the ultimate training for any guy who wants enhance his ability to attract women by attaining Superior Status—while also becoming powerful in every area of his life.

It’s arguably the single best blueprint you’ll ever find for going from a boy—to becoming the kind of fully realized, mature, powerful man with Superior Status that women are inexplicably drawn to. 

One guy I know jokingly referred to it as “James Bond in a Box”—because the simplest way to make changes that give you the cool, quiet confidence and power that Bond is so famous for.

And while the program goes into great detail breaking down all 25 of the factors that affect your status, don’t worry – you don’t need to master 25 things.

Just make 2 or 3 simple changes to start and you’ll see dramatic change in how both men and women see you… 

Over 7 Hours Of Step-By-Step Instruction Designed To Transform You Into A Man With Superior Status…

So here’s the deal:

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the complete Superior Status audio program. It’s over 7 hours of step-by-step instruction designed to help YOU raise your status, one step at a time, day after day.

But you’ll have to forget about being a “natural” or “alpha male” or mastering pickup…because all those things are limited at best—and require either luck, or lots of work.

Superior Status, on the other hand, is something that you BECOME. Once you have it in you, no one can take it away. And you no longer need to try or strive…

Women automatically FEEL it, and they become drawn to you.

Best of all, the entire process—from the first hello… to sex… and even incredible long-term relationships become 100 times easier. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside the Superior Status audio program…

  • In the first section, we cover the one most overlooked “leadership” quality that creates instant respect from other men, and instant attraction for women (you’ll never find this in any book!)
  • You’ll see why most advice telling you to be an “alpha male” is DEAD WRONG—and why following that advice makes you hated, even rejected by women. The truth is, once you cut out all of the myths, there IS actually a refined, sophisticated form of “dominance” that creates the type of status women are looking for…
  • In section four, we’ll cover the “R” word that makes you bold, daring and leads to extreme success. (Hint: It’s NOT “results”… “reward” or “rejection”). Embracing this one word (and everything that goes with it) is THE best way we know to get the most attractive women, or build an amazing business. Making this a part of your life ensures you build status far faster than other men…
  • You’ll discover why discipline is “stealth” creator of male status. It’s one of the “vital few” qualities you can focus on which creates presence, self-control, success and confidence others around you can FEEL. In section five, we’ll show you the real secret to self-discipline, and why it’s not what we men have been led to believe…
  • How “boundaries” help you create “authority”… and how authority gets you girls. In fact, the more authority you command, the more choice you have when it comes to work and play. On top of that, a high status man knows how to use that authority to get what he wants in every situation… which is exactly what you’ll discover in section six.
  • Have you ever been overlooked or outright rejected by a woman you were interested in? Chances are, you failed one of her hidden “tests.” Yes, these “counterintuitive” tests women give us are a way for them to calibrate our status very quickly. If you don’t understand them, or know exactly how to respond, she’ll label you “low status” in her mind and treat you as disposable.

Note: This sometimes happens within relationships too, and can lead to getting broken up with or cheated on. Be sure to listen to every minute of section seven so that you master the art of recognizing and passing women’s tests.

  • Next… why “social status” might be one of the most misunderstood concepts in seduction lore. We’ll show you how to create or expand your social circle with interesting, high quality people—and do it in a way that feeds you amazing women that are already “pre-attracted”… all this and more in section eight.
  • Next, in section nine, we’ll reveal why the #1 factor in your perceived social status and skill is a concept Dr. Paul calls “impact.” Once you understand this, you’ll be the guy that others (especially women) want to meet and be close to, while others are either being shy, boring or trying ridiculous pickup routines with limited applicability.
  • In section ten, we’ll break down the art of appreciating and accentuating a woman’s feminine energy. This is something almost no one talks about, and is extremely rare in modern society. However, once you have the ability to “awaken” and “amplify” (which sounds new agey, but is actually very concrete process)–you’ll obtain a very special level of status in a woman’s heart.

She’ll crave you…need you… maybe even become addicted to you. And she’ll think you alone understand her, therefore you alone can satisfy her. Deep stuff and bold claims, I realize. But as you listen to this section, I guarantee you’ll have several “aha” moments that change the way you relate to women and become much more “natural” and smooth in all your communications with the opposite sex.

  • In part 11, we’ll break down how status even influences the quality of your serious relationships with women—including the extent to which you’re respected, cared for, faithfulness and so much more. Like many of the sections, Dr. Paul introduces some really powerful science into how communication, boundaries, and other foundational elements of a relationship make all the difference.

Whether you’re interested in playing the field, or you want something more serious—every guy would love to be treated like a king by an amazing woman. And that’s just one of dozens of benefits that stem from the “relationship technology” Dr. Paul breaks down in this section…

  • Next up, section twelve, we reveal advanced secrets of seduction—including a mental trick that instantly beats “approach anxiety” and gives you the confidence to talk to 9’s and 10’s…

Are you starting to see how in-depth and powerful this process is? Honestly, there’s so much in this program, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to list it all:

  • We cover threesomes and dating multiple women…
  • Girlfriend management 101 (and how to avoid drama)…
  • Secrets of the most sexually sophisticated men alive—and how to turn women on and work them up to climax in ways that will make her a “repeat customer” for as long as you want…
  • We break down the hidden physiological factors that flip a switch in the female mind and make her say “yes” to sex, and how to make sure you make her feel safe enough to sleep with you…
  • 5 critical steps you MUST take to avoid STD’s (hint: condoms alone are NOT enough)…
  • Exactly what to do when a woman becomes pregnant (and the one big mistake every guy makes)…
  • How to know when a relationship is done, and how to break up with class and compassion (note: sometimes it’s better to “scale down” a relationship—and we cover this too!)
  • If you’ve ever felt depression or deep sadness, Dr. Paul gives you his clinical recipe for not only getting help, but making powerful changes on your own…
  • You’ll learn about fitness, grooming, and fashion for A-list appearance…
  • Why “controlled time management” can get you laid up to ten times more than other guys…
  • We discuss how to handle money like a mature, powerful man—which is especially critical as you begin dating 9’s and 10’s who are used to rich guys throwing money at them.
  • You’ll learn how to date glamorous, gorgeous, stunning model types if you want—and KEEP them coming back, without ever breaking the bank or even dropping a dime if you don’t want to (many guys go broke not understanding this)…
  • We cover how to get the job you want, and quit the one you hate…
  • The 5 core elements of a powerful masculine attitude, including how to manage your emotions around women (most guys fail women’s tests in this key area)…
  • The art of leading a truly interesting life…
  • Why “vision” and “direction” mean more to a woman than where you’re at right now, or how much money you make…
  • How to know what you want for your life—and what you want in a woman. This helps you STOP wasting time (ironically, knowing what you want makes you more attractive to ALL women, across the board)…
  • And lastly, we reveal the ultimate mindset for building, and maintaining your status—LONG TERM—through something Dr. Paul and I call “standards” (this helps you “lock in” all the amazing gains you make with all parts of the program)…
  • PLUS, way more than I could possibly list here. 

These secrets to attaining Superior Status are really hard to find…

Unless you were born into royalty, happen to be an A-list hollywood celebrity, have access to the world’s best psychologists AND can read minds, you simply cannot find the secrets to attaining Superior Status anywhere but this page.

Sure, you can try and find the men in the world that already have Superior Status embedded into their personality, try to convince them to teach you their ways and spend years trying to figure it out yourself.

You could do that… but why?

We’ve not only distilled it all down into an easy to follow system FOR you, we’ve put it into an easy-to-listen, audio program that you can get through and embody in about 7-8 hours. That’s it.

So, it’s up to you: get the audio program that we’ve created for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out.

WARNING: This is definitely not for everyone…

There are some people that I simply do not want to give Superior Status to… and I mean NO offense, but I just don’t want you to waste your time and money. Fair?

Superior Status is WRONG For You IF:

  • You think your entire life will transform overnight without actually taking the small steps Dr. Paul and I outline in Superior Status.
  • You abuse your new levels of Superior Status to take advantage of people and bring negativity into the world. Having Superior Status is very powerful and I don’t want anyone who will use it unethically.

If you fall into any of those categories, please close this page now. Superior Status is not for you.

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