Regina Anaejionu – 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course

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This course is available and delivery within one day! Think of “appreciating content” as finding the right house for you, purchasing it, (perhaps) upgrading it over time, and seeing its value just climb and climb.

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Regina Anaejionu – 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course

Regina Anaejionu - 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course

You’re invited to an intimate 3-Day intensive to plan your thought leadership and content roadmap for next 365 days.

You want to be a thought leader. Solve the most important and meaningful problems Right?

To do this on a large scale you must publish your ideas and get people to interact with them.
And here’s the thing about that:
When you publish ideas Online or in printYou create content that is either depreciates (lost value over the course of time) appreciates (gains value).
This 3-day course is the right place for you if you’re not interested in only prioritizing content that depreciates It is published immediately after it is published (think: most social media content).
Just as important: new car loses value As soon as you drive it off of the lot, your social media content loses value seconds/minutes/hours after it’s published. A few days later, a single piece of social media content is almost worthless.
Though content that depreciates presents you some benefits (and we’ll cover how to get the full use out of it in our 3-day course), you’ve been Feeling a pull towards creating content and sharing ideas that can withstand the test of age.
Perspective-Shifting Essays and booksSearch engine optimization Articles, videos, and audio episodes Here are some examples Content that can increase in value with time (appreciate).
Think of it “appreciating content” As important as finding the perfect house, buying it is (perhaps) upgrading it over time, and seeing its value just climb and climb.
That is what it is! TheRight Publishing projects can be a great option for you.
[For example 💡: one of my favorite clients had a corporation buy copies of her book for every single employee. That one book did more for her thought leadership than all the years of trying to grow on Instagram that came before it.]
Above all, you care about Maximizing the impact of your ideas and workIt’s not about posting on social networks for the “fun” of it 📲 or discovering the newest hack or tactic to “grow your following 1,000% overnight, in your sleep, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi” 🙄 . . . right?
You are a thought leader. Your ideas are a thought leader. deserve Focused planning is key.
How can you determine the best content pillars? Which type of book/video/etc. This will be the most helpful for you. How to grow your readership or reach more people who are interested in your highest thoughts?

When was the last time you had a chance? Create a retreat for your work focus? Your time is dedicated to creating the path to your vision for the future.

The 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course This intimate group experience allows you to meet other writers, thinkers, industry shifters, and others like you.

You will Your thought leadership mission should be defined Discover the types of Perspective-Shifting content Publishing projects (a book, a podcast or a series of workshops, etc. Whichever best suits your goals. And much more.
👈🏽 Oh, and your 3-Experience the day with a 500-Page PDF follows-You can save and refer to the guidebook (a version the slides deck is used in the course).

Here are the sections and activities we’ll cover during the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course:

[Note: you will receive a course dashboard with on-demand lessons for each of the sections immediately after you register for the course; the upcoming live weekend course is our opportunity to explore, implement, and expand on these topics in an intimate group setting. You keep unlimited, lifetime access to the videos (w/ captions) and downloads in the course dashboard.]

Section 1. Brainstorm Powerful Thought Leadership Content Pillars

Most people decide what they want. “should” You can talk about online topics by breaking down your main topic into a few subtopics-They can teach on a variety of topics and categories.

This approach is unwise for most thought leaders. It keeps you in a losing content game. You must continue to produce post after post. “keep up” With others . . However, teaching is the. “sub-topics” of your work or industry doesn’t create content that stands out like you need it to.

In Section 1 of the course, you’ll learn to plan the majority of your content Four gaps are essential for people to take action. on what you’re saying, and around a handful of unique “angles” Differentiate your thought leadership content From the content that your ideal audience is being bombarded every day: “3 steps to hack [some goal] without [doing any real work]” 🙄.

You’ll also go through an exercise (that you can return to for years to come) to help you Create a real “monopoly” on your unique approach to the problems or opportunities in your industry/community/initiative.

Section 2. Section 2. Thought Leadership Type and Phase (and what it means for the Content You Publish)

This session will help you define your true purpose as a thought-leader. This session will define your true goal as a thought leader. Discover which one of the three types you are among thought leaders (Activating elite, systematic or elite service), and what might be missing from your content if you don’t incorporate your “type.”
You will also discover What phase of thought-leadership are you in (Refining or emerging) and what you need to focus on if you’re building your platform from scratch vs. tweaking or pivoting an already established platform.
Note: about half of the thought leaders who’ve gone through this course are building a true “thought leadership” Half of the team is establishing a presence online for the first-time, while the other half is improving a platform with an engaged audience. We will provide ideas and guidance no matter where you are in your journey.

Section 3. Section 3. Evergreen Sales Ecosystem Capstone Projects

In this section of the course, you’ll be guided through the Benefits and elements of an “always-on” Thought leadership sales ecosystem. We help you select and outline the best evergreen thought leadership content that will work together as an enabling document. “ecosystem” that’s always bringing new people to your ideas and selling your most important offers and programs.
This section will still be relevant if you are involved in a non-profit organization.
We break down Section 3 into six lessons because it is more than one part of building an evergreen sales environment.
  1. 1. Introduction to Evergreen sales ecosystems for thought-leaders These are way above your normal “know-like-trust sales funnel” (You may have heard of it).
  2. 2. An introduction to using Lean Evergreen Ads™ (~$3/day) to grow your thought leadership and why it’s best to create thought leadership ads over basic/common ones.
  3. 3. An introduction to Search engine optimized (SEO), organic content for your thought-leadership platform. We provide free tips and tricks to increase your sales and audience with audio, video, and text.-Content that is based on research.
  4. 4. An overview session A thought leadership workshop of distinction It can be used to build your ecosystem or as an introductory product.
  5. 5. An overview session Publishing 1 of 4 thought-leadership books—that, for the first time, includes a mini-Case-Study my experiences with my second book. I made over $100,000 USD profit.
  6. 6. An overview session Launching a recurring subscription To further your goals and platform, you can use paid newsletters.
These sessions are the last three. “capstone projects” There are many sessions you can do in the next one to six months. The top three sessions will help sell what you create and your deeper offers. Many members of the 3-Day Course Tell us that this is the section which unlocks everything.

Section 4. Section 4. Best Platforms (and Formats for Your Publishing

This section covers what Platforms (ex. LinkedIn, a Podcast, Instagram, Scientific Journals, etc. And Formats (essays, short videos, etc.) best meet your publishing needs—based on your audience and your business or platform goals.
In other words, this guide section will help you to decide which platforms (social and otherwise) are worthwhile and most aligned with your goals.
This will be done by first doing an exercise that helps to determine your personal goals. audience’s awareness stages (Do they really understand the problem or opportunity before them? Are they actively seeking out solutions? Will they be able differentiate your solutions and programs?) So you can determine what content is most likely reach and impact the people that you are trying to help.
Then, they will translate their awareness into the context. The best formats and platforms for your work during an essential exercise You won’t want to miss it.

Section 5. Embrace Thought Leadership Content Laddering

This section focuses on the main system you can use to make a huge impact through what you publish.
Another one of the most important is this. “aha” Moments in the course are the most important. It is also what people tell us makes the greatest difference in how they spend their time afterwards.
How can you get the most out of all your temporary/depreciating content (like social media, DMs, and emails) as well as your evergreen/appreciating content (books, articles, long-form videos, audio episodes, etc.)?

Content laddering.

The following information will be provided to you: system of “upcycling” Your ideas Instead of simply “repurposing” your content on different platforms.
If you are just starting out, we can share strategies for online growth.—and you might be elated to find that the majority of actions you can take have nothing to do with social media.

Section 6. Pick Your Platform Enhancers

We will be covering a few projects you can consider hiring out (or completing) in this section. As a thought leader, elevate your online presence.
We will provide you with:
  • •a shot list for ideal photographs you may want on your website and in other collateral
  • •a list of pages and elements that belong on the website of an industry leader
  • •and more

Section 7. Section 7. Thought Leadership Idea Management Center

During the last official section of the course (the next section is a bonus 🙌🏽), we will give you ideas for molding your new Idea Management Center™—This is explained in the section below—to work for You.
Even though you’ll receive the template (built out in software called Notion) at the beginning of the course, It will be easy to fill out and use as you go through each section.Section 7 provides more details on how to modify it to fit your work environment and how to use it every day. . . As in: what’s your workflow once in the Center?

[Bonus 🎉] Section 8. Section 8.-Day Intellectual Property Push

After taking the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy CourseYou will be able to come up with many new ideas. As a bonus experience to your course, we’ve created a guided, 4-Week challenge to help you publish more intellectual property.
During this “IP Push” You will get a brand new mini-You will be able to publish powerful thought leadership content in articles by following a short set of prompts each week.-Form social content, essays, or any other type of content.
Register for the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy CourseYou can return for Any We host live sessions monthly.
Each month, we intentionally keep registrations limited in number so that new and past members can return and revisit the live implementation and guidance any month we’re hosting the live course. You’ll be in a smart, motivated group of people no matter which month you choose to join us.
And don’t forget: whether you can make any/all of the sessions live or not, you will keep unlimited, lifetime access to video recordings (with captions) of each session as well as a guidebook that covers each section above. Many people refer back to the course content, and often implement new ideas long after they have completed the live course.
P.S. You will also receive the following if you sign up at the link below Thought Leadership Idea Management Center™ during our live training weekend.
This template is built for you in Notion—which is project management software you can sign up for, Get it for free. Your new dashboard will become your command center for thought leadership. You’ll have a system for storing ideas and inputs (like: articles/books you read, interesting videos, etc.) You can turn your ideas into everything you need from micro content. Like Twitter threads and LinkedIn postsTo long-form content, Videos and essays.
Hey, Regina here. Over three days, I’ll guide you through creating a thought leadership dominance for yourself. This means that you will define how you will talk to the issues that you care about and map the implications. “capstone” publishing projects and solid sales ecosystem you’ll build for yourself this year, and creating an organized command center to help you execute on your most important goals.
Who am I? And why do I help people develop their thought leadership?
I’m Regina Anaejionu (en-Ay-John-oh 🇳🇬), a full-Time educator and author. I accidentally found something very important about the Internet over a decade ago. . . The fact that anyone who has something to share could be an author “infopreneur.”
Meaning: You could sell books, workshops, or other information products online without having any tech experience.
I started selling eBooks for $3, and eventually became a successful author. Over 100 workshops and courses were created. There was also a college textbook on business and an independent book that was published. It sold 12,000+ copies, earning over $100,000 in profit, and more. 
I was inspired to help others earn an amazing online income during this time. I felt that the traditionally disenfranchised finally had a chance to have an opportunity to succeed online. “level the playing field” You can earn a little more by looking at income opportunities.
As the years went by, my mission changed. Now, my mission is not to just help people become infopreneurs. become the gold standard in thought leadership in their respective industries.
Be the best kept secret in your fieldOr, the popular and underpaid content producer) is simply not an option anymore.
I would love the opportunity to work with you in our upcoming live 3-Day experience to create your new thought leadership content strategy

Use the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy CourseThe (All new) GuidebookThe customizable Thought Leadership Idea Management Center™, we will work together to create a plan and strategy for:

✅ Your unique thought leadership content pillars (what you should be talking about—on and off social media) and why.
How to create content on the internet grow your audienceHow to write online Your thought leadership is crystallizedHow to write in a way that helps you You can land spots in more and larger reputable publications.
How you’ll Keep your ideas and research organized For daily writing and large-scale projects.
✅ Create enduring and consistent sales for your introductory or deeper offers, so that you don’t have to be on social media 5x/day to draw the right people to your ideas and programs.
✅ The best publishing projects To continue to improve in the coming year.
✅ Use your future/current book or signature thought leadership workshop as the 10x and 100x factors in multiplying your impact without doing 10x more work.
✅ Overcoming obstacles to getting This type of MAJOR thought leadership work was done.
Our next live course takes place Friday, March 24, – Sunday, April 26, 2023.
Sessions are held at 1 p.m. ET each day, Friday March 24 through Sunday March 26.
Note 🎉: Whether you can make the sessions live or not, you will receive immediate access to a Course dashboard with unlimited Lifetime Access to on-You will need to replay each section and the guidebook. Thought Leadership Idea Management Center™ (Notion template).
The total investment for the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course, Follow-Also available in PDF Guidebook500 pages to refer back at forever), Dashboard customizable It is $350 but:
For only $250, join us for a limited-time offer

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