Rich Litvin – How to Coach a Superhero – the 4PC edition Bonus Contents

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Rich Litvin – How to Coach a Superhero – the 4PC edition Bonus Contents

Rich Litvin - How to Coach a Superhero – the 4PC edition Bonus Contents

How to Coach a Superhero – the 4PC edition
March 7 – May 23rd, 2023
Witness the Secrets of High-Performance Coaching & Get a Behind-Closed-Doors Look Like This Rich 5 Top Performers Transformed

Have you ever felt intimidated? the Idea of coaching top performers?

You don’t have to be anymore…

Your support is essential for highly successful people. You think—and more than They know.

If you don’t yet coach people significantly smarter, wealthier and more successful than you, it’s time to Up your game. And if you do, it’s time to You can really get them thinking.

People who are highly successful struggle with doubts, fears, and insecurities. You can see that. the The more successful you are, the More you have to lose. The greater the mission you’re on, the Get larger the problems you face. And the More influential and in the limelight you are the Less likely that you have anyone willing to Really challenge you.

Top performers Love Having a Coach who can meet them a Encourage their thinking by peering in. And that coach can be you…

I’ve spent the past decade training the Most extraordinary coaches the Planet to coach high-Entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels. Now I’m letting you into our secrets…

  • Find out more the High-quality secrets-Performance coaching
  • Gain the Have confidence to People who are driven, talented, and successful.
  • Learn how to Assemble as a Ultra-preferred peer-People who are successful.
  • Learn how I coach leaders a They have a track record of success a They have huge vision ahead of their eyes.


How to Coach a Superhero

There’s a There are reasons How to Coach a Superhero It has been one of the most popular programs I have ever used. the Three years ago.

During 6 live session, you’ll learn how to Coaching elite top performers a Front row seat to You can find me mentoring and coaching some. the My most successful coaches 4PC community.

You will see how I draw out my clients’ stories because success leaves clues. And you’ll see how I coach talented, driven, ambitious people, to Play a bigger game.

I’ll be demonstrating Group Coaching, to How to model to Create and deliver effective group coaching programs. You’ll increase your impact and help more people. Group coaching is more affordable and less intimidating than individual coaching. the Opportunity to Increase your revenue. Your reputation is important a The skilled coach will lead to greater success. to Increased demand for your services.

Let me ask you a question.

How much do you want your next client to invest in you… $1,000, $5,000, $12,000?

You can then find a Way to Give them $1,000, $5,000, and $12,000 in value Before They will ever be. a client.

You’ll learn how to Join me on to do exactly that How to Coach a Superhero.

What you’ll learn

I have taught many. the Most successful, unique and exclusive coaches the planet. If you commit to the This approach can be mastered over the long-term.

During the 6 Live Coaching Sessions You Will Enjoy

  • You’ll learn how to Coach extraordinary top performersYou’ll become able to Coaching clients who are smarter than you, more successful, and wealthier than yourself is a great way to empower them without feeling overwhelmed or not enough.
  • You’ll master high-Coaching for level groupsLearn how to to Host group coaching sessions that have a positive impact on your group. You’ll gain the Courage to utilize deeper coaching skills.
  • You’ll uplevel your coaching practice You can learn advanced techniques that are best for ambitious, talented, and successful people.
  • You’ll witness Deep Coaching of high-level coaches. You’ll learn priceless techniques that you can put into practice straight away.
  • You’ll see the My inner workings as a coach.You’ll experience first-See how my coaching has transformed my life the The lives and careers top performers lead
  • You’ll learn the way that surgeons learn…First, you’ll watch me. Second, you’ll practice on your own clients. Finally, you’ll teach the Skills you can learn to others: it’s the Best way to learn.

This is NOT the case a ‘passive’ program. You will need to These skills can be applied to your clients.

The 6 Live calls will be held on the The following dates are available:

  • Kickoff Call #1March 7th, 11-12:00 PM PST
  • Call #2 March 14th at 11-12:00 PM PST
  • Call #3 April 11th, 11-12:00 PM PST
  • Call #4 April 25th, 11-12:00 PM PST
  • Call #5 May 9th at 11-12:00 PM PST
  • Final Call #6 May 23rd, 11-12:00 PM PST

Register Now How to Coach a Superhero

Witness the Secrets of High-Performance Coaching & Get a Behind-Closed-Doors Look Like This Rich Five top performers transformed

What you get when joining:

  • Rich’s Deep Coaching Scorecard to Let us help you personalize your learning and grow
  • Access to 6 Interactive 90 Live and Interactive-Minute-long Group Coaching sessions with Rich. Each session is also recorded.
  • Observe Rich It is fascinating to coach top performers. to Learn from their stories.
  • Q&A sessions during each live coaching session to Enhance your skills and support your continuing learning.
  • Access for life to Program materials, including audio and video replays and transcripts, are available for reference and learning.

How to Coach a Superhero Is a unique way to Witness Rich’s coaching at a very unique price point. Project Kairos is the flagship program to create clients. It costs $20,000. One-on-one coaching with Rich ranges from $100,000 – $185,000.

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