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Ten Commandments of Game – RSD Derek Download. If you aren’t willing to set clear goals and chase those goals down like a champion… exit this page… go back…

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If you aren’t willing to set clear goals and chase those goals down like a champion… exit this page… go back to wasting your life away. I don’t want you as a client.

Ten Commandments of Game – RSD Derek course with special price just for you$997  $98

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The most COMPREHENSIVERAW, and UNFILTERED dating SUCCESS program ever created!

Get better results in 3 months than Owen and I had in our first 3 years…



If you aren’t willing to set clear goals and chase those goals down like a champion… exit this page… go back to wasting your life away. I don’t want you as a client.

On the other hand, if you are a man who aspires to do great things and has shown potential in some area of your life – maybe you have excelled in your career, a sport, or playing a musical instrument, and thus far lavish success with women has eluded you, I urge you to read this letter until the endbecause YOU are the type of client I specialize in.

RSD Derek here,

I respect your time so let’s cut the shit.

Let’s start with a simple question…

When is it going to be your turn?

You’ve watched all the videos and put your time in studying this area.

You’ve spent countless frustrating nights out.

Piling up rejection after rejection… near miss after near miss…

But still, you’re here, looking to make that big switch, frustrated with your lack of results and the amount of time you have wasted trying to get this area of your life handled.

What is holding you back from living the dating life you have always dreamed of?

Stick with me and we can uncover why you haven’t made that switch already, and I can guide your way through that maddening journey.

The Ten Commandments Of Game Almost Didn’t Exist!

For the past 17 years, I specialized in ONE THING:

Getting clients like you EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS via my live, in-person Bootcamp training.

The truth is – The Ten Commandments of Game almost didn’t exist, because I felt that if clients wanted to come work with me, they would do it in-person.

However, clients from ALL OVER THE WORLD kept asking me for a program that was easy-to-follow, that they could access from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

After years of this pleading and convincing by Owen, the RSD community, and my fans, I caved and decided to lay it all out. I made the decision to take the concepts and strategies that are at the core of my “game” and lay them out for the men of the world that want to get SERIOUS results with women.

This Is Crazy To Think About, But I Am TheMost In-Demand Live Dating Coach To Ever Walk The Planet

No one has EVER done more live Bootcamp programs in one year than I did in 2018 and WILL DO in 2019. Go check my Bootcamp schedule, you will see months of SOLD OUT cities all around the globe.

What’s even crazier is that I did this with virtually no marketing effort and a tiny social media following. I have men fly around the world to work with me in person, and they don’t even know what my face looks like.

I have coached hundreds of Bootcamps and thousands of clients in every major city around the world. Sparking breakthrough after breakthrough with each one of them.

For nearly two decades now, I have been a teacher of teachers, training every current and former RSD instructor how to reach instructor level in their own game and how they can spark breakthroughs with the clients they coach.

The truth is, I wasn’t always successful in these areas. I was a little peasant boy who grew up on welfare and struggled for everything I got.

I had NOTHING going for me. My dad went to jail when I was 7. The government came and took EVERYTHING… our house, the cars, furniture. EVERYTHING. I still remember the shocking contrast. Going from extremely well off, to poor.

I remember going to bed as a boy hungry… That did something to me.

After a delinquent adolescence and a few friends getting locked up, I was smart enough to recognize that I needed to seek out a better situation.

I knew I needed to seek out experts and education to get the things I value in life, like quality women, wealth and happiness.

I took 3 Bootcamps with RSD myself as a paying client before

I ever started coaching. Owen thought I was crazy, he told me to come on Bootcamp and coach, and I was reluctant to do so, I wanted the personalized attention.

Shortly after, I caved, and started training all the RSD Instructors and those clients that requested me after hearing the stories that the instructors shared.

During this time, I studied my ass off and graduated from what many consider to be the best business school in the world.

Build a life of TRUE ABUNDANCE

  • I’ve dated 1,000’s of the world’s highest-quality women
  • Regular access to to the most elite parties and nightlife on Earth
  • Living a true jet-setter entrepreneur lifestyle every day of the year

Don’t SETTLE for less than you deserve

  • I built my own multimillion dollar businesses outside of RSD
  • Since 2003, I’ve helped RSD grow from a baby startup company to a global leader in our niche
  • Trained and influenced most of the current and former RSD instructors

Get the Results You REALLY DESIRE

  • Coached more live Bootcamps than anyone in the world
  • Helped many thousands of men not only achieve, but far exceed their goals
  • Built a global network of top-performers across every continent on the planet

The Ten Commandments of Game will help you… Flip the switch

I recognized that most of these men came to me paralyzed by a brain overloaded with content and knowledge, and openers, and strategies, and concepts…

Most were Information Junkies that I knew I needed to detoxify.

The Ten Commandments Of Game will go BEYOND what your typical dating program delivers, beyond the strategy, tactics, routines, and techniques. 

The Ten Commandments of Game will give you Ten Core Principles that will serve as a rock-solid foundation for your long-term success.

If any man follows these TEN IRREFUTABLE RULES for a focused period of time, he WILL flip the switch inside himself and become magnetically attractive at his core.

Sure, inside the Ten Commandments, I will lay out my blueprint, the strategies, the mastery-level tactics, mindsets, tips and tricks for getting the girl/s of your dreams, HOURS UPON HOURS of that are contained inside, but what’s unique is that every lesson relates to and supports one of the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments of Game is Backed By 50+ Hours Of Deep-Dive Content, Workbooks & Exercises That Are Guaranteed To Be The Last Thing You Will Ever Need To Get Your Dating Life Handled…

Now, Let’s Shine Some Light on What’s Waiting for YOU Inside!

Get Ten Commandments of Game – RSD Derek only Price $127



Ten Commandments of Game Core Program

(10 Hours of Core Training)

TEN FULL HOURS of content, containing every insight, nuance, and pearl of wisdom that I have uncovered over my past TWO DECADES of game.

Watch and listen to these lessons OVER and OVER again and have them rewire your mind into that of a CHAMPION.


8 Topic Specific Instructor Masterclasses

(10 Hours of Core Training)

8 deep-dive interviews designed around specific topics to fast-track you on your way to success.

Un-earthed from over 100+ years of collective game experienced, these elite concepts are extracted from the brains of RSD instructors, and downloaded directly into your brain.

You’re Going to Get:

You will get multiple perspectives on each topic, so every concept gets ingrained into your mind more deeply and these belief structures are CEMENTED FOREVERin your psyche.


22 Derek Client Success Case Studies

(Nearly 30 Hours of Core Training)

This module is 22 tell-all interviews chock-full of stories, insights and epiphanies from me, my wingmen, assistants and some of the best guys in the world in the game.

These ultra-inspirational client stories are precisely what you need to give your brain proof that lavish success is possible no matter where you are right now. Hear these wild tales straight from the source as I sit down with my most accomplished clients and dig into how they got good FAST.


Inner Game Bible

I refer to this as the “Bible” of Inner Game because it may be the most comprehensive guide to inner game ever written.

This book will instill in you the confidence mindsets that you MUST have in order to reach top level success in the modern dating game.


Elite Lifestyle Bible

Inside the Elite Lifestyle Bible, I am going to reveal my tips, tricks and hacks for setting up a lifestyle that will draw quality women in to your world and keep them coming back for more.


Conquering Cockblocks Bible

Inside this Bible, I am going to teach you my PROVEN methods for dominating her peer group and her environment so that she will easily see you as the best option to be the leader in her life.


The 3 Sacred Questions Guidebook: 

The Ultimate Guide To Redefining Your Unshakeable Identity

This 67 page workbook is going to challenge you with grueling questions, lead you through extreme exercises and help you uncover and define what kind of man you are.

During this deep and life-changing set of exercises, we are going to shatter your old beta-male identity and rebuild you new unshakeable character from the ground up.


In-Field Technical Game Guide

Use these 10 short and snappy lessons to instantly fix your common technical game problems while you are IN THE FIELD.

These are quick-hit antidotes that will remedy the most common glitches and fuckups that occur out in the club. Whatever you experience, I will be there, in your phone, ready to push you through approach anxiety, level up your volume because the girls can’t hear you, or to quickly fix any other technical game glitches.

Instructor Level Game Series

5 secrets that I only share with NEW INSTRUCTORS during their instructor training.

These 5 secrets are the critical reason why new instructors are able to level-up so quickly.

This is the secret sauce. These are the pearls of wisdom that I have thus far only shared with my fellow instructors.


Exclusive Derek Dinner Feast & New Year’s Eve Bootcamp Experience Raffle Entries

When you get the Ten Commandments of Game, you will be entered for a chance to join my assistant team and I for a LIVE DINNER FEAST, paid for by ME.

The dinner will be held at RSD World Summit 2019. Will you be one of the ten action-takers at the table to join us?


For those that join the Derek Tier 3, you will also be entered into a raffle to join my team and I on our famous New Year’s Eve Bootcamp (MUST SUBMIT A REVIEW TO QUALIFY)


30 Minute Game Accelerator Coaching Call With Derek’s Lead Bootcamp Assistant

During the game accelerator coaching call you are going to get personalized feedback on your specific sticking points from my lead Bootcamp assistant.

My assistants are guys who are out IN THE FIELD every weekend with me. Leverage their vast experience to clean up any personal sticking points and accelerate your progress.

The Moment You Choose To COMMIT To SUCCESS And INVEST In The Ten Commandments of Game, Your Life Will DRAMATICALLY CHANGE…

Have More Sex

You likely drastically underestimate how crucial a vibrant sex life is to your physical and psychological health. If you are going many days or even weeks without sex, your brain isn’t working right and your success is a shadow of what it could be.

Attract Higher Quality Women

Let’s face it, if you are reading this right now, you’re not happy with the quality of women in your sex life. They might be good, but they aren’t the BEST YOU could have! The easiest way to get a 9 or 10 is to DESERVE HER! 

Make More Money

The parallels between success with women and financial success are immense. As your results with women level up and your confidence swells, getting that raise or that promotion will be in the natural progression of your new accelerated life track.

Cultivate Core Confidence

Learn how to sell yourself and to communicate your legitimate value! Yes, these core confidence secrets will change every aspect of your life, no matter what you need – be it lovemoneyrespect or a fresh new start at life.

Build Your Self-Esteem

The best way to build self-esteem is to stack small wins on top of each other step-by-step. Day by day, week by week, year by year, you self-esteem will grow and with that comes the influencefavor and power that EVERY man dreams of!

Take Charge of Your Life

With this road map, you will know the exact step-by-step process to getting the love life you want. Once you have it, you will never have to worry about women again, leaving you to pursue your other biggest dreams.

Gain ClarityCertainty & Focus

STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS and spending your time working on things that are irrelevant and should be ignored at all costs! I have already clawed my way through all the toughest parts this journey and I can show you the path to avoid all that, and go straight to the success you want! I will guide you to the promised land, all you need to do is put your head down and EXECUTE.

Never Feel Socially Awkward Again

After you have this game plan, you will never doubt yourself again. You will look back on your awkward or shy past and laugh at how silly you once were for not giving yourself ALL the credit you deserved.

Expand & Upgrade Your Peer Group

Not with ‘average’ people but with ambitious achievers like you, who know who you are, respect you for who you are, and truly love you for you!

Capitalize On Your Current Opportunities

You’ll know exactly how to lead her, how to deal with her friends, and how to close the deal – so you both have a great night and she is contacting YOU hungry for more!

Only YOU Can Be The Hero Of Your Life’s Journey Take Me With You As Your Guide

Some men never get this area of their life handled. They live life sexless and alone, or worse yet, with a sub-par partner who isn’t a good companion for them.

The dabble around and waste away their prime sex years… they wake up one day, fat and old, after wasting their youth away, and think… “I should have started sooner, I should have gotten my dating life handled a decade ago.”

With The Ten Commandments of Game, that won’t happen to you. We are going to get this handled NOW. This program goes beyond the tactics and gives you the PRINCIPLES to LIVE BY.

Forget all the “gamey” external crap you have filled your head with over the years and let’s focus on YOU. Let’s rewire that jumbled mess of belief structures in your brain give you ten pillar principles to guide your way.

In three months, you will be authentically attractive at your core, a man who emanates sex appeal and value. Your friends won’t recognize you. Your ex will live in jealous regret as she sees your new life unfold on social media.

Here’s the deal,

The Ten Commandments of Game is built with one reason in mind: TO GET YOU RESULTS

That’s why I included a BULLETPROOF 30-day Guarantee

Here’s how it works: Get The Ten Commandments of Game and devour the life-changing curriculum for 30 days. Use those 30 days to decide if the program delivers on all my promises and if what you are learning is helping you accelerate your success with women.

If after that, somehow you don’t think the program is worth the small investment in yourself, email customer support and you can use your purchase price as a credit toward any RSD Derek dating program.

That is how much I believe in this course and how certain I am that you will get results with it.

The only person taking the risk here is me.

I am so confident that The Ten Commandments of Game will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, that I’m putting myself on the line.

Honestly, if at this point you have any hesitation, you may want to ask yourself if you are the type of person that takes action, or makes excuses.

From there, ask yourself the types of results that you can expect, align your actions with your ambitions, and STEP INSIDE The Ten Commandments of Game.

Get Ten Commandments of Game – RSD Derek only Price $127

The Ten Commandments of Game is nearly TWO DECADES of trial-and-error, hundreds of Bootcamp events across every continent on the planet.

This is my legacy…

This is my gift to the community…


This is ONLY FOR YOU if you are WILLING TO INVEST in yourself, and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION on the information provided.

Just imagine, if all The Ten Commandments does is gets you one upper echelon girlfriendone 9 or 10, that you can enjoy, have sex with, and have her support you in your higher goals?

Would it be worth the puny price tag?

What would you pay to have your love life handled? To have that perfect relationship, or to have that abundance of sexual options with the women of your choosing?

Is it worth… $10,000? $100,000? 1,000,000? More?

What about in Business, Negotiations & Sales? (Which the Ten Commandments will help with dramatically with)

Is that worth… $10,000? $100,000? 1,000,000? More?

How about with your social life, friends, networking and?

$10,000? $100,000? 1,000,000? More?

For me, I know that getting these areas of life handled was worth EVERYTHING.

And during the Ten Commandments launch period, you won’t pay anywhere near everything. You can get on the inside at 50% OFF…

The Ten Commandments of Game is something you can believe in…

It is uniquely designed to clear out the noise, the distraction, and the shaky belief structures you have adopted along your journey, and replace them with new rock-solid success principles for you to follow and live by.

This is the map you have been looking for. The process that is going to accelerate your results faster than anything you ever thought possible.

The Ten Commandments is the guiding light that will show you your path through the wilderness and guide you to becoming your fully attractive self.

Stop fumbling around in the dark, randomly trying free advice from YouTube… and get with a program that is proven to produce results.

If You Are COMMITTED, Here’s What You Will Experience When You Get Inside

If you are just beginning your journey:

  • You will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to be great with women, and the precise steps you need to take to get there.
  • You will cultivate the confidence and gain the accountability mechanism you need in order to improve consistently and make REAL progress.
  • You will be able to block out the noise that is free dating advice and direct your focus on the fundamental areas of game that are going to GET YOU RESULTS.

If you are intermediate:

  • You will wipe away any bad habits that you’ve picked up during the early stages of your journey and replace them with rock-solid systems, in turn elevate your game faster than ever before.
  • You will instill champion habits into yourself that will prevent “off” nights and state crashes, ensuring that you are able to pull consistently.
  • You will erase those last few pesky sticking points, and shine a light on what you need to fix to finally break freefrom “intermediate purgatory” and step into your prime as a man.

If you are already advanced:

  • You will see what ELITE GAME really looks like, this will allow you to assess your current level, and open your eyes to what you need to strive for.
  • You will reignite your passion for the game by sharing superhero stories of bathroom pulls, public sex, and general RSD debauchery.
  • You will discover advanced techniques like orchestrating threesomes and managing multiple long term relationships.





If the answer to those 3 questions is yes, this program is not optional for you!

I have been crafting this course for decades and over this past year, I have painstakingly put it together in a carefully curated curriculum, strategically designed to take you from where you are at right now, to advanced level game without having to waste years of your life on trial and error.

This course has OVER 50 HOURS of training which is more than any other RSD course ever.

The supplemental bibles alone are hundreds of pages of condensed knowledge to make sure you have every resource you’ll ever need available for reference for the rest of your life all in one carefully laid out curriculum.

You can’t possibly consume that much knowledge and NOT have it seep deep into your psyche.


This is my first and only digital dating course and it is the last training that anyone will ever need to get extreme results in the dating game.

It’s time to STEP UP and become the man you have always wanted to be.

This is an investment in yourself – if you don’t care enough in yourself to get this vital program, follow the few simple steps, and get every single one of the outcomes I’ve promised… why would you expect anyone else to care about you?

Men who don’t invest in themselves for a brighter future and who aren’t always looking for a path to brighter days and better ways – they don’t have access to 9s and 10s. They don’t have access to the best wingmen, partners, or even high quality friends.

Why don’t they have access?

Because they don’t want to put in the work to be their best self.

If you want to have the best in life, if you want to have those 9s and 10s – you have to be a 9 or 10 yourself – and that’s exactly what the Ten Commandments of Game will demand of you.

When you go through this program and do what we suggest – you, yes you – will finally know how to build an elite peer group, you will know how to get the very best girls.

So, what’s all that worth for you?

To get this area of your life handled?

What’s it worth for you to know without a shadow
for a doubt that you have everything you need
at your fingertips?

How much is it worth to you to live a life that’s
worth living?

What’s your life worth to you? 

Ten Thousand Dollars?


A Million Do

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