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10X Secrets Masterclass – Russell Brunson Download. Who Earns MORE Money Per Keynote Than Tony Robbins…Oprah… Bill Clinton… Ellen… Richard Branson… Arnold …

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Buy Russell Brunson – 10X Secrets Masterclass Course at AiBox. We join Groupbuy AND always try to share knowledge with more people. Especially the quality is the same as salepage. You can buy directly at salepage, with full price. (link SALEPAGE are mounted directly on the post)

Who Earns MORE Money Per Keynote Than Tony Robbins…Oprah… Bill Clinton… Ellen… Richard Branson… Arnold Schwarzenegger… and Mark Cuban COMBINED!”

10X Secrets Masterclass – Russell Brunson course with special price just for you$297  $42

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Total sizes: 11.7 GB – include: – mp4, pdf, m4a, ts, m4b

What will you get: 

10X Secrets Masterclass – Russell Brunson – 11.7 GB (16 folders)

  1. E. 10X Closing Secrets – 01 Childers Chunks – 3.2 GB / 3 folders / Includes : mp4 ; pdf ; m4b ; zip 
  2. A. 10X Secrets Masterclass Session 3 – 1.4 GB / 3 files / Includes : mp4 ; m4a ; mp3
  3. E. 10X Closing Secrets – 02 The Stack – 1.4 GB / 2 folders / Includes : mp4 ; mp3 ; m4b 
  4. C. 10X Secrets Bonuses – 05 Event Choreography – 804.1 MB / 3 files / Includes : mp4 ; mp3 ; m4a
  5. A. 10X Secrets Masterclass Session 2 – 732 MB / 3 files / Includes : ts ; mp3 ; m4a
  6. C. 10X Secrets Bonuses – 02 The Perfect Webinar Funnel – 619.4 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4
  7. A. 10X Secrets Masterclass Session 1 – 576.8 MB / 2 folders / Includes : ts ; m4a ; mp3 ; mp4
  8. C. 10X Secrets Bonuses – 01 The Perfect Webinar “HACK’ – 565.2 MB / 2 folders / Includes : mp4
  9. C.10X Secrets Bonuses – 04 Story Selling Secrets – 549.4 MB / 3 files / Includes : mp4 ; mp3 ; m4a
  10. B.10X Secrets Swipe Files – 03 Ron Wilson – 446.6 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4
  11. B. 10X Secrets Swipe Files – 04 Holly Homer – 405.9 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4
  12. B. 10X Secrets Swipe Files – 01 Alison Prince – 400.4 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4
  13. B.10X Secrets Swipe Files – 02 Katie Richardson – 229.2 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4
  14. 10X Closing Secrets – 03.02B Trial Closes – 211.6 MB / 2 files / Includes : mp4 ; pdf
  15. D.10X Secrets Masterclass – Perfect Webinar Power Points – 192 MB / 3 files / Includes : mp4 ; pptx ; zip
  16. C.10X Secrets Bonuses – 03 The Perfect Webinar Wizard – 31.8 MB / 1 file / Includes : mp4

Course “10X Secrets Masterclass – Russell Brunson ” is available, If no download link, Please wait 24 hours. We will process and send the link directly to your email.

“The Amazing Selling Secrets Of The Worlds #1 HIGHEST Paid Speaker

10X Secrets Will Open Again Next Year. Be Sure To Get On The Waitlist To Be Notified When We Launch

Who Earns MORE Money Per Keynote Than Tony RobbinsOprah… Bill Clinton… Ellen… Richard Branson… Arnold Schwarzenegger… and Mark Cuban COMBINED!

…And How You Can Use His Same Script To 10X The Sales Of ANY Product Or Service You Sell Online!

Discover The “Almost Backwards” SellingSecrets ANYONE Can Use To Sell 

 More Of Their Products…

 From Stage…

 On A Webinar…

 During A Facebook or Instagram LIVE…

 And Even When Selling In Person…

NOTHING can prepare you for looking out at a sea of 9,000 faces staring back at you…

…all of them hoping you’ll have some nugget of wisdom that will change their life!

And then it happened…

People jumped out of their chairs…

They started running (not walking) to the back of the venue…

They stampeded their way up the stairs and around the corner, to our product tables that were set up…

The next 6 hours was a whirlwind…

I stood in line for almost 6 hours, taking pictures with each person who bought my product!

My net take home as a speaker was over 

$1 Million PER HOUR,

officially making me the #1 highest paid speaker in the world! 

 You can make a HUGE amount of money going this route…

…IF you’re famous.

…and nobody knows me!

Which (BTW) is REALLY nice. Being famous seems HORRIBLE…

So even if you’re like me, and you’re NOT famous, there’s a 2nd way to earn money from speaking…

And this way (as you’ve seen above) you actually get paid MORE than a celebrity!

Let me explain the 2nd way you can get paid to speak.

#2 – Speak for FREE. (And get paid to sell your products at the end of your presentation!) 

And yet, I earn upwards of a $1 Million per hour (or more) on the presentations I give!

Here’s the difference…

I’m a “platform-selling” speaker.

Which means, I don’t charge any speaking fees.

Instead, I make my money from the products and services I sell at the back of the room when I finish my presentation.

You can make a crazy amount of money as a platform speaker, just by doing one 60-90 minute presentation!

Let me ask you something…

And yet, I earn upwards of a $1 Million per hour (or more) on the presentations I give!

Have you ever witnessed a stampede of buyers RACE to the back of the room, order form in hand, practically begging to purchase the product they just learned about?

It’s called a “table rush”.

And once you see it for yourself, you will NEVER forget how powerful it is!

I want to show you how to inspire your audience to jump out of their seat and create a SWARM around your product tables in the back of the room!

Here is a quick video of what I told the entire audience:

(You see, this room was full of the BEST sales people on planet earth… but no matter how good they are selling one-to-one, because I could sell one-to-MANY, I was able to make more in one hour then even the BEST of them make in an entire year!)

I had planned on teaching for 90 minutes, but when I got home and started the training, I couldn’t stop, and one hour quickly turned into two… and then three…

And we ended after over 6 HOURS of training!

In this training, I go through everything:

  • How we created our offer (and how to use this process for ANY business)…
  • How we  structured each part of the presentation that I delivered on stage…

These Are The Simple “10X Secrets” I Use In EVERY Keynote To Make More Money Than ANY Other Paid Speaker In The World!

We have people in every market and niche who are using this SAME SCRIPT in their own businesses! 

They use it to sell EVERYTHING you can dream of, like:

  •  Supplements…
  •  Real estate…
  •  Software…
  •  Weight Loss…
  •  Copywriting…
  •  Investing & Wealth management…
  •  Skincare…
  •  Pet Supplies…
  •  Gym membership..
  •  Chiropractic…
  •  Coaching/Consulting…
  •  Dental…
  •  Sports/fitness training…
  •  Interior Decorating…
  •  and many, many more!

Every single day, you’re on some sort of a platform…right?

Sometimes your platform will be having a conversation face-to-face…

Sometimes that platform is negotiating with someone in a meeting…

  •  Or over the phone…
  •  Or speaking on a FB Live…
  •  Or a podcast…
  •  Or Instagram…
  •  Or YouTube…

This process works over and over and over again,

  •  No matter what market or niche you’re in…
  •  No matter if you’re selling from the stage, or a webinar, or a business-after-hours meetup, or on FB LIVE!
  •  No matterif you’re starting from ZERO (like I did) and nobodyknows who you are!

The persuasion techniques that I used to sell to a packed venue of 9,000 people are the SAME techniques that you’ll use EVERY day to sell to your customers…

…no matter which platform you use!

When you learn and master this ONE skill, you can speak (and SELL) anywhere!

Don’t forget…

When you get started with 10X Secrets today, you’re going to get all 3 trainings inside the 10X Masterclass…

Session #1:

Creating An Irresistible Offer

This training will help you easily transform and structure any product idea you have into a no-brainer OFFER for your audience!

Session #2:

The NEW Perfect Webinar

This is is the training and sales SCRIPT that I talked about that helped me go from speaking and getting no sales, to speaking and getting $3 Million-dollar table rushes!

Session #3:

“HOW I Earned $3 Million In 90 Minutes” 

This is the SAME training that I mentioned earlier, where I go through my entire 90-minute presentation with you, slide-by-slide, minute-by-minute!

You’ll discover the hidden selling techniques behind what I did in key parts of the presentation, and then I’ll explain WHY I did it!

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