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Discover the 4 Biggest Reasons You Haven’t Found Lasting True Love and How You Can Begin Attracting The Love of Your Life Within Just 21 Days Are you scared you won’t find “The One” before it’s too late? Relationship after relationship.

21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate – Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson course with special price just for you$149  $34

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Discover the 4 Biggest Reasons You Haven’t Found Lasting True Love and How You Can Begin Attracting The Love of Your Life Within Just 21 Days Are you scared you won’t find “The One” before it’s too late? Relationship after relationship. Years of searching and not finding anyone. Broken heart after broken heart. And finally, lost hope. Chances are, you’ve experienced something like this. Maybe you’ve even had a few good relationships you thought would work out. If you’re on this page though, you’re probably looking for more from love. But let’s be honest… How many people actually know how to find ‘the one’? If you’re like most people, you’ve been dreaming of your soulmate most of your life. Yet no matter how many boring or awkward dates you go on, no matter how far and wide you search, what remains consistent at the end of the day is that feeling of loneliness or incompletion. I’ve been there myself. I can tell you though, it doesn’t have to be this way. So whether you’re newly single, recently divorced, or simply on the search for meaning, pay close attention, because in a moment I’m going to show you how you can attract the love you’ve been craving. The fact is, your soulmate is out there and a reality you’re together in is possible. It’s not just in the movies and you know this because you’ve seen it happen for others. The question though, is… Why Haven’t You Attracted Your Soulmate Yet? Those who have found ‘the one’ wondered the same thing. We’ve all been there. 6 years ago I pleaded with the Universe to take away the loneliness. I was stuck in a bad marriage, and it was New Year’s Eve 2008 while I sat in the garden, crying, gazing at the stars and pleading to be sent my true soulmate. Fast forward to 2014, and after years of searching and feeling incomplete, I’m celebrating life with my soulmate and forever-man: Mr. Sean Patrick Simpson. To say the least? Life is exquisite. It hasn’t always been like this though. My first marriage was a toxic waste ground. It was suffocating and soul crushing. Not to mention abusive. But the thing is, I believed I deserved it. And that’s where the real secret is… “You will only attract the love you think you deserve… And have wired yourself to attract.” I’ll say that again because it’s so important. You will only attract the love you think you deserve, and have wired yourself to attract. Plus, your past does not need to define your future. The good news is, I can show you how to get there and attract the love you truly desire… Why I’m So Passionate About Teaching People How to Attract True Love… My name is Sarah Prout, and over the years I’ve had the privilege of inspiring and empowering people from around the world to create a life they love through my company Älska Publishing. I do this alongside my beautiful husband and soulmate, Sean Patrick Simpson. As an award winning entrepreneur and bestselling author, I get people writing to me all the time asking how they can manifest the kind of love I experience. Why? Because they know the trauma I once had and how despite all odds, I managed to create a life I love and attract my soulmate. You see, in 2009 I left an abusive 10-year marriage with no money, no job, over $30,000 in debt, two beautiful children to look after and two burning desires: to create my own successful enterprise and to experience real love. At the time, I thought I was broken. I hated myself in every sense of the word and didn’t think I was worthy of finding true love. My soul was bruised. And to put it lightly, I was a train wreck with a toxic inner dialogue… Who could possibly love me… a woman living on welfare, raising two kids, and a body with stretch marks? Why is everyone else so happy? Will I ever find someone to love me for who I am? Oprah had it right when she said: “You need to turn your pain into power.” And so with little baby steps that’s exactly what I did… I began to focus on my inner work and how to love myself, rather than seeking happiness outside of me. I decided that to process my grief and become the best version of myself, I needed to teach people what it really took to step into bravery and step out of the darkest point in my life. And it also meant that by sharing my story, I could empower people to see themselves for who they truly are – in all their divine beauty – and show them how to create a clear path for lasting change and blissful freedom. The thing is, we’ve all been programmed to search for love. But when you can’t find it within yourself, it’s not going to show up in your life, anywhere. When I really ‘got’ this lesson, magic happened… In 2010 I manifested my soulmate (we met on twitter) from the other side of the planet. We fell deeply, passionately and madly in love where nothing in the world could keep us apart. In 2012 Sean proposed to me. And in 2013 we got married. You really do create your reality with your thoughts and feelings. So why am I telling you all this? Because I’m about to show you how you can attract the love of YOUR life… And best of all? I know for a fact you can experience this even if you’ve had a broken heart, lost hope, or thought that it’s too late… Your Soulmate Could Be Anywhere… The Question Is: Are You in Vibrational Alignment with That Which You Wish to Manifest? Now I know what you might be thinking… Fairy tales don’t happen for everyone I already loved and lost… My ship has sailed I can’t get it right I’m stuck And believe me, if anyone could have thought they would never experience true love, it was me… being trapped in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage will do that to you (my first marriage). But my question for you is this: what if everything in life has been divine preparation for YOUR happily ever-after? Could it be possible that your entire life experience has been exactly what you’ve needed to grow into the person who is in vibrational alignment with ‘the one’? Imagine you could attract your soulmate without the countless years of searching or the endless cycles of disappointment… what do you think life would look like? The fact is, when you get the attraction process right, life changes for the better. And the good news is, Sean and I have just finished creating a breakthrough framework for attracting deep, profound and ever-lasting love faster than you ever thought possible. We’ll show you exactly what it is in the next few lines, but first let’s take a look at… Your 7 Missing Elements to an Incredible Soulmate Experience A newfound sense of passion and purpose that leaves you feeling like anything is possible. When Sean and I experienced our divine union, we had no idea we would create a world renowned publishing company empowering 1,000s of people around the world. Yet it happened, and began with a leap of faith… That faith made Sean fly all the way across the world in 2010 to meet me for first time. He followed his heart and never looked back. An unconditional love that allows you the freedom to be your authentic self. When you’re in a soul-based relationship, you create a mutual support system where there’s no place for judgement. Together, you hold the awareness that love and acceptance is so much better than wanting to change each other. Perceived flaws and insecurities begin to fall away… And, perhaps for the first time ever, you’re able to relax and enjoy being yourself…. Experiences like this begin by nourishing your soul through the art of inner love. A heart-based connection that leads to spiritual expansion and boundless self-growth. So often I hear men speaking of nagging wives, or women eager for more ‘free’-time from their husbands! Yet Sean and I spend nearly 24 hours a day together with an understanding that we’re divinely connected. This awareness empowers us to experience conscious growth and spiritual union. But again, we set these events into motion long before we met by creating crystal clarity of the love we wanted to have in life. The Extraordinary Experiences Continue… Imagine having the courage to follow your intuition, the resources to nourish your soul, and the guidance to create crystal clarity on what truly matters for attracting love? Can you imagine yourself experiencing this kind of love that Sean and I share? Keep in mind we’ve only covered 3 of the 7 extraordinary experiences in the soulmate union. Let’s not forget the mind-blowing sex, inspiring adventures, heightened intuition and greater connection to source that are all part of the experience. So how exactly can YOU attract your soulmate like Sean and I? What Really Happens When You’re Searching For ‘The One’? When you search for ‘the one,’ a powerful part of your brain begins searching the world for people in alignment with your internal map of reality. It’s called the reticular activating system. The problem is, if your internal reality is immersed in even a bit of lost hope, lack of fulfillment, feelings of unworthiness or attachments to the past, then that’s exactly what you’re going to attract in another person… No matter how you search for ‘the one,’ the biggest challenge you’ll face while attracting your soulmate is knowing how to truly experience deep and profound love now and during the process of attraction. Most people don’t realize this or understand that searching while unfulfilled is the single biggest reason for those ‘love gone wrong’ experiences. So what happens? They waste their time on bad dates, lose their money on matchmaking services, or pay thousands of dollars for relationship coaches. In the end, the sad state of affairs is that many lose hope and stop trying altogether. They simply give up on their pursuit of happiness and settle for mediocrity. The 4 Biggest Reasons You’re Not Finding True Love Now Through our research of hundreds of men and women, we found that the act of seeking safety, validation, approval or completion from another human being are recipes for disaster… When we realized this, something clicked. Even with all of the online dating sites and relationship advice out there, why are people still not finding love? The fact is, seeking love from a state of incompletion will attract into your life a love that is incomplete. Remember what I mentioned earlier? “You Will Only Attract The Love You Think You Deserve… And Have Wired Yourself to Attract” So this got Sean and I thinking… “Would it be possible to completely transform your search for love?” What if we could take all we know about the attraction and manifesting process and give you a complete blueprint for attracting your soulmate? To find the answer Sean and I began creating a course over 2 years ago by analyzing the best techniques from relationship experts, thought leaders and spiritual counselors from around the globe on how to find and create love. We then studied what it was that made us attract one another, what initially held us apart, as well as what the commonly held reasons are people don’t find their soulmates. What we came up with changes everything when it comes to attracting love…. Get 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate – Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson, Only Price $47 It’s called 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate – an incredible new framework designed to help you manifest the love of your life “Hang on, in 21 days I’ll see my soulmate?” 21 days is the time we’re going to take to get you love-ready, soul-sexy and joyfully prepared for the love you’ve been waiting for. This means fine-tuning every aspect of your being so you can attract true love faster. There are 1000s of dating sites, matchmaking services and books about love out there, but what makes the 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate course different is that we’re focusing on the thing that matters most of all: you. I’ve said it two times now and I’ll say it a third… You’re only going to attract the love you think you deserve and have wired yourself to attract… and in the next 21 days we’re going to help you discover you’re destined for far more than you’ve ever imagined. Through specially designed techniques for getting love-ready, we’re going to get you prepared for ‘the one’ sooner than you think. In a nut shell, this means you’ll go through the 21 Days course, and within just a few minutes each day, be gently guided through simple processes to begin attracting your soulmate. At the Heart of 21 Days to Attract Your Soul Mate Are 3 Core Focus Points That Will Have You Experiencing Love in no Time Get your mind and soul into an optimal state through the process of Raising Your Vibration. The secret to attraction, is tuning-up your energetic frequency. And through some of the best techniques for raising your vibration, we’re able to get you in vibrational alignment with the love of your life faster than ever. Enter phase 2 of the alignment process through Crystallizing Your Soulmate Design. When you’re focused on finding just ‘the one,’ then you’ll find yourself attracting 1,000 ‘ones’ that may not suit you. Over the course of 21 days we’ll get you focused on what really matters to put you in sync with the love you’re meant to experience. Think of it like creating a treasure map where X marks your soulmate. Experience true love faster through Magnifying Attraction Rituals. Think of this as your energetic and spiritual toolbox of the best techniques and exercises for you to ride the wave of consciousness straight to the happily ever after you’re destined for. 21 days keeps you laser focused on the love you’re meant to experience through daily rituals for attracting love. Is This What Your Soulmate Looks Like? No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve experienced in life… I want you to know this: You deserve to be loved. And you deserve to have the type of blissfully divine soulmate re-union that Sean and I experienced back in 2010 when we first met each other for the first time. “Reunion? But I’ve never even met my soulmate.” Inspirational author Paulo Coelho reminds us that, “important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” Remember this now and imagine… You begin to do the inner-work to accelerate the process of manifestation and get yourself love-ready… You find yourself in a complete state of fulfillment and completion so that you can begin attracting into your life a love that is also fulfilled and complete… And then one day while you’re joyously living life, you look up and stop right in your tracks as you notice a figure. “It’s you!” the words ring in your mind. And in that moment you know. You know who it is and you’re bubbling with excitement to see them once again. There is a familiarity beyond words that manifests as a flutter in your heart. As you look in wonder, your eyes suddenly lock. A joyful smile broadens on both your faces as the knowing becomes mutual. The divine reunion has just begun… The beauty of life is that there are infinite possibilities for how it can unfold. This might be the way you meet your soulmate… or you might meet at a coffee shop, or at a bar when you go dancing, or even when you’re shopping for groceries. What matters most is that you’re ready for the soulmate encounter. And we can help you get there. The fact is, if Sean and I kept searching for each other before doing the inner-work we needed, we would have never met, gotten married, created a business together or inspire and empower thousands of people around the world to create a life they love. Who knows what kind of amazing experiences you’ll have when you meet your soulmate. What I do know though, is that the attraction process begins now… 21 Days Will Get You Vibrationally Aligned With That Which You Wish to Attract The people who get the most from love are those who know how to vibrationally align themselves with that which they wish to attract. And 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate will help you do just that so you can get on the fast track for experiencing love. Now imagine living in a state of fulfillment so you can attract a love that is also fulfilled. Imagine finding someone you can connect with on a soul-level, have the freedom to be yourself, expand in consciousness or even create a family with. When you get the attraction process right, life changes for the better. And 21 days to attract your soulmate is a beautifully designed framework to help you do just that. The course is a collection of 21 love-inspiring modules with a powerful set of energetic tools and techniques for creating and attracting love, no mater what your situation. Having this course is like having a spiritual guide tapping you into the vibration of love and leading you to it’s source. Can you visualize the kind of impact that would have on every area of your life? Good! Now let’s take a look at the collection of modules and techniques that make up 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate and how easy it is for you to begin experiencing and attracting love, now. The Choice Is Yours: Will You Begin Attracting Your Soulmate Today? I know you want to attract the love of your life. That’s why you’re on this page. Which is why Sean and I are giving you the chance, if you choose to accept it, to be one of the first people in the world to experience the 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate course. The question is, do you want to begin attracting your soulmate today? Here’s what you’ll experience during the 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate Course Day 1: The Divine Plan – Your Soulmate Journey Discover how there is a deeper meaning to the term ‘soulmate’ than you may have realised. From soulmates, to karmic teachers, to twin flames – you’ll learn about the 3 main categories of the true love union and exactly which of the three you should be focused on attracting. “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind I was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Rumi Day 2: Your Missing Puzzle Piece – Where is ‘The One’? We’ll explore the missing puzzle piece of your life and how the seasons of your soul impact the entire attraction process. Who do we attract and why? Why hasn’t ‘the one’ shown up yet? Learn how the idea of finding ‘the one’ is holding you back from attracting your soulmate, but how you can still attract the love you truly desire through a simple shift in the way you’re seeking it. “One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.” Day 3: Crystal Clarity – How to Design Your Perfect Partner Learn how to create crystal clarity on what you want from love as you’re guided through the process of designing your own soulmate. Most people focus on the wrong things when attracting their soulmate, but the question is, are you? By the time you’re finished with Day 3, you’ll know the answer and be well on your way to attracting your perfect match. “Set clear intentions and the Universe will respond.” Day 4: Deliciously Selfish – How Self-Love Speeds Up the Soulmate Delivery Time Discover what it means to be deliciously selfish and how it’s a critical element to speed up the delivery time for your soulmate. Are you worthy of love? The answer is yes, and you’ll soon understand why embracing this knowledge is crucial to the attraction process. Plus, find out why trying to attract love without this belief will only bring into your life more relationships that are unfulfilling and disempowering. “When you truly find love, you find yourself.” ~ Deepak Chopra Day 5: Ready, Set, Party Rock! – The Dance of Surrendering to the Present Moment Can you imagine what life would be like if you were constantly in a state of flow, and all the problems in your life started to become non-issues? The intriguing lessons in this module will show you how this life experience can be your reality. The inner releasing exercise will guide and show you what it really means to be open to all possibility. “Trust and surrender…” Day 6: Design Your Destiny – Vision Boards + Inspiration Journals So you’ve got your soulmate blueprint from Day 3 all set… But the question is, what do you do with it and how do you plug into the vibrational frequency of your soulmate? The answer is through the visual alignment process. You’ll be learning how to imprint your subconscious mind, find out why vision boards may not have worked for you in the past, and exactly what you can do to change that. “Think and create…” Day 7: The Forces of Nature and The Art of Presence Learn how to enjoy the sweet journey of attracting your soulmate through the art of presence and connecting with nature. You’ll discover how the cycle of nature is a direct reflection of the attraction process and how incubating your desires is going to be fuel for the attraction process. “Being in love is our TRUE nature.” Day 8: Ditching the Soul Clutter – Releasing energy that no longer serves you Ever find yourself clinging to the past or stuck in the disappointment of old baggage and experiences that no longer serve you? Learn how to let go of the past through a simple energy clearing exercise that will create the space you need to attract your soulmate. “All experiences are leading me to my perfect true love union.” Day 9: Riding the Wave of Seeming Failure – Blessings, Silver Linings and Contrast It’s easy to think we’ve failed at certain times in life. But what if it all served a purpose? What if everything was preparing you for your happily-ever after? Learn how the drastic contrast of life experiences has been playing a critical role in attracting your soulmate. You’ll discover what you need to do to grow from all your experiences in a way that accelerates the process of attraction. “One day you’ll see that every break-up served a beautiful purpose to get you to your soulmate.” Day 10: Mind Your Mouth – The Power of Your Words If your thoughts become things, what do your words do? Today we’re going to turn your attention to the ways in which energy flows and how it shapes the reality of your life. Learn how to positively charge your personal energy through language and thought patterns that serve you, and you’ll finally be able to consciously discover and banish the patterns that don’t serve you as well. “Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” ~ Paulo Coelh Day 11: Great Expectations – The Hidden Dynamic of ‘Shoulds’ There are tools for attracting love, and there are tools for keeping it away. But what if you are unconsciously using the tools that keep your soulmate away? What if you’re using those tools every hour? You’re going to dive one step deeper into the power of your words and how removing some simple language patterns will help you attract and experience a love that is truly surrendered. “True love will make you feel free.” Day 12: Holding Space – Get Buzzing with Active Faith Love potions and meditations? You’d be surprised at its power for attracting love when used properly. You’ll learn how the tidal wave of powerful momentum builds when you create regular rituals for yourself and how to truly focus your energy to begin manifesting easily and effortlessly. “Your word is your wand. The words you speak create your own destiny.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn Day 13: Hello Lover! – Say It Like You Mean It By knowing the myriad of ways you can show and receive love, you’ll be well prepared for experiencing it when your soulmate shows up. Learn how a simple shift in perspective and the understanding of these 5 love languages can help you connect more deeply to the vibration of love when your soulmate relationship begins. “All you need is love.” ~ The Beatles Day 14: Put On Your Happy Pants! – Laugh Until It Hurts A major part of the attraction process is experiencing deep and profound love now, before your soulmate arrives. But how do you cultivate love so you can experience even more of it when your soulmate does appear? It’s done through the art of embracing the joy within. In today’s lesson, you’ll be guided on how to stay in this ideal space for manifesting your soulmate. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss Day 15: Signs of Alignment – When the Universe Sends You Clues Today we’re going to be exploring how signs of alignment show themselves through beautiful synchronicities. Learn how to get closer and closer to manifesting your hearts truest desires by discovering how to identify your own personal signs of alignment. “Trust your intuition.” Day 16: Put Yourself Out There Baby! – The Online Romance Checklist Ever consider online dating? Whether the idea resonates or not, everyone can learn from today’s lesson. Discover the space you need to be in for love to truly show up, and how everything you’ve been learning in this course, coupled with these ideas, can help get you there faster. Plus, learn from my own experiences with online dating, and how today’s 4 Soulmate Attraction Action could even put you in front of your soulmate… today. Day 17: Defining Your Love Boundaries – Some rules are meant to be broken Your belief patterns are creating your reality. But are they helping or hurting the attraction process? Will they support or collapse the love you do eventually attract? In today’s lesson you’ll discover how some rules are meant to be broken, and how the simple act of identifying them can guide you to experiencing a much deeper love than you’ve ever experienced. “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have gotten anywhere.” ~ Marilyn Monroe Day 18: Sexy-Sexy Time! – Passion, Pleasure + Soul Play Eager to have the best sex of your life? Want someone that will make sweet love to you all night long? Considering you’ve jumped on the fast track for attracting your soulmate, you’ll want to explore today’s lesson so you’re well prepared for the best sex ever. “Make sweet love (with your soul!)” Day 19: Yes! Yes! Yes! – Scream it like your mean it Is it possible you have unconsciously let the two words you’ll discover in today’s lesson sabotage your ability to experience love? For most people, the answer is yes. Learn how the conscious awareness of this self-sabotage mechanism and a slight shift in perspective can change everything, and how life will seem to magically open up for you in the process. Day 20: Oneness Wonderland – The Same Soul, A Unified Plan What’s a Twin Flame? How does it compare to the Soulmate union? Should you be seeking it and does it even matter? You’ll soon have your answers from the Twin Flame couple themselves as you discover what it’s like to be one, and how to identify the common signs you’ve attracted a Twin Flame Union. “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” Day 21: Your Ancient Manifesting Ritual – A Psychic Message To Your Soulmate This single technique has been responsible for the manifestation of beautiful soulmate unions, millions of dollars, extraordinary experiences, babies… you name it. And it is the single most powerful technique Sean and I have used in our mastery over the art of manifesting. We’ll be wrapping up the 21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate Course with a bang, and an exercise you can implement for manifesting in all areas of your life. Get ready to manifest your soulmate! “Dear Soulmate, I love you. xo” Special Feature: The Soulmate Attraction Action Items for a better learning experience It’s been proven through many studies that people learn the best when given multiple forms of experience. That’s why on top of the course content, we’ve included daily soulmate attraction action items to help you get the most out of this program. Highlights include: Interactive exercises and techniques to help you embody and embrace everything that you’re learning so you can get on the fast track for attracting love. Power questions and journaling prompts to nurture and guide you on your journey. Daily affirmations and visual inspiration to inspire you with the unlimited possibilities for creating a life you love.

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