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Tactical Gymnastics – Scott Sonnon Download. My job is serving those who serve us and protecting those who protect us. It?s my honor to do this job. And in…

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My job is serving those who serve us and protecting those who protect us. It?s my honor to do this job. And in the process of doing this work, I?ve had the privilege of studying with great masters around the world.

Tactical Gymnastics – Scott Sonnon course with special price just for you$59.6  $15

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“I have three words for Scott Sonnon: OUTSTANDING- OUTSTANDING- OUTSTANDING! 

 I have the privilege of previewing Scott’s new Tactical Gymnastics program and I have to say that Scot has done it again; another outstanding program by the flow coach. It didn’t take 10 minutes for me to bring some new and exciting pieces of curriculum into my school, but I will probably be refining these skills for 10 years. Scott’s approach is thorough and smart.

The instruction and production is easy to follow, professional and well put together. As a lifelong martial artist I can appreciate the benefits Tactical Gymnastics brings. I am using this program to combat over training symptoms and…IT IS WORKING. In the short time I have been using this I already feel my joints opening and my mobility increasing.

Bottom line- I give this program my highest recommendation. This is what is giving me and my students the edge and this is what all tactical operators need to give them the advantage.”

David Neal Brown
International Muay Thai League, President

“Let me express our appreciation for your instruction, expertise, and extraordinary skill disseminating critical information within Tactical Fitness and Tactical Gymnastics. Many thanks to you and your team!”

Daniel Modell
Commanding Officer
Tactical Training Unit
New York Police Department

“Hello my friend,

I?d like to speak candidly, without any hypeorstatistics.

Just you and I – for a moment – before you come inside and check out what I?ve created for you.

If you?re a first-timer, and you don?t know who I am, allow me to introduce myself as one of the world?s leading researchers (and guinea pigs) on the nature of flow.

By “flow” I don?t mean the kind of ethereal, nebulous kind of energy that people inthe healing disciplines discuss. I?m not disrespecting them, or you if you?re from them; just stating that I?m not going to be sharing with you anything about any unseen forces. By flow, I?m referring to the concrete, quantifiable science of pain-free, effortless quality of movement.

My job is serving those who serve us and protecting those who protect us. It?s my honor to do this job. And in the process of doing this work, I?ve had the privilege of studying with great masters around the world.
I?ve spent the past 30 years exploring different movement modalities, the past 20 years studying them exhaustively, and the past 10 years refining my coaching skills to share the library of movement I?ve learned from around the world.

I?ve tested this out on myself first. I?ve put it under the most difficult trials possible, placing myself in one combat sport after another – at an international championship level – to debug all the problems and plug all the gaps. And the data that I?ve received from my personal application, as well as the ongoing feedback I receive from the agencies I consult, has forced me to evolve my coaching to the point of publishing Tactical Gymnastics.

TACGYM can appear to have elements of Russian Systema, Chinese Bagua, Indonesian Silat, French Parkour, Persian Zurkhaneh, Brazilian Gymnastica Natural, and Indian Vyayam. However, after all these years of synthesis, I cannot remember where I first learned any one movement, which held primary influence or even how to differentiate movements any longer. And in many cases, I had to graft components together to form new movements to meet the fighting needs of my students.

It?s easiest for me to refer to it as “our gymnastics” but since it appears too ambiguous a title, I adopted tactical gymnastics in honor of the martial heritage of my coaches. For me, there?s only incremental progression, biomechanical efficiency and specific preparedness: baby steps, flow and purpose. These three concentrations united all of the broad shoulders I stand upon.”

TACGYM, I can say without reservation, is the pinnacle of my career in consolidating the principles and concepts of the science of flow into concrete, easy to follow, simple to progress building blocks of movement. I cannot promise you that you?ll become an overnight snake eater, or Musashi in a month. I cannot guarantee you that you?ll be able to levitate, throw fireballs, or teleport either.

No hype. No buzz. No BS:

• You will increase your ability to express power while decreasing how much effort required to do so.

• You will recover much more rapidly from sudden changes in movement, accidents, collisions, destabilizations, and forced translations.

• You will be smoother in everything that you do, all your exercise, recreation and even job-related activities will be done with greater suppleness and grace.

• You will feel much more energy throughout your body, and throughout your day, and that will have a dramatic impact upon your mood, attitude and perspective.

• You will reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pains that may be riddling you, leading to improved quality of life.

• You will prevent injuries from happening, and lessen those severe injuries which may occur, as your connect tissue strength, joints, and response time improves.

• You will be able to navigate obstacles and challenges with ease and imagination as your body learns to adapt to new physical skills at an accelerated rate.

• You will become keenly sensitive to movement, position and force / tension, as your bodily awareness improves.

• Of course, this will improve your strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, endurance, stamina, et cetera… No doubt. But many things will do that. Very few disciplines also offer the above.

If you?re one of the few who see a martial artist, gymnast, boxer or wrestler and think, “I?d really love to be able to move with that kind of silent power,” then TACGYM is probably for you. There will be, of course, the unstated premise: “if I was pain-free, if I didn?t have the injuries preventing me, if I had the mobility and range of motion to do so…”

This premise distinguishes TACGYM. Many roads will get you to graceful power. Only a few paths will get you there uninjured. This isn?t a sink or swim method, like many of the units I?ve trained with use. My approach focuses on the 85% of you who, like me, cannot succeed in spite of improper coaching. Because of my childhood disabilities, I still need to exploit every training technology useful in order to keep my teams ahead of the bad guys who are willing to throw 20-something cannon fodder into the meat-grinder.

My men and women are invaluable, the most precious virtues of our society, so I cannot fail as a coach. I must not. That?s why I continue to refine, and rework, and research, and test it all out on myself first, before sharing only what repeatable, consistently, sustainably works for everyone, not just the meager 15% who could do well in spite of poor coaching.

If you?re looking to burn fat or bulk up, sure, you?ll build muscle and lose body fat practicing tactical gymnastics, but these are not their primary goals; much like the warrior physique is merely a by-product, not the intent, of fighting efficacy. The appearance is not the destination; just a part of the journey.

However, there are ineffable qualities, elusive virtues, which tactical gymnastics – like its father, martial arts – concentrate upon. Power and the ability to express it are not mutually compatible. You can appear to have a massive, powerful frame. You can look as if you could withstand any crisis. But without the malleable form, you will lack the ability to express that power. You will remain encased in a prison of muscle. I?ve alluded to the difference between “show” muscle and “go” muscle.

This distinction works well. Too often, I?ve had to work with very enthusiastic young athletes, who because of their prior training, were completely incapable of translating power outside of the short-range, machine-dictated exercises they had been advised to perform. If you want to look like a statue, that?s fine; but take care that you don?t become one.

Honestly, I probably cannot help you if you have not, somehow of your own accord, developed the fire to desire moving with power, rather than merely appearing powerful.

Power means nothing without the ability to navigate unknown and surprise obstacles and resistance with ease and imagination. And even if you or your coaches have ignited your warrior spirit with the will to regain your heritage as the most potent creature God has ever graced the world with, you may not have the patience to develop at the appropriate rate.

Tactical gymnastics are like “flow yoga with a purpose.” They help you develop movement efficacy to navigate on, around, over or through obstacles.

They have specific purpose. If you consider the 4 Day Wave in TACFIT, you can insert your tactical gymnastics into the low or moderate intensity sessions. It is not possible to perform them with no intensity, like your mobility days; and not advisable to perform them at high intensity due to their complex nature, even if you scale down the complexity to simple movements.

You should leave your tactical gymnastics practice smiling, sweaty and sore: a good, deep sweat which allows you to loosen the muscles, lubricate the joints, work out the knots, focus your mind, and decompress your emotions. Most of the martial arts approaches I studied were “sink or swim.”

For instance, since my years in Russia often involved their special operations unit trainers and personnel, the training was very much a culling of the herd, where whoever could survive the many hours of grueling repetition across unfavorable terrain and within extreme conditions passed the examinations.

I took my background and experience in motor development to address the 85% who couldn?t saunter into one of these month long marathons of complexity and survive. What you find here, I carefully vetted over many years of trial and error, research and
discovery, concocting the most gradual high-yield, low-risk protocols for becoming powerfully graceful.

Unlike the other high intensity workouts in the TACFIT fleet, TACGYM involves a lowmoderate intensity performance and as a result, doesn?t necessarily demand the specifically-tailored warm-up and cooldown programming associated with programs such as Commando, Warrior, Kettlebell Spetsnaz, Rope and Mass Assault. However, performing full warm-up programs like the Caduceus Healing Staff and Body Rolling and full cooldown programs like Archimedes accelerate your results in TACGYM.

We cannot make the progress shorter, but we can avoid making it longer, with significantly more severe consequences. I cannot help you shorten the journey. No one can. But I can help you not lengthen the journey. I can help you lessen the severity of the consequences through program compliance.

I call to the mature warrior within you, to awaken that ethos – millennia old – and bring that elder voice to your training practice.

I look forward to reading about your incredible journey. It?s an honor to have you here, and I look forward to you joining our team. Come on inside, brothers and sisters. Let?s get started!

Scott Sonnon
Chief Operations Officer
RMAX International


Your expertly crafted, 79 page Field Manual to Tactical Gymnastics includes precise descriptions of the protocols and workouts within the TACGYM system.
Elaborate reports for all 12 workout missions (Fubar, Snafu and Tarfu – and all four levels of each: Delta to Alpha) are laid out in both written and photographic format. Included, are the innovative scoresheets for tracking your results in repetition, time, heart rate, technique, discomfort and exertional level. The master program charts allow you to schedule the calendar of your exercise through all four aspects of recovery.

Each of these 12 mission briefings thoroughly describe the safety points, key mechanics, structural alignment and breathing techniques for each of the skills to be learned in the program of instruction. As has become the standard in all TACFIT instruction, the coaching cues taught provide both map and compass for navigating through your workout missions.

All twelve of these 20 minute training simulations have been created for the easiest, simplest format to follow-along with your instructor as you go through each protocol. Each innovative production allows you to maximize your time actually performing the workout mission without concern as to the next step.

Instructional videos:
The 3 lower-body yoga stretch routines taught in these 3 videos include the specific alignment and breathing techniques to optimize your
success, and prevent injuries. How to enter and exit each position guarantees no accidental injury while stretching. Each skill progresses to the next, so following the coaching cues ensures that you develop effectively and safely when performing the program.

Follow-Along videos:
Each of these three 6 minute follow-along lowerbody yoga stretch routine perfectly times your optimal holds and transitions between the positions. Shot from multiple angle photography to give you the optimal reminder of coaching cues found in the instructional series.

Instructional video:
In this 41 minute instructional program, you?ll learn the location, application, direction and duration of the twenty-one exercises in this unique and innovative approach to myofascial release.Combining simple yoga postures to elongate the target tissues, with the body rolling technique of myofascial release, offers fast, effective, thorough and enduring freedom from the tightness and tissue density which results in pain and injuries.

Follow-Along video:
With only 10 minutes, you can follow this video as a warm-up, cool-down or recovery day for restoration and recuperation from training, occupational, sport and life stressors. The combination of simple yoga postures and
easy to follow body rolling technique provides you with increased energy and pain-free range of motion, using only an inexpensive tennis ball.

Instructional video:
In this 33 minute instructional program, you?ll learn the unique and innovative approach to using ancient martial art staff conditioning drills to release tension and tightness in the upper body. Each of the 13 core movements build upon one another progressively, using only a household dowel rod or broomstick.

Follow-Along video:
Requiring only 5 minutes, to free the upper body of pain and tightness, this simple to learn and easy to follow warm-up can just as effectively be used as a cool-down or a recovery workout for restoration and recuperation.

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