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MFA Internal Traffic Training – Todd Brown Download. I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur for over a decade. Scaling multiple businesses from $0 to s…

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I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur for over a decade. Scaling multiple businesses from $0 to six-figures. And six-figures to seven. I have lived, breathed and eaten Facebook advertising.

MFA Internal Traffic Training – Todd Brown course with special price just for you$219  $38

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How A Man Named “Henry And His 1930’somethig Patent” Is Actually

The Key To You Finally Ending Your Traffic Headaches & Getting All The Facebook Traffic You Ever Wanted…

I’ll also be sharing with you how when I was forced to “market or die” during a missions trip to Panama is when I finally pulled myself out of the weeds and discovered just how simple running Facebook ads profitably can be…

By the end of this brief eye-opening journey together, you’ll understand the 3 strategic errors tripping you up when it comes to running Facebook traffic today — and making what should otherwise be a very simple and lucrative part of your business into a costly, nagging one.

First, please be warned

If you’re eagerly waiting for me to reveal some elaborate new names I conjured up or phrases to describe this revolutionary breakthrough traffic tactic like…

the “reverse-traffic-implosion” or “traffic-lead-ception 3.0”.

You’re not going to find anything like that here.

Because I don’t have a traffic program to sell.

And there is no traffic program for you to buy. And for a very good reason.

Because those elaborate costly traffic programs, well,

they are the cause of your Facebook problems!

I will explain to you exactly why in just a moment…

So who am I?

My name is Damian Lanfranchi. You may recognize me as Todd Brown’s business partner and the C.O.O. of Marketing

Funnel Automation.

I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur for over a decade. Scaling multiple businesses from $0 to six-figures. And six-figures to seven. I have lived, breathed and eaten Facebook advertising.

Honestly, it is a bit of an obsession.

If you find yourself slipping away from Thanksgiving dinner and hiding in a corner as you click refresh, somehow imagining that the faster you click refresh the more leads you’ll get… yes you may have a Facebook advertising obsession.

You see, to me running Facebook traffic “”the right way”” is like playing the stocks or even Fantasy Football. It’s like a legal way to print money. And that never gets old.

I have personally spent well over $1,000,000 in Facebook ads.

Yes, a million dollars. Real money.

Not agency dollars or some budget I delegated to a team to work on…

Dollars I could either use to feed my family or invest wisely elsewhere for a return…

I have been in the trenches and wrote every creative, every headline, choose every audience, selected every objective, watched every single winner and loser, and pulled the levers to scale each campaign. With my own two hands

More than once, at Todd’s suggestion, we tried to hire outside agencies to run our paid traffic since after all I am the C.O.O. and have other things to do…

Actually we hired 11 expert agencies in the past 3 years.

6 produced zero results at all. Shocking but sadly common with agencies.

3 got some results but lost us money.

2 were able to compete with the results I was getting.

NONE were able to beat my approach.

Did I mention Todd and I paid some of these agencies upwards of $15,000 for 90 days of management!

The way I run our own internal Facebook traffic, only spending a couple hours a week is outperforming all these high priced agencies… and it is exactly what I will be sharing with you in just a little bit.

First, let’s be very clear about something….

Fact of the matter is, when it comes to scaling your business, nothing compares to Facebook traffic!

Don’t buy the hype about how the search volume on Google and the inventory from GDN dwarfs Facebook…

(I’m sure it might on paper, but I have yet to meet anyone who is getting more leads and sales on GDN or Google than on Facebook. Have you?)

And don’t get “shiny object syndrome” and think there is some windfall of leads and traffic waiting on Reddit or LinkedIn or Amazon or some other trending new traffic channel.

Listen, I am not saying there aren’t other ad channels worth exploring or that may work…

However, listen to what I am about to say…

with almost any product or market you are in today, nothing compares to Facebook.

This isn’t just my opinion.

When Todd Brown and I gather with our inner circle members of 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs…

to discuss scaling businesses 2, 3 and 4X… categorically every single business owner in the room is using Facebook as their number one traffic source.

And when we have marketers fly in from around the globe to our annual summit, MFA Live, where legends like Rich Schefren, Brian Kurtz and

Clayton Makepeace take the stage… during break and in the hallways, all the heavy hitting marketers are logging into Facebook checking their ads and campaigns.

(Nobody is refreshing their Outbrain or Reddit account LOL.)

So why the heck does it seem for most marketers and entrepreneurs that running ads on Facebook is so darn complicated and so darn easy for you to lose money?

Well, I’d like to tell you a fascinating little true story that will help you understand…

It’s about a man named Henry from the 1930’s and the patent he had that changed your life and mine.

In fact, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, right now, if you look around your room, wherever you are, you will find Henry’s little invention.

Henry’s little invention is in every single room in your house. It could possibly be one of the most prolific inventions human history. It drives our lives every day from the sound of our alarm clocks to your commute to work…

In the first year alone, millions of units of Henry’s new invention would be ordered by GM, Ford and Chrysler. And then the department of defense. His invention would be instrumental in the bombers that would fly over Europe and help win WWII.

You can barely see Henry’s invention with the naked eye, but without this B-24 would crash to the ground… and we may have lost WWII!

Yet, Henry’s invention is very… unimpressive.

You see, you might be thinking Henry invented something like an engine or nuclear power…

He didn’t. He just solved a simple problem that had to do with how machines were being assembled and often getting “over-torqued” when they were assembled too quickly.

His solution changed everything.

It made every American machine better and safer, and still does today, in your home and mine – including our high tech devices like our I-Phones and Google Home.

His invention is synonymous with his name. Henry Phillips.

And he had made over $65,000,000 off of, yes, a screw.

Nothing fancy or elaborate about his invention. It just worked.

And there, my friend, is the answer to your Facebook issues…

You see, everyone is looking for the next whiz-bang program. Full of secrets about how some rogue employee from Facebook escaped with the secret algorithm that allows you to 10X your Facebook ads. When you buy my 37-step complete Facebook master system, of course…

Yes, but no thanks.

There is never-ending crowd of gurus lining up to sell you their sack of magic beans…

But you don’t need it.

You just need a screwdriver.

How do I know?

Because I was forced to learn this the hard way during a missions trip to Panama…

My wife and I had traveled for a month to do missions work in Panama with our two little girls, ages 5 and 2 at the time…

The previous year I had sold my first business, and with savings dwindling, I found myself working not one, two, but four jobs to make ends meet.

The best and most promising one, the one I would ultimately take a full-time marketing director role with… where I’d help them scale from $1.5 million to $7.0 million in just two years…

well that job gave me a most uncomfortable call one night…

I just returned from a sweat filled day working inside the Panama public schools with the local kids….

That’s when I got the call from the founder of the company.

We were running an evergreen webinar. And my job was to scale our Facebook traffic. It was our bread and butter. Because every lead, every sale, all went to an inside sales floor they had built and needed to feed every day. The high ticket back-end was the heart of that business.

As I was sitting in my make-shift bed-office, my free generic missions t-shirt still stuck with sweat to my side, the call started like this….

“Damian…” the founder said, “I like you, and I know you’re a really sharp and smart marketer, but the Facebook numbers just aren’t good enough. Something has to change, or we have to part ways.”

BOOM. Like a five-finger punch to the gut.

Stuck in the middle of Central America. Scraping by with four jobs, a wife and two little girls. I absolutely could not afford to lose this consulting gig. All because my Facebook ads weren’t getting the results we needed…

It was what I call a “market or die” situation.

I often say, “If you haven’t had to market to feed your family, you’re not a real marketer.”

It’s true. And it’s exactly what I did.

Over the next handful of weeks, while sneaking away in the early morning hours and late night shifts at our tiny Panama hotel room, I put my head down to those Facebook campaigns… rolled up my sleeves… and made those darn ads work. Because they had to.

And they did!

It was shocking just how dramatically more profitable and scalable our campaigns became in a very short period of time…

Years later, when I still speak to the President of that company (we’re good pals), he credits the work I did with my Facebook ads during that short window as the cornerstone for their scaling strategy which has now grown them well into 8-figures…

“”So what changed?”” you ask.

Why wasn’t I getting traction on Facebook before and what did I do that forced results? And how am I doing it today over and over to consistently get new leads and sales from Facebook?

Well it began with major shift in my traffic thinking. And undoing these 3 key strategic errors.

The first which I began to explain earlier. And that is –

Your Facebook strategy doesn’t need to be and shouldn’t be complicated.

You just need a good screwdriver, honestly.

The more elaborate and complex I have made my campaigns and ads, the slower and worse the results have been…

Simplifying how you run your Facebook traffic will free you up to test more rapidly and focus on scaling, rather than getting caught in the weeds building out whiz-bang campaigns that never seem to work.

Second, you need to learn how to focus on strategy, not tactics.

There is a temptation to always think, my campaign isn’t working, but what if I just try this one new ad type or this one lead tactic, surely that will fix everything.

No, it won’t.

Listen, I am just as wow’ed by the idea of messenger bots and advanced layered audiences and video carousel ads and partner network feeds and on and on and on.

However, the truth is these tactical driven approaches will never be the backbone of a successful Facebook campaign for you…

They will never take the place of sound traffic marketing done right.

Yes, they are enhancements, and possibly wonderful enhancements, but despite what the flashy guru who “had a Neo-Matrix moment and cracked the code on the Facebook AI using a secret NASA formula”…

This is not what you or the majority of marketers and entrepreneurs need to use Facebook profitably.

Over the $1,000,000 plus I have personally run in traffic, only a tiny percentage has been dedicated to what I would call advanced tactics.

That’s because tactics are great for selling you expensive courses, but strategy is what you will get you the results you need.

I am talking about the unglamorous stuff like understanding congruence between your ad and your campaigns, knowing the most cost-effective audience to use when testing a new offer and understanding the steps to take to fix an ad campaign that isn’t working or losing money.

And third, and it’s a good thing I am not selling a traffic course, because this admission would kill me.

There is a simple approach you can use to run

almost all your Facebook campaigns successfully and

I can teach it to you in at little as 120 minutes…

9 out of 10 of the ad campaigns I run today, I run the same exact way I developed when I was forced to “market or die” during that missions trip in Panama. And I will give you my entire strategy and process in just a moment…. And it’s all you really need.

Imagine how much faster your business will grow when you can focus solely on creating great offers and converting leads, rather than trying to game the system with some secret “”made-up traffic code””.

Your Facebook traffic needs to be no different than the hose on the side of your house.

You open the valve and turn it on when you need it.

You adjust the pressure up or down a bit as desired. But that’s it.

No elaborate owner’s manual required.

You create new offers and promotions. Then you just turn point your Facebook traffic and watch new leads and customers sales flood in. Simple.

During the launch of our E5 C.A.M.P. Masterclass we heard from students again and again how desperately frustrated they were running Facebook traffic…

How they were so excited to launch their new E5 campaigns and start getting new customers…

but they were overwhelmed and confused on how to use Facebook the right way.

So I took a handful of days and documented our internal Facebook traffic process.

Exactly how I have run over $1,000,000 of ads. And the exact method I uncovered when I was forced to “market or die” on that missions trip to Panama…

Inside I cover exactly what you need to know about the scary Facebook compliance police – an expensive lesson I learned after having 3 accounts shut down and being banned from Facebook for nearly two years!

(We’ve since run half a million dollars without a single issue. It’s pretty easy now that I have a simple process to follow. And I can explain it to you in a handful of minutes so you never have to stress or have troubles again…)

  • You’ll discover which campaign types work best for high-level scaling on Facebook, and the only 3 key metrics you need to understand so you can scale rapidly and profitably…
  • You’ll understand how to save of ton of time and money by knowing the “right audience” to target when doing minimum viable testing. This will allow you to know if your offer is working quickly without tons of guesswork or wasted ad dollars…
  • You’ll know how to navigate through the mess of numbers like frequency and relevance and laser in on exactly what data you need to pay attention to to keep your ads running profitably…
  • ?You’ll learn how to dramatically simplify the ad creatives you are using and the process we use to systematically create ad iterations and optimize performance…
  • ?You’ll get the retargeting strategy we use which generates the highest ROI of any campaign we run and can be set up in roughly 15 minutes…
  • ?You’ll understand how I learned to dramatically boost relevance on any ad before you ever start your actual campaign, ultimately unlocking lower overall ad spends…
  • ?And much much more!

When Todd asked me to create this internal training he asked me,

Damian, I want you to document exactly what you were to show someone if we had to train a complete newbie to take over your role in traffic and be responsible for running hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads for MFA.

So that is exactly what I did.

This Internal MFA Traffic Training has never been sold.

In fact, we only gave a select handful of individuals access to it when they purchased our E5 C.A.M.P. Masterclass for upwards of $2,495.

Today, as promised, there is no traffic program for sale. Today I want to give you the entire MFA Internal Traffic Training, created by me, absolutely FREE…

Let me explain how you can get the entire Internal MFA Traffic Training for $0 —

You see, recently, Todd and I started an online marketing academy for the best and brightest marketers.

It’s called Acquire & Monetize, and it’s where Todd provides his latest and best marketing training and guidance to our all our best tribe members.

Here’s what you’re going to get inside A&M:

1) Get Todd Brown To Answer Your Most Important Marketing Questions Live!

For starters, you are able to get direct guidance and ask questions to Todd Brown (and myself) every single week. Imagine any and every time you are facing a major decisions about acquiring more customers, standing out in your market, nailing your Big Marketing Idea, dialing in your Unique Mechanism or just generating more sales from your offers, you can ask Todd Brown himself.

Every week you’ll be able to hop on either a live Conversion or Traffic call and get all your most pressing questions about launching grand slam marketing promotions with Todd or scaling your Facebook advertising profitably with me. Yes, I will personally look at your ads, bids, audiences and campaigns. What’s that worth to you on an ongoing basis? And how much can my experience and expertise save and make you?

Plus get on a bonus live Q&A with Todd Brown every single month. Get Todd’s personal direction on your most pressing and important decisions.

2) Custom Marketing Tracks To Accelerate Your Business Right Where You Are Today!

Also waiting for you inside A&M is something, well, it’s extraordinary…

Because one of the biggest challenges we hear from marketers at all levels is –

“”I don’t know where to start? What do I need to focus on?””

Todd has made it easy for you inside A&M. No matter whether you are shooting to get your first sale or looking to scale from 6 to 7 and 8 figures and beyond…

Todd has created individual “”Marketing Tracks”” for you to follow. So you are not overwhelmed getting flooded with marketing strategies you don’t need today, and wasting time on stuff you already know.

Instead, you are getting the methods you need RIGHT NOW (based on where you are today) to take your business and sales to the next value. The custom Marketing Tracks waiting for you inside A&M are truly priceless!

3) You Get Todd’s Latest & Best Marketing Thinking Every Week!

Every single week inside A&M, Todd releases a new “”Marketing In Action”” video where he shares his very best marketing insights and strategies. Todd studies the newest and most lucrative offers out there, and shares his expert insights so you can apply the latest and best marketing strategies to boost your own campaign performance!

4) Connect With A&M Members In The Private Slack Community

We happen to be very proud of our tribe and feel well, they are some of the brightest and sharpest marketers and entrepreneurs online.

You’ll now be part of a private 24-7 community where you can leverage the collective genius of this group to help grow your business! Make alliances, get feedback, share resources, network and make like-minded friends!

5) Wait, there’s more…

Waiting for you inside A&M there are also MFA marketing tools, Todd’s private ad swipe file of multi-million dollar campaigns, a complete breakdown of the tech stack we use to run our 6 and 7 figure campaigns, the MFA marketing training archive and much much more!

6) And How About Your OwnGolden Ticket Pass Worth $1,000’s?

Yes, every single month inside of A&M you’ll unlock your own Golden Ticket Pass! You will be able to cash in your passes to get the best and most popular trainings from Todd Brown and MFA FREE! I’m talking about trainings we have sold up for up to $2,000 or more…

yours absolutely FREE with your A&M Golden Ticket! Hey, membership has its privileges :o)

Now here is theverybestpartforyou

Your membership to the new A&M academy including everything above, live access to Todd Brown, and so much more, well it is just $219 a month. That’s it.

Never again waste your time or money buying high-ticket marketing programs…

You’ll now have the best of the best advanced marketing strategies directly from Todd Brown and MFA. Everything you need all in one place, for one ridiculously low cost.

Plus there is no contract, or obligation. You are free to leave any time, so there is no risk to you.

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