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3d Mind 2018 Edition – Tom and Kim has the same quality as the author’s salapage. You also get membership in the 3D Mind Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help from us directly

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Buy Tom and Kim – 3d Mind 2018 Edition Course at AiBox. We join Groupbuy AND always try to share knowledge with more people. Especially the quality is the same as salepage. You can buy directly at salepage, with full price. (link SALEPAGE are mounted directly on the post)

You also get membership in the 3D Mind Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help from us directly

3d Mind 2018 Edition – Tom and Kim course with special price just for you$99  $26

Salepage link: At HERE. Archive:

Total sizes: 955.1 MB – include: 8 mp4, 8 mp3, 2 pdf, 2 docx – mp4, mp3, pdf, docx

There are 8 instructional videos that will guide you through the process

You also receive the downloadable workbook and a journal to track your progress.

This is online only and should play on all tablets and phones.

Lifetime access

Wait there is more.

You also get membership in the 3D Mind Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help from us directly

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Imagine your life beginning to change……. Now imagine you can do it yourself. The 3D mind is an easy to learn skill that you can use for the rest of your life. In just a few days you can begin the journey of taking control of your life and heading into the direction you want to go instead of moving away from things you want to avoid. We came up with the 3D Mind 8 years ago and it has taken self improvement to the next level.

Each year we have improved it and made what was a really easy process even easier.Now with the 3D Mind 3.0 we have a process that allows you to easily identify where and what you have to change in order to get where you want to go.

How do you do it Kim and Tom? After years of studying the brain and how problems really start we have identified one simple concept. The problem stays alive because of the filter that you look at the world through. This filter is an emotional filter that has a specific formula. When you learn what your formula is you can disable that filter and move past the blockage naturally.

What is different about 3D Mind 3.0 and what you taught before? Good question. We have improved the 3D Mind in 3 areas that have made a huge difference. 1. We now have 5 different ways to identify the precise area of your life that needs the change. This is the biggest problem that most people have. The “think” that know what the problem is BUT spend years working in the wrong place.

2. Identifying USEFUL resources to help balance the problem and dissolve the filter that gets in the way. Even when you find the problem you need to have the right resource. Most people choose the wrong resource by trying to overpower the problem by using overpowering good feelings. We now have methods to find

3. Cleaner ways of implementing the 3D Mind making it a more streamlined process that keeps you from getting distracted and sidetracked by unproductive states and directions. What kinds of problems can the 3D mind help with? Eliminate any phobia Remove shyness and social anxiety Enhance confidence Stop bad habits Dissolve Stress and anxiety Here is a recent example:

Success Stories


GIGGLES…..a 9/11 ptsd success

Tom and Kim,

I would like to thank you for your work in developing the 3D Mind(tm) Model. A while back my daughter came to me, very upset,,, more accurately,,, deeply depressed, tears, posture, physiology, totally depressed.

Now this is an MP stationed just outside of the Pentagon (she was there on9/11) she’s tough as nails and then some. (Yeah,, she has an asshole for a dadtoo, ;^) Yes, the depression was a “fallout” of 9/11.I used your 3D Mind(tm) with her,, MAN!!! FROM a total BREAKDOWN,,,, TO LAUGHTER & GIGGLES. I did the regression and the built in future pace,,,, I even scolded her, about those loose blond hairs belonging on the OUTSIDE!!

I thought WOW!! and kept it to myself at the time. Only allowed her tosee congruent belief in the reworking/removing of the drivers, fear,paranoia, and the loose blond hairs! ;^) I continued to keep it to myself, But consider the month we’re in now.

I can say it was very fast, less than ten minutes from tears to laughter. The change in state was un-believable. If your work can take care of this,, then man, I can only imagine what may be possible, if folks get and use the rest of your work!

Tom, Kim, I wish I had this tooling years ago, I look back and see so much that could have been so different, but, looking forward from here,,, ;^)

Thanx again, David “Doc Iron”*


She’s doing great, almost 2+1/2 years later!!!

Hello I’m David, aka, Doc Iron.

I gave a testimonial which is listed on the “Essential Skills” site. I have, and do still, use the 3D Mind. It does work very well. I am a father, a grandfather, and a great grandfather. I’ve a few seasons of experience,,, if you may. I’ve trained in “NLP”, “DHE”, “NHR”, “TIME LINE”, blah blah,, blah ,,

You probably got it at this point, don’t you?

Richard always said I could be could be cured of “NLP”,, ;^)> 3D MIND is a GREAT CURE.After you read this, please go to “”, read my endorsement,,, while putting yourself in my shoes,,, at that time.


*I’ve exchanged correspondence with Tom and Kim on my youngest daughters progress since the change work with her during that sad time, (9/11) She’s doing great, almost 2+1/2 years later!!!

Thanx again, David “Doc Iron”*

Phobia what phobia!

At the end of the first day, Tom did some work with me to help with a phobia of studying.. Now I have been an amateur hypnotist for about 3 years, and studying ‘traditional NLP’ for about 2, I’d tried imagining a scene, moving images, bigger/brighter etc., and it took a really long time.

Tom spent 5 minutes with me and hey presto. solved! I don’t know how it worked, and like Tom says ‘I don’t care!’ All I know was I could replicate it, and I have! In the last 3 weeks, I have anchored groups of people, built bright futures, learnt to hypnotize people in a tenth of the time, and all without them even realizing! Sneaky yes, fun most definitely

Oh by the way I got 94% in my exam last week.Phobia…. What phobia!?

Marc Hogan

I was at perhaps the lowest point emotionally I’d even been

Dear Tom & Kim,


When I first emailed you a couple of weeks ago I was at perhaps the lowest point emotionally I’d ever been . Now, having used 3D Mind(tm) I’m feeling great and suddenly there are plenty of options and opportunities to get back on track to where I want to go.

I’m sleeping better, feeling far more relaxed, becoming more productive and efficient, exercising regularly for the first time in months and looking forward to the future again, even if I still have some significant challenges to work through.

I’m already starting to use 3D Mind(tm) habitually whenever I find myself dwelling on negative or unhelpful emotions. It has been by far the most dramatic and successful tool for personal change I have ever come across, even having paid thousands to work one on one with very highly respected NLP trainers.

One of the most interesting aspects of the process I’ve noticed is when inserting a changed driver state back into the primary state and reviewing my past – I often notice immediately how I incorrectly interpreted past events and their meanings. As someone who has always had “low self esteem” I am now looking at events in my past through entirely new eyes and realizing that many, many people who have come into my life thought extremely highly of me and I wasn’t able to see that because I was looking through a filters of “people don’t like me” and “I’m not good enough”.

My memories of the past are changing and becoming more positive, powerful and fun as I re-examine events without these negative filters. And this is having the instantaneous effect of increasing my self-esteem and confidence right now, in the present, and my expectations and opportunities for the future. The more I use it, the better I feel and the more excited I get about my future.

The best part? The changes are permanent instantly unlike other NLP strategies I’ve tried to use in the past which seemed to last for hours or days.

What a change from the low point I was at just two weeks ago.

Thank you for such an incredible product.

Phill Coxon

Christchurch, New Zealand

Email: [email protected]

I was ready to ask for a refund!

Tom and Kim,

At first I thought the 3D Mind(tm) was weird. Matter a fact I was ready to ask for a refunduntil I just simply tried it.

I’m amazed that I have eliminated a very bad habit that has always been a part of my life. The structure of what you teach is so simple. I just had to get my self out of the way and actually DO IT!

Your teaching style is Fun and Entertaining and when I had questions you responded fast and actually cared and made sure I got it.

I got my money’s worth this would of probably cost me hundreds of dollars going to a traditional psychologist.

Again thanks to your commitment to teaching and the great way you do

business in today’s age is very rare.

Jeffrey C. Carfagna

Prior to going through 3-d mind I’d ! get panic attacks linked to physical ailments and the more I’d worry about the attacks the worse the symptoms got.

Hi Tom, Kim and Others,

Back in November I attended the “Speed Life” Seminar in Waikiki, Hawaii. Tom

and Kim were there demonstrating 3-d mind. I’d intended to go to the seminar as a fun way to make my vacation a little more purposeful and had no real intentions to create the kinds of changes in my outlook on my auto-immune disorder. However, when Tom and Kim asked for volunteers I decided to see if they could help. I’d just seen another fellow use 3-d mind overcoming some serious shyness and Tom made no reservations on the types of problems when he asked if anyone had a problem they wanted to deal with.

I won’t go through the process as I am sure everyone in this thread knows what

it is and has at least tried it, I mean it is so simple and easy to use even a NLP neophyte like me can use it. I don’t even have the tapes yet!! (

Prior to going through 3-d mind I’d ! get panic attacks linked to physical

ailments and the more I’d worry about the attacks the worse the symptoms got. I realize now that my anxious state was driving my physical symptoms more than the actual physical symptoms themselves. In fact, since November I have been able to detach all the excess meaning I had attributed to this illness. (feelings of anxiousness, lack of self worth, fear of traveling with others – the list goes on) In other words, I’d had some nasty experiences with this illness and those experiences had somehow infiltrated areas of my life that they had no business in.

Part of the great part of dealing with Tom and Kim and 3-d mind was that I

didn’t even tell him specifically what was wrong. We used totally generalized terms (like thing one, thing two and thing three for the drivers related to my challenge) For my resources I was able to be explicit. I didn’t know any better so one of my resources in! my “fun” state as Tom put it was called “Nirvana”. My point here is that I didn’t have to add additional trauma to my experience by relating something personal to all the Seminar attendees.

Everyone there respected my privacy. So now when I look back on the

3-d mind experience in Hawaii, it is an extremely pleasant experience that I can relate to anyone in a positive way. I’m still fixed too.

Although I am still on the drugs I have to take every day, I haven’t had any

“attacks” and I have lowered the dose of one medication. (I asked my doctor and she said it is OK)

I never expected a miracle from Tom and Kim and I didn’t get one but what I

did get was totally unexpected and quite a revelation on my part. I was able to look at all the excess meaning (or baggage or whatever you want to call it) that I’d somehow attached to my illness. And then I was able to detach what wasn’t necessary for me to really enjoy my life.

I didn’t need to go! though every scenario from the past either, I

basically dealt with one feeling (anxiousness) and the entire world I’d built around the illness de-constructed like a broken damn. This took about 15 minutes.

The really cool thing is that I can continue to chip away at my ailment (or

whatever else I want) with 3-d mind all by myself. I don’t necessarily need anyone else to use this technology although I know I will really enjoy sharing it the next time a friend needs to gain a fresh perspective on a emotionally based problem.

Tom and Kim. Thanks. Your efforts are appreciated. Keep up the good work!

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