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If you’ve always wondered if it’s possible to ramp up a small trading account quickly, but wondered exactly how this is done, then this is the most important thing you’ll read today.

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Is It Possible To Accelerate The Growth of a Tiny Trading Account Using

“Trade-Level Compounding?”

The little trading secret no one wants to admit:

Your Trading System Doesn’t Matter…

From the stand-up desk of Walter Peters, PhD.

Sydney, Australia…

If you’ve always wondered if it’s possible to ramp up a small trading account quickly, but wondered exactly how this is done, then this is the most important thing you’ll read today.

I’ll show you why in a minute…

But first, a warning, because most of the “get rich quickly” trading stuff out there is truly a load of crappola.

Forex robots that don’t lose, Ivy League PhD’s sharing their “secret sauce” formula developed with quantumcomputers…

As you and I know, much of what is out there is balderdash.

And I’ll be the first to admit, what we’re doing here is not for everyone.

Most Traders Never Understand Trade-Level Compounding (and Certainly Don’t Use It)

This is aggressive trading.

This is putting it on the line.

This is compounding at the trade level… something very few traders understand, much less attempt.

But here’s why I believe it’s worth it:

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.”

– Doug Larson

Plenty O’ people will tell you it’s a “pipe dream” or a bad idea to try to make $99,000 over 300 trades (which is exactly what I’m going to try to do, as you’ll see in a minute…)

I think the naysayers are wrong.

Admittedly, I would never trade my only trading stake this way.

It makes sense to break off a little risk capital to trade hyper-aggressively.

The majority of my trading capital grows via “normal compounding” (the slow way)… it only makes sense to do this with a small sub-account.

Because Risk/Reward is the name of the trading game.

Growing an account quickly will ALWAYS have drawbacks.

It is possible to pump up the equity peaks (the lovely parts of your equity curve) without plunging too deep into terrible equity lows…

Higher Rewards Require a

Different Type of Risk Management

Take a look at the equity curve chart below:

These trades are simulated for a 43% win rate strategy, with a 2:1 reward-to-risk ratio.

The risk per trade is 5%, which is crazy (of course, because every goo-roo trader harps on the “risk 2% per trade”)…

After 322 trades, this puny $1000 account hits $109,622 – which is great.

This is what happens when you trade an o.k. trading system with 5% risk per trade and compound the account.

But the chart below is even more impressive:

In this chart you see the exact same trades, exact same system, but instead of compounding at the account level, this is compounding at the trade level.

This lil ‘ol $1000 account ramps up to $900,000 in this simulation…. even though they are the same trades, the same sequence of winners and losers.

Everything is the same except for the risk management rules.

The Money Is Made During

The Losing Streaks

It’s fun to look at the hypothetical equity curves and salivate over the ferraris you can afford once your trading account hits that level….BUT

The reality is most traders give up before they hit the promised land…

Which is too bad.

If you don’t trade through the drawdowns, you’ll never hit the new equity highs.

Which is why trading psychology is a critical component of this course.

To grow an account quickly, you must deal with the losing streaks. These are the silent “trader killers.”

Most traders throw in the towel long before they hit the sweet, sweet equity highs.

Get Small Account Big Profits – Walter Peters, Only Price 72$

Here’s What You’re Getting…

This is different to what you’ve seen before, because there’s no magic system (in fact, you can do this with dozens of different trading systems).

No “holy grail” or the secret harmonics W.D. Gann passed down to his great-grandkids… instead you’ll get what matters.

Week 1: Broker Risk

How your broker is ripping you off – and exactly what to do about it (HINT: finding the right broker is only half of the solution)

The unexpected broker solution that may just be the best medicine for traders looking to avoid dodgy brokers or “frozen” trading platforms

Why this well-respected western country is the *absolute worst* place to look for a broker (even though it’s considered one of the financial centers of the world)

Week 2: The Three Keys

Discover the method for pumping up your winners, it’s literally the secret of the (very) wealthy, and you can apply it to your trading

Why some trading rules must be broken in order for you to achieve lofty goals (traders who don’t realize this will never compound accounts quickly)

How to survive the bad times (HINT: losing streaks stink, it’s what you do after you hit one that matters)

Week 3: You Decide The Risk/Reward

The Australian “secret” to high reward-to-risk trading (this sounds weird, but it’s true)

Three steps to compounding an account quickly, even if you’ve never traded profitably before

The tactic you must master if you want to trade for large gains (and no it’s not simply ‘trade a high risk/reward strategy’)

Week 4: Losing Streaks

How to learn from losing and why most traders “learn too much” from losing (HINT: it’s also why many traders spin their wheels for years)

Your trading success depends on how you view losing streaks, here’s a mental trick so you can trade happily through losing streaks

The weird reason why demo account traders smoke live account traders (you can use this to your advantage once you grasp this)

Week 5: Trading Psychology

Why your unlucky trades may kick-start your trading and guarantee your long-term trading health (so you can ignore “trading fluff” and focus on what makes moolah)

The secret ways billionaires use painful life lessons as motivation and fuel for success (every trader needs these tools in his toolchest)

How to learn the “wise trader” method for literally vaccinating you against the number one “trader killer” nearly all traders who don’t know this will quit trading (but now you will thrive)

Live Question & Answer Calls

You will get a chance to ask your questions at our monthly Q&A calls.

All are recorded and posted in the members area. (If you are unable to attend live, you may send in your question and we will tackle it on the call.)

You’re getting a ton of practical trading techniques in the Small Account, Big Profits course, BUT….

It’s just the tip of the iceberg because you’re also getting:

Bonus Risk Management Strategy Course

Profit Bricks is simply the fastest way to “add steroids” to a

trading system.

Listen, as much as people complicate profitable trading, it’s actually simple.

Here it is:

STEP 1: Find a trading system you like

STEP 2: Add some risk management rules

STEP 3: Stick to the system rules and the risk rule, and keep trading…

That’s it.

There isn’t any other secret sauce. It’s simple (note that I didn’t say it is “easy” – but it is simple).

And Profit Bricks is – without a doubt – the best method I know of for STEP 2 (the risk management rules).

I’ll never understand why every trader and goo-roo spends 90% of their time trying to come up with the best trading

system in STEP 1… because that’s the EASY part.

But how do you maximize your system’s win streaks and minimize the losing streaks?

That’s what the Profit Bricks system does.

The Profit Bricks System Is Like Steroids For Winning Trading Systems

In addition to this 5 week course, you are also going to get the Profit Bricks system (a complete 6-part course sells for $597).

Here’s what you’ll get in Profit Bricks:

3 Steps to making more moolah with your trading system (doesn’t matter what type of system you prefer to trade)

How to compound at the trade level (AND why this accelerates your account growth faster than “normal compounding”)

How to learn the Profit Bricks algorithm even if math or statistics are not your strong point (HINT: it involves spreadsheets)

What to do if you want to use Profit Bricks with a higher win rate system (this is counterintuitive, but true)

When it’s OK to accept a lower win rate (and why Profit Bricks will love you for doing this and repay you 10 fold)

Where to find the sweet spot with your risk rules (take a close look at these two things and you’ll be set)

What if you could find a Profit Bricks friendly broker to help you improve your returns? (You can, and you’ll see how in Week 5)

The secret to surviving drawdowns with Profit Bricks and why this is the key to accelerated account growth (This tactic almost guarantees success)

The unexpected side-effect of using Profit Bricks (is it possible to push your equity peak highs higher without having the same effect on your losing streaks?)

Say goodbye to watching your losing trades eat up all of your winners – once you try this system you’ll never want to go back to “normal trading” again

3 Ways to improve your trading results with Profit Bricks (one of these will be your “go to” method once you see how simple it is)

Why you must break all the “normal” trading rules when thinking about risk to grow your account quickly (and you’ll get the step-by-step breakdown in this course)

How to know what Profit Bricks will do for your trading system without ever risking a cent (this is gold and the peace of mind is worth the price of the course alone)

Here’s What To Do Next

The cost of the Small Account, Big Profits course is $597, and you’ll get instant access to the course after you click the button below.

Once you get your login details you can get on the inside, and go through the modules.

You’ll also get the Profit Bricks course ($597 – but yours free as a bonus for signing up today).

Just click the button below and you will land on the shopping cart where you will enter your credit card details and then you will get an email with your login details.

You can hit the ground running by logging in and going through the course immediately.

Here’s What To Do Next

We both know there are tons of automatic trading robots for sale and you can find the “secrets of W.D. Gann’s trading” in many dark corners of the internet… BUT

This isn’t one of those hyped-up get rich overnight things…. this is different.

This course is about using aggressive risk algorithms to trade ramp up an account quickly.

As you’ll see, the trading system DOESN’T MATTER. As weird as that sounds, it’s true.

And the Profit Bricks course is a free ($597 value) bonus, just for signing up for the Small Account, Big Profits course today.

But you’ve gotta keep in mind:

Here’s What To Do Next

We both know there are tons of automatic trading robots for sale and you can find the “secrets of W.D. Gann’s trading” in many dark corners of the internet… BUT

This isn’t one of those hyped-up get rich overnight things…. this is different.

This course is about using aggressive risk algorithms to trade ramp up an account quickly.

As you’ll see, the trading system DOESN’T MATTER. As weird as that sounds, it’s true.

And the Profit Bricks course is a free ($597 value) bonus, just for signing up for the Small Account, Big Profits course today.

But you’ve gotta keep in mind:

This Won’t Be Up For Long…

This course will close…. and soon. So if you want in, now’s the time.


Because $597 isn’t the “right” price for this course.

I know this, and I’m pretty sure you know this… after all if you learn how to turn a $1000 account into $100,000 with this information, what is this skill worth to you?

What if you can turn a $1000 account into $10,000?

How much would that be worth to you?



What if you only took a small $1000 account to $5000?

Would $597 be worth it to you?

Of course it’s worth it.

So why is it this cheap?

I want you to get good value, learn a new set of skills, improve your trading, and consider working with me in the future.

Yes, I have other products and services you may be interested in, and I think once you have a good experience, you will want to work with me in the future.

(And selfishly, I get some of the best insights and ideas from working with traders, so it’s definitely a two way street…

Oh! And another thing:

You’re also getting access to:

All Of My Live Trades

Let’s be honest.

Backtested trading results are a dime a dozen. You can find brilliant equity curves on any forex trading system (the robots are notorious for posting over-optimized tests).

But sometimes (actually, MOST of the time) the backtested results don’t translate into the “real world” of live account trading.

I can relate.

I’ve also assumed backtests = real life trading results in the past.

It ain’t true, and that’s ok.

That’s why I am going to let you watch over my shoulder as I trade the live account with these Small Account, Big Profits techniques.

I post 2 video updates every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (One during the Asian session, one during the European session)

On Mondays and Fridays (not ideal trading days for me usually) I post 1 video update (usually during the Asian session).

I want you to see how these techniques work in real life… because that’s all that matters.

Traders today are pay $159/month for access to my 8 weekly video updates on my trades – and because you will see my first 300 trades in this course, that could be 10 months of trades (could be more, perhaps 12 months or more, depends on how many signals I get).

And if my math is correct 10 months x $159/month = $1590

So you’re getting an additional $1590 bonus just for signing up for the course today.

That’s in addition to the $597 Profit Bricks course bonus you will also get your hands on today.

That’s $2,087 in free bonuses, just for getting Small Account, Big Profits.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Get In Before The Doors Close…

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


P.S. In case you are (like me) one of those people who skim through a letter, here’s the deal:

You’re getting the Small Account, Big Profits course today so you can see how to take a small trading account and build it up rapidly using trade-level compounding.

I am giving you the Profit Bricks ($597) course as a bonus just for signing up for the Small Accounts, Big Profits course today.

You will also get access to my trade video updates for the first 300 trades ($1,590 value) so you can see how these principles work in the LIVE MARKETS.

And all you pay is a ridiculous $597, that’s it.

A one-time fee of $597…

I believe the bonus Profit Bricks course alone will change your trading (it’s incredible what happens when you look at trading from a different perspective).

Once you see the “game” behind trading, which will become clear to you in the Small Account, Big Profits course


This is a very limited offer, and when this page comes down it’s because the offer is over.

Not only that, but when you see this page again, this course price will be listed at $1997 (still a great deal) the same price as all of my premium courses.

There’s no catch.

This is a one-time fee, no recurring membership in Small Account, Big Profits.

You are gonna love this, I’ll see you on the inside.

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