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The-5 Figure Challenge – Zach Spuckler Download. For digital course creators & business owners, coaches or consultants ready to quit the bells & whistles c…

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For digital course creators & business owners, coaches or consultants ready to quit the bells & whistles circus and launch more, in less time – even if their list is tiny & their budget tight.

The-5 Figure Challenge – Zach Spuckler course with special price just for you$497  $24

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What’s REALLY stopping you from having your first $10,000 launch?



For digital course creators & business owners, coaches or consultants ready to quit the bells & whistles circus and launch more, in less time – even if their list is tiny & their budget tight.


Go cross-eyed just trying to visualize your launch from start to finish 

  • Feel overwhelmed by the gazillion pieces of the puzzle YOU need to coordinate 
  • Fail to build momentum 
  • Don’t know how to reach the “right” people 
  • Miss the boat trying to streamline your marketing efforts 

Analysis paralysis is crushing all your efforts.

The combo of feeling stuck & financial stress is a toxic cocktail and you can’t help but wonder…

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Why can’t I keep my FB group engaged?”

“Why does it take me SO long to create a successful launch?”

“What piece am I missing?”

“Why’s nobody buying?”

“Should I just give up?”



You can wipe out your problems & doubts in an instant if you stopped trying to launch like a big fish. 

Like 99.9% of the online business owners you DON’T have the tools, team or budget to do a massive launch. 

The good news? 

You don’t have to pull off a massive launch to make great money! 

You don’t need… 

  • Big webinars
  • A ginormous budget for FB ads
  • Enough email sequences to keep you tied to your computer for months 

That’s not what you’ve been told. 

But think about it… 

 “Gurus” wouldn’t be able to take you for a ride (and take your money!) if they did!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a million bells and whistles to have a successful launch. 

There’s a LOW risk, HIGHLY effective system that’s PROVEN to work, so you can launch more in less time.

Can’t wait to spend those FB ad dollars on yummy dinners or finally go on a holiday?

Then keep reading and I’ll tell you HOW! 

I Flipped a 5-Day Challenge into a 5-Figure Launch!

There’s a fast track to building your list, launching your program and selling without sleaze:

The 5-Day Challenge! 

It’s low risk. It’s as easy as ordering your favorite coffee. 

This is your chance to bypass thousand-dollar webinar software, the need for a big team and a huge budget. 

The four phase system I’m going to share with you, has literally taken people from Failed Launches to 5-Figure Challenges…

Now you’re probably already thinking…

Why Should I Use a 5-Day Challenge To Launch My Offer…

Low Cost, High Reward

With as little as $100 ad spend, we’ve seen students generating thousands of dollars in sales! You don’t need deep pockets and fancy tools.

No List Required…

You don’t need a list to launch – you can launch to build your list! We’ve had people adding 400+ people to their list in a couple of weeks WHILE making money with a challenge.

Sales Happen Without Sleaze…

Imagine getting a THANK YOU NOTE from your challengers while you sell them something! It’s happened to me, my students, and my clients – people WANT to connect with you. Challenges make it easy!

It’s Simple…

Know how to write an email? Post in a Facebook group? Then you have everything you need to launch. It’s really that simple.


You’ve got a million ideas, plans and directions. 

I’ve got an A to Z system that takes a chainsaw to the fluff and gets you PAID. 

Ready to ditch the “fill in the gaps” and “be your own expert”- approach?

Can we get REAL for a hot second….

Did I just catch you with a “YES… BUT…- face”? (see image)

You’re still reading because you’ve been…

  • Attending all the webinars 
  • Listening to every training call
  • Buying all the courses 
  • Read the blogs 
  • Downloaded freebies 

You’re a hustler. YET, your bank account doesn’t reflect it. You don’t want to throw money at yet another program that leaves you feeling MORE frustrated, so you’re asking yourself…

How will The 5-Figure Challenge be a game-changer for me?

I’m giving you FULL ACCESS to what works. A look under the hood of MY successful business – leaving nothing unanswered.

I believe that if you pay to work with me – you should be able to see exactly what I am doing. 

No theories, ideas or strategies sending you in a tailspin. 

Instead, you’ll get TOOLS, TEMPLATES and SCREENSHOTS of what I’ve done to create my first $22000.00 launch.

All you need to do is plug it into your business. 

What exactly IS The 5-Figure Challenge?

It’s the Perfect Combination of…

Low Budget Launching. Targeted List Building. High Impact Sales.

When you take the 3 things that determine the success of YOUR business…

  • Mindfullness of Your Budget
  • Strategic and Effective Listbuilding
  • Simplified Sales Systems & Emails

…and combine them into an easy-to-follow, fail-proof system – already successfully tested at every level of business (from $600 to $60,000) – then you take out the stress & the guesswork and end up with RESULTS! 

Join the 5-Figure Challenge and you’ll get…

  • A proven system for turning a 5-day challenge into a 5-figure launch
  • The blueprint my students have used to add hundreds of people to their list – in just a few short weeks
  • Copies of the emails, scripts, and even advertisements we’ve used. If I’ve done it why should I keep it secret from someone investing in working with me?!

So why did I (we) create this system…?

Back in February 2015 I Had Just Started My Business when overwhelm hit. 

I was trying to… 

  • Pull off a “Big Launch”
  • Get my program off the ground
  • Find TIME to make my business grow

I was STUCK in my life & business.

I was working for someone else – hustlin’ my entire day, trying to accomplish somebody else’s dream. 

I struggled. I wasn’t excited about life anymore. 

Even after I discovered livestreaming and started to get REAL traction in my business – I was still spending WEEKS & MONTHS preparing for launches, UNTIL…

I Built and Ran a 5-Day Challenge in TWO WEEKS that Generated Over $22,000

After turning that challenge into a system (and making another multiple-five-figures on challenges) my life changed:

Instead of spending MONTHS chasing the “big launch” success story, I now decided when I wanted to launch – spending two weeks generating BIG BUCKS.

Leveraging 5-Day Challenges has allowed me to build a multi-six-figure business – which means I have time to travel, spoil my fur-babies, and enjoy life without worrying about finding time for a massive launch every month!

Join the 5-Figure Challenge and you’ll discover that marketing is my love language. I seriously geek out over ads and marketing in a way that my “normal” friends will tell you is strange. But if I’m not mistaking, you’re made of the same stuff…

Wanna geek your way to your first 5-figure launch with me?

The 5-Figure Challenge Four-Phase System is the Framework for SUCCESS in Your Next Lauch

An Experience That Creates Results

What’s Included In The 5-Figure Challenge?

The 5-Figure Challenge includes over 15 checklists, workbooks and handouts to help you craft your challenge. It offers 35 videos to walk you through the 4 phases – so you can leverage your challenge and create a successful launch.

This is an experience that creates results, one step at a time. Whether this is your first launch or your fiftieth – this is the SYSTEM you’ve been searching for.

Here’s how we help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of:

Phase 1: Learn It

Become familiar with the 5-Figure Challenge Launch System from a birds-eye view.

After you complete the first phase of the program you will…

  • Turn FREE challengers into PAYING customers – even if you’ve never sold anything in your life!
  • Develop a challenge that converts.
  • Increase Challenge signups by 20-50% – using our Cyclical Challenge Signup System.

Phase 2: Build It

Experience for yourself this is not just another program. Together we’ll design your challenge framework, AND teach you how to customize it for your business.

After you complete the second phase of the program you’ll have…

  • Built your ENTIRE 5-Figure challenge. This includes emails, social media posts, and livestream training. We’ll create the entire system together!
  • Connected your social media to your challenge. That way you can maximize engagement and grow your reach while we grow your bank account. 
  • Uncovered the additional “page” you need to skyrocket conversions. Turning challengers into customers and increasing your profits. 

Phase 3: Fill It

Learn the core strategies we use to fill our challenges – even if you have a small or quiet list!

After you complete the third phase you’ll know how to …

  • Promote your 5-day challenge in multiple ways – so you can get the highest possible engagement
  • Use Facebook Ads for your challenge in the most effective way – even on a tight budget 
  • Identify the 3 types of customers (on your list and in your audience) and develop promotion that speaks directly to them!

Phase 4: Sell It

Nail your sales messaging, so all you need to do is click “go” and let the sales roll in!

After you complete the final phase you’ll know how to…

  • Turn your free challenge into a profitable launch – including what emails to send, which deadlines to use and even what to say to sell.
  • Go from self-conscious to sales confident with our non-salesyscripts 
  • Generate as much as $5,000 in sales in one SINGLE livestreamduring your challenge – using the exact system we’ve used.


(Over $6,000 Worth of Bonuses)

Join The 5-Figure Challenge Today Get These Amazing Extras…

(Plus Some Additional “For Members Eyes Only” Bonuses)

1. The 5-Figure Challenge Community (Priceless)

Once you join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group, you’ll have the power of community and accountability behind your business every single day! Connect with other people JUST LIKE YOU for support, get answers to your burning questions, and have an endless supply of inspiration. Not sure what to do? Need help with part of the program? In this community you’ll have help at your finger tips! 

The private community includes my support as a moderator in the group through the middle of January 2018.

2. Small List, Big Challenge Training ($500 Value)

Wondering what to do if you have a small (or non-existent) list? This little bonus takes care of that problem. Our students have gotten HUNDREDS of people signed up for their challenge without a list, leveraging this EXACT system.

3. Complete Tech Library ($1000 Value)

Does ConvertKit, LeadPages, Email Scheduling make you go like GULP? Not anymore! 

The course Tech Library takes you through everything you need to rock your challenge – from scheduling emails in ConvertKit to installing Facebook Ad Pixels.

4. Templates & Sample Challenge Emails ($1000 Value)

Feeling overwhelmed by having to write your email sequence? Problem solved! With these fill-in-the-blank templates you can copy and paste in your own promotion and… DONE! As a bonus for joining, you’ll get EVERY EMAIL you’ll need to send during your challenge. Not just “ideas” or “guides” – these are EXACT samples & TEMPLATES from my challenge.

5. Live Coaching 

This is a 4 phase program. There will be a LIVE coaching call for every phase, scheduled over 8 weeks. Ask questions about your challenge and get my personal feedback! Each call will be recorded and saved into the online membership site – for you to go through whenever it suits YOU! 

Note: I only take on a few one-on-one clients at a time. Currently I’m full. Want to get my eyes on your business? This is your chance!

6. Facebook Ads For 5-Day Challenges Training ($500 Value)

Facebook Ads can take you from “unknown” to “everywhere”! I’ll take you inside the Power Editor and teach you how to set up ads so you can fill up your 5-day challenge even faster. By the end of this training you’ll know how to run ads to add new people to your challenge – even if you’re new to ads, or have had trouble in the past!

7. The Course Outline Playbook 

($200 Value)

I’ve generated over $300,000 selling online courses – so I know the value in having one! Even if you’re BRAND NEW to the online game and don’t have a course, this bonus will hook you up! You’ll learn how to outline your first course so you can pre-sell it before it’s even built and PROFIT BIG from your challenge!

8. The Listbuilding Masterclass 

($100 Value)

Over the past 18 months I’ve added over 15,0000 subscribers to my email list. In this bonus training I’ll uncover my top 5 favorite ways to increase the number of people you’re adding to your list.

9. Additonal Members Only Bonuses 

($1000 Value)

Inside the training you’ll find additional bonuses we could fit on the page about list building, sales pages, and more – PLUS some exclusive discounts on my FAVORITE software! 

But you have to join to see them all!


The 5-Figure Challenge was created with a very specific person in mind.


The Infoprenuer & Course Creator…

You create digital courses or sell info-products in the online space. But… your bank account doesn’t reflect the time and money you’ve invested in creating and launching. If you’re ready to stop the frustration & get PAID, then the 5-Figure Challenge is what you need!

The Digital Based Coach or Consultant…

You’re a coach or consultant looking to fill your programs and land high-end clients. Need a “launch model” that doesn’t require a million phone calls and buckets of networking? Then you’ll love The 5-Figure Challenge! 

The Online Business Owner…

You run an online business and you need a launch format to release your product to many customers at once. The 5-Figure Challenge will help you do that! 

5 figure trading challenge, action figure challenge gta 5, 6 figure author 5 day challenge

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